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Daily Update-
”Deep Throat” Is No Hero
The Wise I thinks it’s quite possible that Mark Felt, the man alleged to be the snitch that gave the Washington Post inside information on the Nixon administration, might find he’s not the hero he thinks.

This is not 1972, Dorothy.

Nixon did nothing nowhere near on the level of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson before him. And then there’s Bill Clinton.

Yes, Nixon wanted to thwart the investigation by the FBI into the Watergate break-in. And he used his presidential power to lean on people to make it go away.

Yes, someone broke into the Democratic National Headquarters and FBI was honing in on a implication that it was orchestrated by the committee to re-elect Nixon.

Nixon didn’t order or condone the break-in. Nixon was trying to cover for his staff who were doing God knows what, hiring Cubans to break into the DNC. Rumors abound that the Nixon operatives (speculation is that John Dean was a big player here) wanted to get at a list of call girl customers in a call girl ring that his “wife” was part of.

President Nixon did NOT fire anybody, nobody ended up dead. He merely tried to use his clout to stop the investigation. Mark Felt, Assistant FBI Director called up the WAPO and spilled the beans.

The man’s a frigging tattletale, how childish.

Of course he was mad that he got passed over for promotion to FBI director, boo freaking hoo.

The Old Media doesn’t have the power to affect the thinking of a whole nation anymore. I was alive and able to vote during Watergate. I was not the political junkee I am now. I did not have Rush Limbaugh, Fox News or Bloggers to give me another point of view.

Even so I was never able to ascertain, at the time, that all the hoopla was about nothing more than a break in of the opposition party’s headquarters.

Not a nice thing to do but duh, hardly the big deal The Old Media made of it.

I didn’t think it was a big deal then and I don’t think it’s a big deal now.

It was NOT worth bringing down a sitting president and since Nixon we have had the vaunted Bill Clinton getting oral ministrations in our taxpayer paid oval office and look at the lengths he went to, all illegal.

It certainly wasn’t worth the de facto result of the election of Jimmy Carter after Ford sputtered. Jimmy Carter, man of gas lines and 19% housing interest rates.

But hey, Woodward and Bernstein were heroes.

Today, none of them are heroes. Watergate was nothing more than a little deal made into a huge deal that changed the direction of history. The incident could have been handled so much better.

Nixon had his faults. It was his paranoia that did him in. He did, ahem, have the graciousness to resign witness Bill Clinton. A story Michael Isakoff at Newsweak SAT on rather than report. Why does The Old Media sit on Democrat misbehavior but crucify a Republican?

The entire situation could have been handled much better. Nixon could have been sanctioned. We didn’t need to turn our country turned on its ear over such a small matter. Yes, the issue should have been addressed.

The liberals, including me who knew no better, even in retrospect are dishonest and not to be trusted.

A bitter FBI director and two “journalists” crafted the Watergate brouhaha. Now they want to relive their glory days when The Old Media was all there was.
Houses Slide Down Hillside

They were told not to build there. It’s happened before.

Boo Hoo

Laguna Beach, Calif. -- A landslide sent six expensive homes crashing down a hill early Wednesday and damaged at least a dozen more in this coastal Orange County enclave. At least two people were taken to a hospital for minor injuries, officials said. Crews were apparently able to evacuate many of the residents before the earth gave way.

Things Change in the Privacy of the Voting Booth

The Dutch turned down the EU constitution then the French.

So all their vaunted leaders are out there patting each other on the back over the genius of their little union, well the biggest mistake was asking the voters.

Let’s see if they listen.

With nearly all votes counted, the charter lost 62 percent to 38 percent, an even worse defeat than the 55 percent "no" vote delivered in a French referendum Sunday.

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Here's a book review I wrote many moons ago, back when I was a liberal. I am posting my review uncut and unedited that yon reader can see how easy I was taken in. And how easy it is to fool people.

Read the review than read the shocking information below the review text.

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"Sleepers"-Lorenzo Carcaterra

This is the most incredible, amazing, unbelievable and overwhelming novel I've read in many a year. There are not enough adjectives to describe my reaction to this book and not enough answers to my questions as regards the story line.

I checked and the book IS non-fiction. Which means it's a true story. Which means the tale in the book really happened and I doubt any fiction writer could ever craft such a tale.

First, Carcaterra is a very good writer and this is of major import. The story he tells is fascinating enough but given that the man writes so well the book becomes a home run on this reader's scale.

It took a few chapters to get into the meat of the story. Carcaterra spends some time describing the background of New York's "Hell's Kitchen" and his childhood life within. I began to get annoyed as I thought this was a true crime book and after several chapters no crime had yet been committed. Calmness came upon me as I decided that perhaps I'd mistakenly picked up a non-true crime book but the story of a child's life on those mean streets was interesting enough. I continued to read.

It turned out this background was crucial to the story and I'm glad I stayed with it. For when the author of the book turns 13 years old, a crime is committed. By him and several of his friends.

The crime was one of youthful recklessness and the perpetrators were sentenced to a year or more in an upstate boy's reform school.

At this point the book takes off and I could not put it down no matter the late hour or duties to be done. Those boys paid dearly for their silly crime and the price was extracted by a group of guards at the reform school that were the most heinous of individuals walking this earth.

The author describes life at the reform school and the treatment he and his friends received at the hands of the guards is horrifying. This reader could not fathom such abuse, all sanctioned or ignored by government officials who looked away rather than deal with abuse of very bad boys, after all.

If the detail of life within the reform school were not enough to drain the reader emotionally, the book continues on to a most amazing ending.

Those boys finally got out of that reform school, their bodies and minds never to be the same. At some point, a guard of their torment passes the path of several of the friends and at some point the guard meets an unfortunate end.

The book takes another turn as the trial of the guard's murderer is handled by two of the other friends, one the PROSECUTOR!

The fix was in.

The trial takes place and what should have been an open-shut case turns out to be anything but. For the people in Hell's kitchen gather all of their resources and justice, in a most unbelievable and amazing fashion, is done.

I can't recommend this book enough. Every human on earth should be required to read this book, in fact.

It will change your life forever.
Understand that I am not proud of this fact as no one likes being fooled. But for the past few years I have been reading bits and pieces about this book, which Carcaterra alleges to be the story of his childhood.

It was all a lie. Even though the author claims it to be true. Indeed the book was in the "non-fiction" section of the library.

There's nothing wrong with it being a fiction piece. If properly classified it would still have been a wonderful book. Although I don't know about that life-changing think had I known the book was not true as claimed. Fiction rarely changes my life. I thought my life was changed because I THOUGHT it was all true.

Why I was ready to don riot gear and march upon New York for its horrific reform school system. For it was the fact that I thought the book was TRUE that raised my ire. I thought that young children in NY reform schools routinely had guards pee in their cornflakes and that murder was the norm in these institutions.

The author lied. I was fooled.

I am a liberal no more. No, not just because of this book. But the deceit of the author in this book is a fine example of how liberals lie and distort the truth that we may be angry at their illusions. Ask me sometimes what I discovered about another liberal book that propelled my life and that history has proven a lie: Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring". When you're really bored, asked me about the book that almost had me join the peace corps: "The Ugly American". All tomes that turned my head and heart with the lies.

Below is just one quote I came upon on a recent Internet search about this book. It's but one of thousands of references to this book's lie. Believe what you want or do your own search.

Should you read the book? Hey, it was a good book and Carcaterra is a good writer. But he never should have stated this story was true. He fooled this reader and I'll never pick up another book by him again.

Author Lorenzo Carcaterra has claimed that his book on which the film is based was a true story of his childhood. When the New York legal community went on record stating that no cases resembling the events of his book could be found in any court records, Carcaterra refused to discuss the discrepancy. His claims have since been dismissed as a mere publicity stunt and discredited.

How book is classified by author's fan page:
A non fiction book by
Lorenzo Carcaterra

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