True Crime-The Tragedy of the Smuggled Iguanas; More on the Logan Bomber

TV-"Kid Nation", "Dancing With Stars", and the BB8 Finale; Book Review-"Shattered" by Debra Puglisi Sharp

Here's a TV post and we feature some thoughts on CBS' "Kid Nation", the final of "Big Brother 8" and the 2007 "Bachelor" competition begins.

She was held hostage by a crack-crazed nut for six days, hog-tied and repeatedly raped and tortured until she finally got to the phone to freedom.

It's a compelling book, this "Shattered" by Debra Puglisi Sharp.

Pic of the Day
Stroke symptoms and immediate action

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Big Brother 8 Ends 2007 With Surprise Winner(s)

Big Brother 8 Logo

This is my first year in watching the Big Brother series and I'm at a loss.

Evidently this show has a sort of cult following and hey, not that there's anything wrong with that.

After watching a show or two one can become pulled in with the curiosity about the players, their "strategy" and a healthy dose of amazement at the various contests and competitions created to cull the winners from the losers. Not to mention that Big Brother house which is obviously based on an Alice in Wonderland concept.

The thing that fascinated me, and not necessarily in a good way, was the constant whispering going on. I understand that all these people live in the same house and a low voice is often needed to keep others from overhearing. My problem is I simply cannot understand the whispering and when the producers do put the whispered words on screen I find it a bit of a pain to read the words while watching the contenders.

Still I did find myself wondering how Daniele and her father, Dick, would do and, indeed, these two did end up obtaining first and second place for Big Brother 8. Evel Dick came in first place.

Come on, Dick doesn't look like anybody's father but once I thought about it, there's no rule that guys covered with tattoos, pierced ears and purple hair can't be a father. I would be positively mortified to have a father who looks like Dick but the man evidently loved his children. Daniele was his daughter, and she is a beauty, and as I understand Dick also has a son. In fact early in the season pictures of Dick with his children when they were small were shown and at that time they looked like a perfectly normal family group. It remained unclear just what was the source of contention between Daniele and her father although at the beginning Daniele was surprised to have her father as part of the competition as they had allegedly been estranged for many years.

It was mentioned that Dick's children were raised by their grandmother and it was never explained what the hell happened to Daniele's mother.

Beginning List of contenders for Big Brother 8:

The 2007 Competition Begins
First Eviction

BB8 montage from show aired 7.8.07-Nick, Dick, Daniele, and Dustin

Other characters in the BB8 series intrigued. There were Dustin and Joe, two former homosexual lovers that were alleged to have parted under harsh terms. They were re-united in the Big Brother house and sparks flew for the entertainment of the viewers. Eric was "America's player", a concept that was supposedly new to the Big Brother series this year. Which makes me wonder if the producers could repeat this concept next year now that the cat is out of the bag. So to speak.

Jen was one weirdo broad who definitely had issues with her looks. Amber, sheesh, if she cried one more time I was ready to hit her.

Finally, will we ever know if Eric and Jessica kept going strong with the contest done?

So I will watch this show next year and we will write about it. Two to three people will likely read it.

The Bachelor Fall 2007-A Shocking Surprise

Way I figure I read almost every major newspaper every damn day. I'm up to snuff on what's going on in the world and either CNN or Fox news is almost always playing on my television.

Thus I can indulge myself in the height of silliness such as watching the Big Brother series mentioned above plus, soon to be mentioned right here, ABC's "The Bachelor", now airing on Monday nights.

The Bachelor web site HERE.

In fact I followed the Bachelor last year, click HERE for The Bachelor Spring 2007 post list, when navy doctor Andy Baldwin began his quest to find the woman of his dreams.

This year we have a bachelor to die for. His name is Brad Womack, he is 34 years old AND...he is a millionaire.

Brad Womack also has another secret he did not reveal until the end of the premiere episode on Monday, 9/24/07.

Seriously folks, I watch this show with my tongue firmly in my cheek. There is nothing on this "competition" that is totally believable. Beginning with Brad Womack's assertion that he was going to find his "soul mate" who loved him only for who he is and not for his money.


First, there's never been a Bachelor on this series who was stone dead broke. I'm willing to risk all and bet that there never will be such a fellow in competition for the affections of 25 beautiful women. Even if a bachelor was stone dead broke but very good looking, even then I don't think a single beautiful woman would compete to win such a guy's attention.

See, women don't want men who are broke. Well hey, a fellow doesn't have to be rich to get a woman's attention witness the many, many women in American NOT married to rich men. But a male of the human species better have some way of making a decent living if he hopes to find a female soul mate who'll have him.

Men don't like this little factoid but hey, women are judged on their looks so hey guys, live with the fact that you will be judged on your income. I think it's a fine system myself and I say this even though my own looks as given to me by God aren't right up there with the finest. I am a fairly smart woman by most folks' estimation but smart means nothing to a male seeking a female mate.

If I can live with this than I suggest that men who complain about lack of female companionship due to their own lack of funds and/or promise of future funds should just get over it.

But Brad Womack is going to, against all odds, find that one women out of 25 willing to humiliate themselves to no end for a chance to be his soul mate. And as Brad tells the show's host, he's going to find that beautiful woman who wants him whether he's broke or not.


Montage of Brad Womack 08 Bachelor as a youngster

Montage of Brad Womack 08 Bachelor adult

I kept track of the 25 women who chose to vie for Brad's affections and they were an interesting lot. By the end of the first show Brad had to eliminate ten of these women. I think I got an insight into those he sent home and those he chose to remain.

First, a disclaimer. I can understand a female having a sense of adventure and play. Thus a young woman who chooses to enter this TV contest, and is accepted, can be hip, happening and intelligent. The only problem I have is that all of these ladies are drop dead serious. I don't get it.


Damn I would never, not in my worst nightmare, want a man who had his choice of any female out of a cadre of 25. Further, I wouldn't, even had I a beautiful body and gorgeous face, do the things these females do in order to win the attention and affections of the current Bachelor. In fact I consider it the most humiliating thing a female could put herself through.

Yes it's almost necessary to insert a "bah, humbug" here. But it's about more than my own sensibilities. I'm applying some common sense here. Can you imagine being married to a guy who had 25 beautiful women vying for him? I can envision it now, first argument, this guy's got some phone numbers stashed and with but a few keystrokes he's got one of those women who wanted him so bad that they threw away all pride to have him. Maybe a few would turn him down but out of 25 I bet he can find someone who is willing to sooth his male ego so bashed by the ugly bitch who had no right to him at any rate.

But that's just me.

Montage of Women on first Bachelor 08 show

The group of women who showed up to win the heart and soul of Brad Womack were all lovely. Their ages ranged from 35-Susan, a project analyst, from Illinois-to 23-Sheena, an Internet Marketer from California and Sarah, a bar manager from Illinois. Their occupations included nurses, a couple of realtors, a News Anchor and a dancer for the Phoenix Suns. The group of women included ladies with names such as McCarten, Bettina and Estefania.

The lengths they went to to get Brad's attention were both sad and hilarious.

A Morgan had a special hand signal she'd created to attract her man and displayed her webbed toes.. Susan declared she was the "girl in the silver dress" then proceeded to wiggle what was in that dress. Kristy gave Brad a tongue analysis, all part of her acupuncture skills. Lindsey gave Brad a yellow rose and sang a horrible song. Melissa got drunk as a sailor on leave. Kim took off her shoes because she was afraid she was too tall. Mallory donned a skimpy bikini and greeted Brad poolside with a request that he remove his pants.

Other females of note include Erin who said she once broke her face, Juli-without-an-e who had nice big boobs plus a flexibility that allowed her to demonstrate some amazing contortions, see pic above. Deanna lost her mother at age 12 to cancer, Jessica came up and rudely led Brad away while he was talking to two other women. Jenni, the dancer for the Phoenix Suns, did a dance for Brad. Jenni got what is called "the first impression rose" for her great smile. Or so Bachelor Brad says.

The show ended with a shocking revelation. It would turn out that our Bachelor Brad is an identical twin! His twin brother is married but the show's producers weren't going to allow this tidbit go without somehow incorporating it into the theme.

From the vignettes of the coming week's show we learn that Brad has his twin brother come in and pretend to be him for the 15 girls left in competition.

I sure don't know what the hell this is going to prove. The implication left with the viewer is that the females who could detect that Brad's twin was not the real Brad are somehow smarter, more tuned into Brad's "soul".


First, identical twins, if they desire, can fool anybody. They are, on a biological note, essentially the same people what with sharing all the same genes and chromosomes. I think it's a bit unfair to expect these women, so soon after meeting the object of their affections, to be able to ascertain that they are dealing with a set of identical twins. Who would think this?

Further, unless they are perverts, identical twins rarely try and fool their life partners, wives, husbands, fiancés, fiancées, and "soul mates" by pretending to be each other. Identical twins tend to cherish those things that keep them apart from their twin sibling. Nothing so divides a pair of identical twins as the loves of their lives.

But hey, all for the TV show and I'll be as entertained as the next lady.

I did a quick analysis of the ladies Brad sent packing and have some of my own conclusions. Brad evidently doesn't want his soul mate to be too old. He sent Susan, Tauni, Lori, Kim and Rigina-all OVER 30-home. Rigina was a black woman but she was also over 30-so who knows?

Brad wasn't impressed by Juli-without-an-e's big boobs or contortion abilities. She too was sent packing. Morgan's web toes evidently didn't turn Brad on and Melissa's drunkenness didn't win her Brad's affection. Jessica's rudeness at pulling Brad away from his conversation wasn't a good tactic as Brad sent her packing.

We shall continue to watch this series as it unfolds. We will also, as expected, have an opinion.


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"Dancing with the Stars" of 2007, reviews, pics and videos.

American Idol 2007 and The Bachelor. One night's review with links to all the others.

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”Shattered” by Debra Puglisi Sharp

Debra Puglisi was busy planting roses one morning in her home in Delaware. Nearby, as fate would have it, one Donald Flagg just got a paycheck from the local Chrysler plant and used the funds to purchase some fine crack. The crack/cocaine caused Flagg to get a bit horny. So he perused the streets until he spotted Debra carrying her garden equipment around and decided she would do just fine for what Donald had planned and to satisfy Donald’s needs.

Donald Flagg parked his car near the Puglisi home then entered the house as easily as a family member via a door left open. Nino Puglisi was arriving home at around the same time and Nino was in Donald’s way. Quick as a flash Donald Flagg shot and killed Nino Puglisi.

Flagg then found the object of his affections, the pretty woman who had been tending her garden. Almost before the surprise could register for Debra Flagg Flagg grabbed her, tied her up then proceeded to rape her in her own house.

But Flagg had other plans for Debra. He bound, gagged and blindfolded her then threw her in the trunk of his car.

Through her co-writer, Marjorie Armstrong, Ms. Sharp then tells the story of what had to be any human being on this planet’s most horrific six days on the planet. For Donald Flagg took Ms. Sharp to his home, threw her into a room somewhere as if she was a rag. When Flagg’s nature called he would retrieve Ms. Sharp, rape her either vaginally or anally, then hog-tie her again and throw her aside for an encore later.

Sharp recounts the horrors of having to urinate on herself, the pain of a horrific anal rape, the unspeakable abomination of having to share this man’s bed as he slept with his arm slung across her bound and naked body that she does not escape. The pain of the ropes cutting into her wrists added terrible pain to the discomfort of the contorted position she was left in for hours on end.

The few times her captor spoke to her Debra assumed a quiet response of respect, referring to her captor as “sir”. One day Flagg casually apologized to his victim for having to kill her husband.

Meanwhile Sharp’s twin children had learned about the death of their father and all of Delaware was awaiting information as to where Mrs. Puglisi might be. The police, as they are trained to do, even suspected Mrs. Puglisi as a possible accomplice in the murder of her husband with a planned disappearance afterward.

The details of the six days were captivating reading. Sharp’s recovery after she was finally rescued was just as captivating.

Besides the trial of recovering from her own wounds (she still has the scars from the tight ropes which bound her for so long), Sharp had to recover from the loss of her beloved husband.

The reader then goes from anger at the evil Flagg through the bittersweet memories of Debra as she now must navigate life without her beloved Nino; a husband taken from her with one quick shot from the gun of Donald Flagg who watched Nino drop in his death then reached behind him to grab a beer from the fridge.

Victims do not lose loved ones in one awful day of fate. Loved ones are lost at an empty chair at the Thanksgiving table. The pain of the loss rises at even the sight of tall grasses, something the fastidious Nino would never have tolerated. Nino’s children finish school and graduate in ceremonies without their father in attendance. Victims lose loved ones in every second of every day as the minutiae and routine of life plows on.

Debra gave a great insight into the trial of Donald Flagg. Sharp had managed to get the police on a telephone in Flagg’s house by hopping on bound feet and dialing the number with her hands tied behind her back. Debra was hoping for the death penalty to Flagg but for whatever reasons, the death penalty was not granted.

As the reader not immersed in the daily pain of loss Ms. Sharp must feel I can understand why Flagg was not given the death penalty. Yes, he did kill one innocent man who deserves to be alive today, watching his grandchildren grow and happily mowing his grass. But as often happens between captor and victim, Flagg began to view his victim as a human being. At one point he had a soul food dinner with her and he began to make promises that he would release her. Point is that Flagg COULD have killed Debra and this fact tended to make him not such a good death penalty candidate in the rather liberal state of Delaware.

The sentencing judge DID give Flagg enough confinement that he’ll never walk free again. One interesting part of Flagg’s confinement as stipulated by the sentencing judge was that for the six days every year that Flagg held Debra hostage under such cruel conditions he was to be put in solitary confinement.

Good. Here’s hoping he had to think how cavalierly he treated a human being while he’s locked up all by himself. May his anniversaries by fine affairs that he anticipates eagerly.

Debra referred to her captor as “asshole” throughout the book. A little tidbit I found terrific because the poor woman had to call that asshole “sir” and that had to hurt.

Makes me understand Fred Goldman all the more.

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True Crime-Runaway Cops With Tazers, the Logan Bomber

It's a True Crime update and let's begin with these out-of-control cops. One we featured last week has been fired and now we have two excessive tazering incidents.

Plus the Jena 6 fake drama and an armless man fights for a lady and causes a heart attack in his challenger.

We've got a Hsu update, new info on the tragedy of the abandoned child known as "Pumpkin" and how about the nut wearing a fake bomb vest at Logan airport?

Quote of the Day
Turnstiles and bangkok for quote

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Jessie, Al, and the Jena 6

I cannot emphasize enough that for all the inside scoop on this PR joke by Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton one should go to this article on
There was no "schoolyard fight" as a result of nooses being hung on a whites-only tree.

Justin Barker, the white victim, was cold-cocked from behind, knocked unconscious and stomped by six black athletes. Barker, luckily, sustained no life-threatening injuries and was released from the hospital three hours after the attack.

Finally Jessie and Al found a case they can lie and obfuscate to the public about and they are in fine form yon ladies and gems.

The scene is Jena, Louisiana. The time frame spans from September 2006 through early December of the same year. The synopsis of the tale involves a black youth who wanted to sit under what was called the "white" tree. This tree was unofficially a common meeting area for white students at Jena High School. The black student did sit under the tree and soon after nooses were hanging from that same tree.

Evidently the powers that be in Jena High School knew who was responsible for the nooses and the perps were suspended from the school. In November of 2006 a building on the high school campus was torched, the cause determined to be arson. It's unclear or not revealed who was responsible for the arson.

In early December, 6 fine athletes from Jena High School jumped a white student, knocked him unconscious then proceeded to kick and beat on him as he lay unable to fend off the blows. This attack was stopped by onlookers before the student was badly injured thus the white student escaped more serious injuries, possibly death.

Jena 6 montage featuring Sharpton and mother of one charged

The prosecutor charged these fine black students with attempted murder and now enter Reverend Jessie Jackson who's never been a reverend of any church or even held a job and Al Sharpton who is a race monger of the highest order.

The two reverends seek to relive the glory days of the Civil Rights movement while they urinate upon our feet and tell us it's raining.

The reverends paint Jena High School athlete Mychal Bell as a victim of a runaway prosecutor. This fine duo and pair of experts on sound and sight bytes that would sway public opinion, arranged photo ops of Bell's parents, including his father who wasn't even around to help raise his son. The reverends went out and found the man from somewhere.

The reverends also make the entire incident from black student/white tree/hanging nooses through to the beating of the white student to be all one and the same incident.

They are not.

But hey, when your only source of income is lying, conniving and making race issues where none exist, you do what you gotta do.

Rogue and Rude Cops

I posted recently a Youtube video of a cop being loud and abusive to a citizen he was dealing with regarding where the citizen was trying to park his car, HERE.

That citizen was running a video recorder the whole while this asshole in a uniform was being...well an asshole in a cop uniform.


ST. GEORGE - A police officer who was recorded berating a motorist earlier this month has lost his job.

Here's a shout out to all politicos and wannabe big shots in a never know when there's a camera trained on you.

Now I must bring up the tazering incident involving that loser John Kerry, who served in Vietnam. That incident involved a young man who evidently sought fame and fortune by making a nuisance of himself.

First coverage of the incident, here, later coverage here. Video of the incident below.

Make no mistake that young man was rude in that he kept questioning the wonderful leader John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) after the time allotted for questioning had ended. Also the young man didn't calm down even when the Gestapo, oops, police, pulled him away from the podium.

So the cops tazered the fellow. His screams of pain could be heard across the auditorium. Meanwhile, the man who would gently lead us all save for the fact that he didn't get elected, kept on talking and ignored the whole incident.

Now I know that there was justification for tazering that fellow. Although by me it was simply overkill. The image of cops pulling a young man from a public podium then shocking him over and over is...well it's hardly the image of a vibrant democracy.

Further, John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, DID agree to answer the young man's question so why on earth was he dragged off? Even FURTHER, why on earth didn't John Kerry step in and at least PRETEND to be a human being and stop the nonsense?

Here's a secret...leaders do this kind of stuff! Not that JFK, who served in Vietnam, would know it. His entire life has been devoted to the advancement of his own fine self. But a real leader would have called off the cops and magnanimously answered the question. A real leader would have interceded on the tazering incident and righteously demanded that a citizen of the U.S. should not be injured while seeking honest answers. Would have made a good sound and sight byte too. But oh no, all the while this young man was being shocked by the cops his royal nothingness who served in Vietnam was off in a corner completely oblivious to events in his surround.

Like Bill Clinton before him, it's always about HIM.

Drawing of Kerry commenting on tazer incident

pic montage of Kerry Tazer incident

Finally, another cop tazers a woman while she was handcuffed. This cop has been put on administrative leave.

WARREN, OHIO - A police officer accused of using a stun gun on a woman while she was handcuffed has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Of course I have no problem with the use of tazers by the police. I am, however, concerned that this little device is more subject to abuse than the cop's gun. Since the tazer doesn't kill or permanently harm (in most cases) the individual, I worry that police will be too quick to do the zap thing.

Remember, citizens have a right to be protected against police abuse and that includes the intentional and unjustified delivery of pain even if it isn't deadly.

Run Around Hsu

Still we are enjoying the saga of Democratic donor Norman Hsu, a little pipsqueak of a fellow all busy donating money with what is now believed to be illegally gained funds.

Norman Hsu, who was believed to be one of the top donors to Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, was charged by New York prosecutors with fraud and violating federal campaign finance laws.

Goodness it would seem that the smartest woman in the world has been fooled by this fellow and hey, Hillary didn’t know nothing.

And so we have, below, for your listening enjoyment, a happening rendition of “Runaround Hsu”.

The Logan Airport Playdough Bomber

Two of the hijacked plains on 9/11/01 took off from Logan airport in Boston.

On 9/21/07 an MIT student shows up at that same airport wearing, get this, a vest with a computer type of program card affixed to the vest with play dough.

A college student with a fake bomb strapped to her chest was arrested at gunpoint Friday at Logan International Airport, officials said.
Star Simpson, 19, had a computer circuit board, wiring and a putty that later turned out to be Play-Doh in plain view over a black hooded sweat shirt she was wearing, said State Police Maj. Scott Pare, the commanding officer at the airport.

Dimb bulb who wore bomb vest and play dough to airport

This babe is lucky to be alive. What was she thinking?

Do I Go With the Guy With No Arms or the One With the Bad Heart?

Here’s an intriguing story. Although technically, for the moment, there is no crime.

For it would seem that the nameless woman who was the object of the struggle has no choice but to choose the guy with the missing arms. The fellow who fought for her affections against the armless William Redfern died during an altercation over the anonymous lady.

Of course Redfern has no arms so all he could do was head-butt his challenger. Only the fellow he was head-butting had a bad heart. Charles Teer, 49, died from a heart attack the same day that he challenged Redfern to a duel for the lovely lady.

SNELLVILLE, Ga. — A man died of a heart attack after being head-butted by an armless man during a fight over a woman, and no felony charges will be filed, authorities said today.

Investigators said they made the determination after learning that Charles Keith Teer, 49, had heart problems long before the confrontation with William Russell Redfern, an artist who has won recognition for drawings he does with his feet.

Work of guy with no arms who caused challenger for female affections to have heart attack

Pumpkin’s Lonely Saga

The little girl abandoned in a New Zealand railway station, dubbed Pumpkin before her identity was known, is coming along just fine.

Her father left her alone at the railway station. And oh what a Dad. In fact, Pumpkin’s mother’s body was found in dead in the trunk of his car.

NEW Zealand police have issued an arrest warrant for Nai Yin Xue after confirming that the body found in the boot of his car was that of his wife, Anan Liu.

Pic montage of Pumpkin and her mother

Police want to charge the father of the little girl known as Pumpkin - found dumped at a Melbourne railway station last weekend - alleging murder and kidnapping.

Pumpkin’s Dad is alleged to have another missing wife and daughter. He’s thought to be fleeing the police and his whereabouts is unknown.

ABANDONED toddler Qian Xun Xue has found comfort from the distress of her separation from her mother by clinging to a doll she was given last week.

The three-year-old, who was dumped at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne on September 15 by her fugitive father, Nai Xun Xue, was given the doll by the Melbourne foster family caring for her.

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Ann Rule's "Evidence of Love"
Ann Rule's "Heart Full of Lies" and "Bitter Harvest"
Amber Frey's story.
"Tainted Roses"
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The Fall 2007 Gardens, a Restaurant Review-Jerry's Seafood, and Delaware's Next Governor

The days are getting shorter while the mums begin their bloom. We've got a visit to the Fall gardens of 2007.

Plus some Delaware notes. Beginning with the Delaware Military Academy Scandal plus thoughts on the "Happy Harry's" Alan Levin announcement.

Finally, it's the home of the "crab bomb". A review of Lewes, Delaware's "Jerry's Seafood".

Pic of the Day
dog INSIDE of dishwasher-washing plates

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Fall 2007 Comes to the Gardens of Serendipity Shore

September has been the prettiest garden month of the growing season everywhere I have lived. Which includes only two states as of this writing but I’m just saying …

The days become shorter, the nights cooler and breezes begin to blow the fading leaves from the trees. The grass quite enjoys this weather combination and will glow brightly green before falling leaves cover the blade fellows.

The garden annuals have, by the September month, healthy roots and have grown tall. The heat of August takes a toll on them so the refreshment known as September spurs them to a new and vigorous growth. Annuals that sprout happily in the fall include marigolds, impatiens and begonias. This year even those pretty multi-colored Mexican things called portulaca too seemed to like the September sun.

Chrysthanimums, asters and decorative grasses are the plants that come into full glory in the fall. In the front porch garden I have two mums that grow so big that the branches must be staked for the weight of the many blooms.

Below a montage of pictures of the fall gardens here at Serendipity Shore. Soon the leaves will cover all that grows. Soon the days will darken before the dinner hour. Soon the winter winds will blow.

For now the melancholy that is autumn ends the growing season.

Fall 2007 garden montage view from the front

Fall 2007 garden montage view of barrels and container garden

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Biden and Petraeus

There was a camera around during the recent senate questioning of General Petraeus. Thus there was, too, Senator Joe Biden from Delaware.

Ole Joe grilled the good general like the warrior we all know Biden to be.

Below…just for laughs.

Joe Biden political cartoon-depicts him as a caveman from Geico

Nanny Minner and the Delaware Military Academy

First let me state that I don’t think I’ve ever examined anything quite so backward, convoluted and confusing as the charter school system here in Delaware. Then again I’ve never paid any attention to such as charter schools in any state.

As best as I can understand it, charter, or “private” schools existed for a long time in Delaware. Such private schools must be overseen by someone at the local and/or state level or else…well I could set up my own school in my living room here at Serendipity Shore and sell fine high school graduation certificates for the going price.

Delaware gave oversight of private schools to the local school district in which a private school was located. I must suppose that this makes sense on some level although a Christian school, for example, is not necessarily affiliated with the Indian River school district but instead is meant to appeal to a broader geographic locale than the local high school.

By taking these private schools into and under the umbrella of local school districts, the state of Delaware also achieved a few other things. All desired by the local and mighty teachers’ unions here in Delaware where teachers are not even obligated to attend the monthly parent-teachers association meetings.


First, such a setup discourages any NEW charter schools because hey, the local yokels get to give charter schools such a fit that as is hoped, none will bother. Second, by forcing the charter schools to adhere, however loosely, to the same school rules and laws as other public schools in the district it is possible…well it’s possible to drive them out of business.

Just as the Delaware teacher’s association is trying to do with the Delaware Military Academy.

The DMA is a fine institution and here’s a fine but important point…this school does NOT charge tuition.

Again I must struggle to get my confused mind about how all this works but as I understand it, charter schools were given the same access to float a public bond as the school districts in which they were located. This does not mean that Delaware citizens in any way financed these bonds. Charter schools had to pay all principle and interest from its own funds. The only advantage of using this tax-exempt bond financing is that is helps the charter school get funds like any business needs to grow and expand, all with the benefit of lower interest while giving investors the advantage of tax-free investment.

Only Nanny Minner and some teachers’ unions’ flackies get it into their heads to thwart the DMA’s attempt to get a tax-exempt loan because…

…well hey, the Delaware Military Academy makes Delaware schools look like the losers they are. Delaware is ranked number 51 out of 50 states in terms of its students. Delaware’s education system is the absolute worst and I’ll throw out one question then I’ll shut up…

…if these mighty teachers’ unions are so great, why the hell can’t they educate the children of Delaware?

The solution is not, of course, to make the public schools better. The solution is, of course, to drive the charter schools out of business.

It’s how liberals work the system.

Now we have Alan Levin, of Happy Harry’s drugstore fame, throwing his hat in the ring for Governor for the GOP. More on this interesting tidbit later.

Below a copy of the letter sent to Nanny Minner from Alan Levin. Below that, Nanny Minner’s bullshit response.

pic of letter sent to Nanny Minner by A Levin re Delaware Military Academy

September 12, 2007

Alan B. Levin
Delaware State Chamber of Commerce
1201 N. Orange Street, Suite 200
Wilmington, DE 19899

Ernest J. Dianastasis
Delaware Business Roundtable
1201 N. Orange Street, Suite 200
Wilmington, DE 19899

Dear Mr. Levin and Mr. Dianastasis:

Thank you for sharing with me your concerns regarding the Delaware Military Academy’s application for tax-exempt bond financing. Director Cherry did not follow the Council on Development Finance’s recommendation on the Delaware Military Academy’s request based on a number of policy considerations, including a longstanding state practice on capital funding and Delaware law. As you know, the law creating charter schools, enacted by the Delaware General Assembly in 1995, does not provide funding for the capital needs of charter schools. Despite proposed changes to that law in recent years, state policymakers have been clear through past actions and directives that no change to this policy should occur at this time. In fact, proposed legislation and specific proposals at the county level during the past two sessions of the General Assembly generated discussion on this particular issue and one proposal specifically pertained to “conduit” funding. The leadership in the House of Representatives went on record publicly opposing the initiative in New Castle County. Clearly, when this matter has been considered in recent years, both my Administration and the General Assembly concluded that current policy should stand.

The Council on Development Finance, in its advisory capacity to the Delaware Economic Development Office, makes recommendations to the Director, who is vested by the Delaware Code with the authority to make final decisions that come before the Council. While those recommendations hold great weight in decisions before that agency, it is incumbent upon the Director to make decisions within a broader policy context. In light of the longstanding policy outlined above and the recent discussions conducted in the legislative process regarding this specific issue, the Director’s decision is appropriate and one that allows for a vigorous discussion on this and other issues critical to our schools in January when the General Assembly reconvenes.

As always, thank you for expressing your views on this issue and I look forward to your continued involvement on this and other matters that come before the state in the months ahead.


Ruth Ann Minner

Happy Harry for Governor of Delaware

Alan Levin has announced his intent to run for Governor of the state of Delaware. Levin is known far and wide for being the son of Delmarva’s famous Happy Harry’s drug stores. He took over the running of the drug chain from his ailing father. In addition, Levin served as Chief of Staff for a Delaware Senator. Thus he has political experience.

I chanced to listen to Levin’s first interview with WGMD’s Maria Evans on
WGMD, listen by clicking here.

I was impressed by Levin’s interview. He was steady, self-assured, but he was not smug or off-putting. Some of the questions asked were a bit silly. Some were spot on.

Levin didn’t waffle. And if he didn’t know an answer he so stated. Refreshing.

I could not find a picture of this candidate anywhere.

Soon enough, I suppose.

Image hosted by

Seafood by the Canal

I am fortunate enough to live in an area of Delaware that, while in a swamp, is in the center of three very interesting areas. My zip code puts me in Georgetown, the capital of Sussex county; a few miles down nearby Route 1 and I’m in Rehoboth beach on the Atlantic ocean. A jaunt straight east brings me to Lewes, Delaware.

This town, located on Delaware bay, is famous for its ferry which takes travelers across Delaware bay to New Jersey.

Lewes is also famous for its seafood.

Indeed the town is dotted with various piers filled with boats that will, for a fee, take a vacationer out to the bay for some fishing. The Delmarva area itself is known for its crab cakes.

Jerry’s Seafood , web site here, serves something it calls a “crab bomb”.

Pic of Jerry's Seafood crab bomb

Tel: (302) 645-6611
Fax: (302) 645-7756

108 Second Street
Lewes, DE 19958

Lewes' Jerry's Seafood header

It was a fine early September evening when visiting mother-in-law, husband and myself ventured into the heart of Lewes, Delaware (pronounced LEWIS. MIL tends to want seafood during her visit from New England to the Mid-Atlantic and I don’t blame her. Eating the food of the natives is always a good strategy.

Jerry’s Seafood is decidedly NOT for landlubbers. The beef/meat offerings on the menu are very slim. Which is a bit of a problem in that husband eats very little seafood.

For an appetizer I ordered a most unusual dish. The menu described it thus:
Roasted red & yellow beets, grilled asparagus & roasted red peppers served on grilled house made bread w/ black river bleu cheese, balsamic syrup & extra virgin olive oil

Well goodness how often does one find BEETS on a restaurant menu? The above combo was good although I don’t know about the concept of yellow beets. The rest of this pretty appetizer was a fine teaser for the palate.

For my entrée, I got the scallops and pasta combination. The scallops were large, tender and were real scallops, NOT skate. The pasta was covered with a creamy sweet sauce punctuated with bits of crispy carrot.

MIL surprised us by ordering fried oysters. I managed to convince her to share one with me and they were luscious, juicy bits of the sea tenderly patted and fried until just crisp.

Husband couldn’t find a NY strip anywhere on the menu. He ordered the “fish and chips” combo and wow, the fish was a huge, pleasantly meaty catch, fried to a nice crispness that the name would imply. The accompanying French fries were huge Texas type of things. Husband griped that he thought the entrée would work much better with some nice big onion rings.

The atmosphere at Jerry’s Seafood is quiet, elegant but unpretentious. Best of all, on a Saturday night in September there was no long wait. At about 7 pm or so the place began to fill up but our somewhat early arrival for a resort area got us a nice table in a quiet corner.

Next time, and there WILL be a next time, I’m trying that crab bomb.


If seeking information about Delaware politics or Delaware restaurants, look no further. Below just a few of the informative Delaware posts that can be found on this Blog.

John Atkins couldn't keep his mouth shut. This once up and coming local politician also couldn't stop drinking and driving. This detailed story of how one Delaware county's GOP got rid of he who took up all the political action and replaced him with a decent Republican has lessons that the national RNC could learn.

The Possom Point Players are a Sussex county specialty but beach faring tourists can enjoy the talent as well. Here's a review of this organization's 2006 featured Christmas presentation.

Rehoboth Beach's "Big Fish Grill" has a lot to offer in terms of seafood but ambience...not so much. Here's a review of this Delaware eatery.

Jake's "Seafood House" in Rehoboth Beach... it's kinda like a Ruby Tuesday with emphasis on fish. Here's a review on an anniversary trip to this restaurant.

Delaware needed a new slogan and asked its citizens for suggestions. Which I did. Heh. This post had them all rolling in the aisles.

It's not ALL about Rehoboth. The "Bethany Blues" restaurant is a great place with fine food. I consider one of the better restaurant reviews I've ever written.


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Pop Culture-How Gays Cruise for Sex…It's Not Pretty

Time for a Pop Culture post because such stuff sometimes amuses.

Lots on our homosexual brethren this week including an insult to them by Jerry Lewis, a celebrity tearing up biblical references to homosexuality as sin, a sordid narrative of how gays cruise for sex and a couple of Iowan homosexuals who managed to get married in the ten minutes before same sex marriage was passed then banned.

For heterosexuals we have the latest in pole dancing.

A sweet story of a bittersweet marriage of a marine burnt by an IED, and an inside on smoking and pets.

Pic of the Day

Pics with Muslim Garb....what's the point?

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Shut Up and Act

Okay, we’ll get to Sally Fields in a minute. Whose show, by the way, “Brothers and Sisters” is so liberal as to make me puke.

For now, here’s another example of why our celebrities should stick to what they do. For no one has ever decried that reading pre-written lines or singing already composed lyrics has ever given anyone special insight into world affairs. This goes double for that cross-eyed Streisand witch.

Ian McClellanAUCKLAND, NZ, August 30, 2007 ( - British Actor Ian McKellen who has used the mega-stardom he achieved playing Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings films to promote homosexuality, has admitted to ripping out pages of hotel bibles that refer to homosexuality.

Now here’s a guy so damn intelligent that he’s tearing pages out of bibles. I mean come on, the world needs more leadership like this. There’s only….what? About seventy million trillion bibles on the planet? Give Ian enough time and soon enough he’ll have them all defaced. Maybe he’ll stay out of trouble this way.

Someone Shut Up the Flying Nun

I mean it’s positively an insult to every one of us that this dingbat is on stage and preaching to us as if the dumb broad had a single clue.

First, her TV show-“Brothers and Sisters” is such a dippy trip into the psychedelic mind of the wasted liberal as to make on want to puke. One character, Sally’s son in the show, VOLUNTEERED to go to Iraq after 9-11. Hey, many young men did the same thing.

Only on “Brothers and Sisters” the young man came back from Iraq a psychological wreck. To add to the young man’s dismay, he is called BACK to Iraq. He then considers and plots running away from the military that he JOINED and the viewer is supposed to be all boo-hoo over this mistreated fellow.

Sally Fields, of course, is the young man’s Mama and she rants and raves about the unfairness of it all, how awful this country is to be tormenting its young people so….on and on it goes without an ounce of logic.

So what’s the problem? Hey, I’ll tell you. THEY ARE RE-LIVING VIETNAM! This Iraq war is NOTHING like Vietnam and the viewer has a total disconnect. Most important and what the liberals can’t understand (not that anyone ever declared liberals real smart of anything) is that our military is now all VOLUNTEER!

That story line about Sally’s son fleeing the long arm of the military…heh, that’s a play right off of the boys of the Vietnam era fleeing to Canada.

But hey, the Flying Nun is so wise and while accepting the Emmy she has to give a stupid lecture about women running the planet. Thanks to the miracle of Youtube, Sally’s stupid rant below.

Sally Field as

As a final flourish, we now note that the Flying Nun is WRONG about females and the elimination of wars. For three females have led nations in our history. Every one of these females were anything but feminine cowards.

In the 60-year old actress’ own lifetime there have been three female heads of state – all mothers - who did not hesitate to wage war to defend, or advance the interests of, their respective nations


Katie Couric…Ya Think?

So here’s another liberal failure but CBS, God Bless ‘em, keeps this airhead on TV.

See, network evening news shows aren’t watched as devotedly as they used to be. Serious news junkees watch the cable news shows as, well why wouldn’t they what with breaking news 24/7? Thus the network news shows are watched mostly by casual viewers, often as a prelude to the prime time networks’ lineup.

Maybe these casual news viewers like Katie Couric but hey, her ratings are in the toilet. Katie Couric will be forever perceived as light-hearted fare suitable for the less serious events presented in the morn.

"Katie Couric has been at it for a year at CBS. She's still a ratings disaster, and she's still channeling all the liberal bias, all the puff jobs for Hillary Clinton and Michael J. Fox. She has done what she has always done, and it's not working for her," says Graham.

Graham believes at some point CBS will have to admit that Couric was an experiment that failed. He says more than likely Couric might have to return to mornings to try to recapture her magic, once she is taken off CBS Evening News. He compares Couric to former CBS host Bryant Gumbel.

But CBS, hey, they don’t want to admit what anyone with any sense knew.

CBS shows no bias bue does Bush eat kittens?

I predict Katie, her network buddy Dan Rather, and OJ will all go away soon. If we’re lucky, it’ll be a holiday and will happen all at once.


Jerry Lewis Politically Incorrect?

Only me and the French love Jerry Lewis.

Indeed I loved Jerry Lewis as a comedian and what that says about me, I don’t know.

It would seem that my beloved funny man got into a bit of hot water for a homosexual slur he made during his annual Labor Day telethon for Muscular Dystrophy.

The controversial remark came yesterday in the 18th hour of the live national telecast, when a visibly weary Lewis, 81, was joking on stage, pretending to introduce members of someone's family as he mugged for the camera.

"Oh, your family has come to see you. You remember Bart, your oldest son, Jesse, the illiterate fag ...," Lewis said, as he apparently caught himself and ceased the gag in mid-sentence, turning on his heel away from the camera.

Maybe Ian McKellen can punch him in the face.

Gays “Marry” Under the Wire

As is too often the case in this supposedly Democratic country, some unelected Judge ruled that Iowa’s ban against same-sex marriages was not constitutional. Within a little over a 24 hour period, that ruling was put on hold pending appeal.

Within that period of time a couple of fine gay guys managed to get married. Frankly I think their action to be a bit of genius and it will be fun to see what happens when the dust settles.

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Two men sealed the state's first legal same-sex marriage with a kiss Friday morning, less than 24 hours after a judge threw out Iowa's ban on gay marriage and about two hours before he put the ruling on hold.

Homosexuals get married under the wire

Sean Fritz, left, and Tim McQuillan show their wedding license before getting married.

I do not, nor will I ever, think two people of the same sex should be allowed to wed. So shoot me and the 80% of the rest of this country who feel the same way. But for our buddies Sean and Tim, above, I’ll give them special consideration. They sure fooled a lot of people. Let that nutso unelected judge deal with them.

How Gays Cruise for Sex With Strangers

Here’s an intriguing article about homosexual males and how they cruise the bathrooms across the highways and byways of the fruited plains for sex with strangers.

While many Americans may only be vaguely familiar with the idea of "cruising," there is a secret world of sex between men that exists in public places across the country.

I’ve made the argument before and I’ll make it again…it is the FEMALE of the species who sets the sexual standards. Indeed. For if females were to all suddenly offer free sex in public bathrooms on the Interstates and in the airports, the heterosexual males would be lined up three deep.

Females won’t do this however. Heh. First, our homosexual brothers call us “breeders” for a reason. Females can get pregnant as a result of any sexual encounter. Silly females tend to want some sort of relationship with the father of her children. Telling your children that their daddy is some guy met in an adjacent bathroom stall…well duh.

Thus I do not crown heterosexual males with the blessing of the sexually pure. Many, if not most, would eagerly participate in a system that would have them reaching heights of ecstasy with a simple shoe dance in a bathroom stall.

The females with whom they would so consort would likely not indulge. Heh.

Get two males together and all sexual sensibility goes out the window.

Which is proof positive why homosexuals should not be allowed to get married. These are not people that live long faithful lives with a significant other. Hey, their hetero counterparts might not be either but hey again, heteros have the female of the species balancing things with a gentle hand.

A Love Story for the Ages

Came across this story and felt the sting of bittersweet tears fill my eyes.

From Timesonline:
When Marine Sergeant Ty Ziegel woke up from his coma, he was still in a fog of drugs. He knew his fiancée, Renee, was there and sensed her love for him. She had been playing with his feet because there was so little of him she could touch. He was told of his injuries but was so out of it, he thought: “Whatever.”

Disfigured marine gets married

This, ladies and gems, is true love. Do you think Sean would still marry Tim if he looked like this?

Stripper Poles Coming to a Campus Near You

Parents, warn your daughters.

College fraternities, long known as bastions of grace and decorum, are these days featuring yet one more accoutrement of scholastic refinement - the stripper pole.
The most important campus development since the keg, the stripper pole shines like a luminous totem festooning the halls of the American academy. It's erected for a single, glorious purpose:

To get drunken chicks to do slutty stuff.

Females tend to do stupid stuff when they’re drinking or so unsure of themselves that they offer to do things that they’ll later regret.

I’ll be the first to call boorish males who indulge in this behavior…well boors comes to mind.

But it’s on the female to think enough of herself to NOT engage in this behavior that she’ll likely regret her whole life. If she doesn’t end up drugged and raped, that is.

Below, a real cute pole dancer.

puppy pole dancer

More Second Hand Smoke Lies

The state of Delaware, where they crucify smokers along Route one that the world know what Delaware thinks of smokers, regularly runs a commercial shouting that “millions” die every year from second hand smoke.

Once again I issue the challenge…show me one death certificate that has second hand smoke as the cause of death and I will immediately write a check that will bounce for a million bucks.

Secondhand smoke is not only harmful to humans, it may also cause cancer in household pets such as dogs, cats and birds, Oklahoma State University researchers said last week.

pic of dogs playing poker and smoking

"There have been a number of scientific papers recently that have reported the significant health threat secondhand smoke poses to pets," said Dr. Carolynn MacAllister, an Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service veterinarian, in a news release. "Secondhand smoke has been associated with oral cancer and lymphoma in cats, lung and nasal cancer in dogs, as well as lung cancer in birds."

Now pets are something we have here in Serendipity Shore in the swamps of Delaware. In fact, through the years we’ve probably had up in the teens in the amount of cats plus several dogs. Every one of them lived well beyond their specie’s normal life. This in a house filled with smoke. Husband, daughter and myself smoked liked chimneys through the years.

Well the scientists would argue it’s anecdotal but I’d argue back that it’s damn convincing.

Of course a constant barrage of second hand smoke isn’t good for any living thing. And yes, I’d argue that free people should not be exposed to second hand smoke if it irritates.

What now? Smokers won’t be allowed to own pets?

To the snobs who consider Pop Culture too silly to watch or indicative of nothing, I argue that those things that intrigue the masses are as much of an indicator of where the society is going as much as ongoing political events.

Below, some very "popular" Pop Culture posts on this Blog.

Just for the hell of it, a post with a happening Oscar fashion critique.

Yes, it's Britney's crotch shot. One of this Blog's most frequently hit posts. Heh.
Katrina gossip? Yes, even in the aftermath of this country's most damaging hurricane, we have gossip.


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True Crime-Isn't It Time We Put OJ Away Forever?

It's the second True Crime post of the week and we will have updates on the McCann case, and OJ, goodness let's lock this man up once and for all, huh?

A fine collection of convict lawsuits is offered and in depth tongue in cheek updates on true crimes and pathetic criminals.

Quote of the Day

Dogs not whole life quote

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OJ-Must We Suffer Him Again?

It began on or around September 14, 2007. Indeed the wonderful Orenthal James Simpson, a man who already got two free murders, committed armed robbery in Las Vegas.

OJ Montage 2007

Okay, let me state this now and I dare anyone to dispute. OJ Simpson is a creep of the highest order. He could have lived out the rest of his days free from bother of jail for his crimes. Surely he could have survived nicely on his NFL pension of approximately $30,000 a month, right folks? I mean don’t most of us live handily on way less than this?

But oh no. OJ Simpson couldn’t stand that he was sued for that small matter of murdering Ron Goldman, a fellow who should be alive, probably married with children, had not OJ stabbed the poor guy over 30 times.

So the fine OJ gets involved with a bunch of characters all over some sports memorabilia. See OJ wants it, it’s all HIS, it’s all about HIM.

The story of OJ and what happened in that Las Vegas hotel room is confusing. The cast of characters could be stars of The Sopranos. I watched Geraldo interview one shady fellow. I heard them talk on the tape. There were a bunch of them and it got so confusing it’s hard to discern just who was the victim.

In fact, one of the alleged victims has been hospitalized for a massive heart attack.

One of the men accusing O.J. Simpson of robbing him last Thursday is in the hospital. A spokesperson for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles says Bruce Fromong is in the intensive care unit after suffering what's being described as a massive heart attack.

News 3's Jesse Corona spoke with Bruce Fromong's neighbors who say they can hardly believe everything that's been happening.

Before 53-year-old Bruce Fromong was an alleged victim in O.J. Simpson's personal sports memorabilia sting, he was an O.J. supporter. Fromong testified for Simpson's defense in the wrongful death case brought by Fred Goldman.

I’ve heard hints that this gang of bad boys was also involved in helping OJ hide his money in offshore accounts and hey, OJ is not subject to the rules of thee and me so naturally he had to bust in with guns and demand HIS stuff. Which is really property of the family of Ron Goldman…remember that kid OJ stabbed to death.

OJ Simpson makes me ill and I predict that this time America is simply sick of him. He’s made a mockery of our justice system and he is the personification of evil and self-centered.

The best legal advice OJ got was from his own attorneys. Which is…OJ WILL BE GRANTING NO INTERVIEWS!

Thank the Good God for that. For OJ is right at the end of his rope. We don’t need to see his smirking face on our television sets.

As for that lady hanging out with him…heh. Watch out for sharp knives; may you not end up like Nicole.

Someday We’ll Have a Death Penalty or Mandatory Castration for Guys Like This

First, John Atchison is an assistant DA! Second, this fine fellow proudly tells the undercover cop posing as the mother of a 5 year old that he’s “gentle” and avoids any “rough stuff”. WELL GIVE THIS HERO A DOG BISCUIT!

DETROIT (AP) - An assistant U.S. attorney from Florida was arrested in an Internet sting operation after flying to Michigan to have sex with a 5-year-old girl, authorities said Monday.
John D.R. Atchison, 53, was arrested Sunday at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after several weeks of Internet conversations between the prosecutor and a detective posing as the mother of a 5-year-old girl, authorities say.

He wants to have sex with a five year old girl and he’s proud that he doesn’t engage in rough stuff? Just having sex with a child is rough stuff, wouldn’t you think?

And this guy is a prosecutor putting other people in jail?

The Southwest Airlines Clothing Flap

It’s not a True Crime to wear extremely short skirts and plunging necklines but at Southwest Airlines you might get booted off.

Pic of attire that got woman removed from Southwest AirlinesDALLAS — Southwest Airlines is issuing an apology to the San Diego woman who was told she wasn't dressed appropriately on a San Diego to Tucson flight on July 3.

Southwest sent passenger Kyla Ebbert an apology, saying it was "very sorry" on a taping of the Dr. Phil Show Friday, and Southwest president Colleen Barrett was trying to reach Ebbert via telephone.

It seems that Southwest has apologized to the young lady but scuttlebutt has it that the skirt was extremely short. It sort of looks okay in the picture above but I’ve read eyewitness reports about this young woman and it is reported that one could see straight up her skirt to a very hairy sight if you get my drift.

I’m not at all sure that airlines don’t have enough to do what with security concerns that they should avoid becoming fashion critics. That young lady who wore her skirt so short that she gave us a “Britney Spears” shot upon sitting down, well SHE should be damned ashamed of herself.

Why on earth do females think it’s cool to go showing their private parts in public? Well sure the males are going to ogle, isn’t that why the show?

Does it somehow make you a better female? I mean, all females have the same parts. There’s nothing particularly spectacular or special about showing your nether regions save male attention. But if you think you’re going to find the love of your life by showing your parts…heh.

If this young lady is looking for respect well she won’t get it from most females with a bit of pride. She might get an ogle from the males out for a free show and why not? It’s what’s she’s giving away for free.

I think Kyla Ebbert is pathetic…really, really pathetic. Perhaps she deserved that apology from Southwest but most of the world is not impressed with a female so stupid.

Murdered Father Than Shot Infant While In Car

This is just such a strange story. The father pulls the car into the driveway, leaves his 7-month-old in the car while he goes up and knocks on the door of the house he is ostensibly visiting. Two men come up and shoot the father then, while running away, they stop and shoot that baby in the head.

From the LATIMES:
SACRAMENTO -- Seconds after killing a man during an apparent home invasion robbery Friday, two assailants went to his car parked outside, where one of them fired a bullet into the head of the man's 7-month-old son, authorities said this weekend as they released new details on the case.

Obviously there is way more to this story than being reported.

+---------------- Bizarre Convict Lawsuits ----------------+

In April 1996, inmate Kirk Livingood attempted to sue his cell mate, Phillip Negrete, for routinely beating him.

Convicted rapist, robber and kidnapper Melvin Leroy Tyler, serving time in Missouri, filed a lawsuit for $129 million to have prisoners supplied with a salad bar and brunches on weekends and holidays.

A New York City inmate sued for $8.5 million in damages because he smuggled a gun into the prison and accidentally shot himself.

Richard Loritz filed a $2000 lawsuit against the South Bay Detention Center in San Diego, California, for refusing to allow him to use dental floss.

Pic of ice cream with quote for outrageous convict lawsuits

A Utah prisoner filed a $1 million lawsuit against the state for suspending a program which provided hair transplants for prisoners. He claimed "emotional

Speaking of Ridiculous Lawsuits…

Okay, so young Rachel Corrie had high ideals. We’ll be kind here.

So she gets it into her head to travel to Palestine and get involved in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. You read it right…a young American girl who should be dating and wearing clothes by Gwen Stefani.

So young Rachel is so serious that she positions her body directly in front of an Israeli bulldozer about to tear down a Palestinian house filled with terrorists.

Rachel was warned.

Rachel had plenty of warning.

I’m not at all sure what Rachel was thinking. I’m not sure if the Israeli running the bulldozer meant to kill Rachel but hey, when a big bulldozer runs over you, most times you don’t live.

The Israelis deny any intent to run over Rachel but what else are the going to say? What choice did they have…run away from Rachel Corrie, who had no business being there don’t forget, or leave that viper’s nest of a house full of terrorists busy killing Israelis?

Now, hey it’s so sad but it’s a hoot, Rachel’s family is suing, GET THIS, Caterpillar, Inc, the manufacturer of that Israeli bulldozer!

From Seattle Times:
Pic of Rachel CorrieRachel Corrie, of Olympia, was crushed in 2003 by a 60-ton Israeli bulldozer as she stood before a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip. Her parents, Cindy and Craig Corrie, sued Peoria, Ill.-based Caterpillar, which manufactured the bulldozer, seeking to hold the company civilly liable for aiding and abetting human rights violations — the destruction of civilian homes.

That’s the ticket. It was the bulldozer’s fault. Rachel is innocent. Caterpillar should pay.


That John Kerry Tasering Incident

Lookit, the kid Andrew Meyer was a bit of an attention hog. He did jump into a line of questioners waiting to ask the fine John Kerry a question. In fact, Andrew Meyer asked John Kerry a bevy of questions, all of them a bit stupid. Meyer flung his questions into the air even though he was told it was all over and no more questions could be asked.

Meyer asked Kerry why he so quickly conceded the 2004 election, why he didn’t vote to impeach Bush, and was he a member of some weird group at Harvard with George Dubya Bush.

Kerry did agree to answer one of Meyer’s questions and here’s the bigger sin in this whole snafu…why couldn’t this man who would be leader of all Americans and Commander in Chief of the military take control of that situation?

Instead the vaunted John Kerry, who can lead nothing, went on talking even while poor Andrew Meyer was getting zapped by a tazer mercilessly.

Police have released the incident report detailing the Tasering of a University of Florida student during a campus forum with Sen. John Kerry Monday, and the officer who actually Tasered Andrew Meyer wrote in the report that Meyer later told police, “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Come on…John Kerry could have acted like the leader he wanted us to elect, stepped forward and stopped the torture and taken control of the situation. Kerry might even have earned a modicum of respect from some quarters.

Instead dingbat Kerry’s over in a corner somewhere answering Meyer’s questions while Meyer’s screaming in pain from the tazer.

This incident, more than any, illustrates the total lack of character and leadership of one John Kerry than the youthful enthusiasm of Andrew Meyer.

Is Another Hollywood Celebrity Going to Walk Free?

So yet another jury is balking at delivering a guilty verdict that should be written in stone. Like OJ and Michael Jackson before him, Phil Spector might walk free for the death of Lana Clarkson, who, after all, deserved to live.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The jury in the murder trial of Phil Spector said on Tuesday it was unable to reach a unanimous verdict on the charges against the legendary rock producer, and the judge dismissed the jurors for the day.

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The jury said it had taken four ballots, but was split 7-5 over the verdict. The jury did not tell the judge if the split favored a guilty or not guilty verdict.

As of this writing, the judge is demanding that the jury go back and think more about the verdict. But a 7 to 5 split is going to be hard to overcome.

The man stuck a gun in Lana Clarkson’s mouth and pulled the trigger! He then went to his front door and told his chauffeur that he thinks he may have shot someone.

Or are we to believe that Lana Clarkson committed suicide while inside of Spector’s house? Because women are always committing suicide while in their dates’ houses in mid of night, but of course!

Where Is Pumpkin’s Dad?

It began with a story of a little girl who was found abandoned in an Australian train station.

The little girl was identified and it turns out that her father has quite an interesting past. First, he had another daughter who disappeared.

Now it would seem that Pumpkin’s mother too met a violent death.
Abandoned girl Anan Liu met a violent death before her husband was allowed to flee Auckland for Australia with their young daughter, despite authorities knowing of his record for domestic violence.

As an international hunt began for murder suspect Nai Xin Xue, New Zealand authorities came under fire for allowing the Auckland publisher to abduct his three-year-old daughter Qian Xun Xue, nicknamed Pumpkin.

The 54-year-old martial arts expert flew to Melbourne, where he dumped his daughter at a railway station on Saturday before fleeing for the United States, where he is believed to be hiding.

We’re going to keep an eye on this story.

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He had been stabbed 36 times, mostly shallow cuts. His body was found, face down, in the muddy waters of a small creek in Amish Pennsylvania. His death appears to have been from drowning, with the unstated supposition that had he not been in the creek he would have eventually bled out from his wounds.

There's many interesting facets of the Jonathan Luna case, including one factoid I found so very telling yet is buried beneath the verbiage and reporting on this case.

Start here on this initial post with the detail of Luna's death and information on his life before his odd journey to Pennsylvania in the middle of the night.

Here's a post compiled almost six months after the initial post. I re-visit my original post and theory concerning Jonathan Luna's death and found I am still correct as to how it came down.

A commenter challenges my theory about Jonathan Luna. In this post I break down that challenge with no mercy.


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