TV-Looking Back on the 2008 "Celebrity Apprentice"-How to Improve It Next Year

Piers Morgan won the "Celebrity Apprentice" series and while my prediction was wrong, the reality was perfect. For as nice as Trace Adkins is, Piers should have won.

Here's a re-cap of all the episodes of the 2008 series, a review of the show in terms of entertainment and competitiveness and a look back to the beginning.

All with videos (including the new and wonderful Trace Adkins' tune) and pics you'll find nowhere on the Internet.

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Piers Morgan Wins 2008 “Celebrity Apprentice”

In the two hour finale of Donald Trump’s revised Apprentice series “Celebrity Apprentice”, if I heard The Donald say one more time “Trace/Piers-why should I pick you?” I would have screamed and turned off the set.

For it was a two hour finale, one hour of which was a most amazing waste of time for the constant conversations about how little Brit Piers Morgan was a nasty villain and country singer Trace Adkins was a kind, soft-spoken all-American hero. Somebody tell The Donald that we get it out here in la-la land, home of the non-celebrities who carry this country on our backs whilst raising the citizens and soldiers of tomorrow.

I’d predicted in my review of this series before this HERE that Trace Adkins would win this thing but I am very glad I was wrong.

Although like the rest of the planet, I find Trace Adkins very likeable and felt sorry that he hadn’t raised money for his charity, which was an organization devoted to the study and prevention of allergy attacks in children with severe food allergies.

Since so much of this Celebrity Apprentice series is scripted, don’t tell me not, I figured the bittersweet ending would have the “evil” Piers Morgan being beat handily at the final challenge of a charity auction and party event by the all-American Trace Adkins with the deep, sweet voice.

Except Piers Morgan is NOT evil and no such thing came across even though The Donald and the producers tried to make it so. Morgan is not one to suffer fools and nonsense easily but he’s just a little red-headed Brit whose chosen charity, by the way, was to an organization that cares for soldiers wounded in battle as well as their families. Piers raised many thousands of dollars for that charity so how the hell nasty can he be with that sweet English accent and his preference for fuller-figured gals? None of his team-mates throughout the series had many bad things to say about Piers although they tried heartily with a little help from coaching producers as I imagine.

3/27/08 Celebrity Apprentice montage

3/27/08 Celebrity Apprentice montage

Couple of things about the Celebrity Apprentice’s 2008 grand finale. First, Piers raised over $300K for his charity while Adkins only reached $64K.

All of the Celebrity Apprentices returned for this finale as is the norm. Omarosa returned and when asked why she had issues with Piers Morgan she made just the dumbest comment about how Piers failed to floss his teeth properly.

A “feud” between Omarosa and Piers had been carefully crafted during the series and on some level it worked. Omarosa had been known as a nasty one from an earlier “Apprentice” series in which she was a competitor and she was good at it. The bit about flossing the teeth made no sense and frankly I think Omarosa threw away a chance at some sort of future with that dumb statement.

KISS singer Gene Simmons came across as a bit crazy during the series until eventually I think he up and quit after the Kodak challenge. So in this finale Simmons once again insists that Kodak is wrong for selling their printer ink so cheap and hey, it was nuts then and it was nuts the night of the finale.

Finally, it’s about time that Donald Trump consider allowing America to vote for the Apprentice, Celebrity or otherwise.

Now I know that The Donald loves to sit in front of the camera with that stuff on his head and appear for all the world as a troubled executive in constant rumination over who to fire, who to fire.

Someone needs to tell The Donald that allowing audience participation is all the rage nowadays, witness “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars”, the two most famous of the reality shows. In fact, Piers Morgan is a judge on another reality series, “America’s Got Talent” and that show too allows phone in audience votes in choosing the winner.

Donald Trump needs to get over himself and encourage more viewers by going with the times. Obviously his once vaunted and greatly touted series “The Apprentice” has lost its luster and after a season featuring Martha Stewart, which did not work, it could well be that this format of a “Celebrity Apprentice” would work. But not if Trump insists on making the series all about Trump. Hey, The Donald would still get the chance to point his finger and say “You’re Fired” only he’d be doing it on behalf of the American people.

Below is a snippet of the fabulous song by Trace Adkins as featured on the grand finale of “Celebrity Apprentice” 2008. Hurry and get this song as if you like country music this ones a real winner.

“Celebrity Apprentice” 2008 Contenders
Carol Alt-model/actress-sent home 3/20/08
Jennie Finch-olympic medalist softballsent home 1/24/08
Gene Simmons from Kiss-sent home 1/17/08
Lennox Lewis-boxer-sent home 3/20/08
Marilu Henner-actress-sent home 2/21/08
Nadia Comaneci-olympic star gymnast-sent home 1/10/08
Nely Galen-Latina TV producer-sent home 2/7/08
Omarosa-former apprentice-sent home 3/6/08
Piers Morgan-Americas Got Talent-WINNER!
Stephen Baldwin-actor of Baldwin family-Sent home 3/13/08
Tiffany Fallon-playmate of year-SENT HOME PREMIERE NIGHT 1/3/08
Tito Ortez-sent home 2/28/08
Trace Adkins-country star-Sent Home 3/27/08
Vincent Pastore-star of sopranos-sent home 1/28/08

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Enter “Hell’s Kitchen”

Beginning next week we will be reviewing Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen” in this space. So be ready for curse words and sobs from would-be chefs and by all means, foodies and reality show aficionados, join us here.

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TV-Review ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" 2008 Episode 3/24/08 and Elimination; "The Bachelor London" 3/24/08

ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" 2008 continues on and in this weekly review we go over the dancers, the songs, the partners.

As always there will be acerbic commentary, fashion wisdom and brickbats or compliments as required.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Also we'll drop in on "The Bachelor...London Calling" to see how Brit Matt Grant is making out and what members of his cadre of groupies are still left or were thrown over the bow.

Again, all with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

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On Mambo and Quickstep Week, Penn Jillette, Monica Seles Sent Home

Top 12 Contenders Pic Montages "Dancing With the Stars" 2008

ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” 2008 continues on and on the evening of 3/25/08 two contenders were sent home to bring the total left to an even ten.

On the episode aired 3/24/08, all twelve contenders danced either the Mambo or the Quickstep.

It began with actor Steve Guttenberg, a klutzy but very personable fellow who will not likely last long. Steve and his partner danced the Mambo. Come time for judges commentary there was some sort of argument amongst the judges and Steve, ever the diplomat, responded to the judges’ collective rather unkind criticism of his performance with “I like you and respect you”. Steve received 16 points for his performance.

Next year Guttenberg should maybe sign up for a contest of the nicest people.

Christian de la Fuente gets my prize for being the handsomest male contender this year. He danced the quickstep with his partner and the guy looked good to me. Christian ended with a cute somersault and while this move might have looked silly if done by, say, a Penn Jillette, the handsome Chilean pulled it off to resounding audience applause.

The judges complained about Christian’s posture and told him he needed to work on his footwork. Christian received 20 points.

Montage from Dancing With the Stars episode 3/25/08

Monica Seles seems to be the exact opposite of Steve Guttenberg. She comes across as moody and recalcitrant. Which is no matter in that Monica, never liked much by the judges at any rate, was sent home on elimination night 3/25/08. Monica and her partner performed a Mambo and she does come across as a woman with little grace and elegance. Which surprises me as I think tennis, Monica’s sport of fame, would require both of these traits.

Monica and her partner received 15 points.

Next up Penn Jillette and hey, here’s a funny guy. Penn too got voted off this reality dance show although Penn was upbeat about the rejection and claimed that he would not give up, that he and his partner would continue on in the contest out on the parking lot.

Goodness Jillette does have mighty big feet as he illustrated with a close up of his shoed-foot. Jillette and his partner performed a Quickstep and even Penn’s addition of a “magic tie” which jumped up and down at the beginning of his performance did not persuade either the judges or the audience to let him move on. Penn received a score of 17.

I liken Penn Jillette’s dancing to, oh…maybe Frankenstein.

Priscilla Presley and her partner performed a Mambo to what has to be the only “rap” Mambo song on the planet.

Presley continues to do well on this series although the most accurate adjective to describe her performances in conjunction with the younger and livelier with whom she must compete would be “mediocre”.

Presley received a score of 21.

Shannon Elizabeth, she with two first names, a terrific bod and a renowned poker player, came up next and performed a Quickstep.

This lady looked fine on that dance floor and at the end the couple did a cute little jump using the judges’ table for leverage and it was a nice effect.

Shannon received 24 points for her performance and this contender looks to be one to watch in this ongoing contest.

Jason Taylor and his partner too are a dancing couple to watch. Jason and his partner performed a Mambo and this fellow has a fluid body and his hip action was to die for.

Jason and his partner received 27 points from the impressed judges and this is the guy to beat this year.

Of course I am partial to Marissa Winokur in that I look like her and she is not, ahem, a size two. Marissa performed a Quickstep with her partner and I considered her a joy to watch.

Marissa has a bubbly personality that spills over into her dance. The judges pronounced this week’s performance as a great improvement over last week’s and awarded Marissa 21 points.

Adam Corolla, he of the many teeth, came up next and he and his partner performed a Mambo.

My impression of Corolla’s dancing is that he reminds one of an earnest young man enrolled in dancing school. One can almost see Adam mouthing “One, Two, Three, Four…RIGHT…” as he moved along with his partner Julianne.

After their dance, judging by the lack of applause, it was obvious that Adam and his partner are not all that well liked by the audience.

The judges said that Corolla made them laugh, a bit cruel perhaps although I don’t think Adam takes himself very seriously. Len Goodman, however, called Adam’s performance “brilliant”.

Adam and his partner received 19 points from the judges.

Montage from Dancing With the Stars 3/25/08

Up next Marlee Matlin and I must insert note here that Marlee is deaf.

Last season “Dancing With the Stars” had a contender with only one leg, the now much-hated ex-wife of Paul McCartney. So why not a deaf person? Both handicaps that one might consider too severe a handicap for a serious dance show and yet Marlee does just fine, thank you.

Marlee and her partner performed a Quickstep and the judges love her. Marlee and her partner received 24 points for the performance and that’s impressive as hell. I think Marlee looks great on that dance floor and one would never know she was deaf.

The contender to beat this year, Kristi Yamaguchi, came up next and she and her partner performed a Mambo.

Kristi is a gold-medal winning Olympic skater and I’ve no doubt that a fine ability to navigate around ice on shoes with thin slivers of metal on the bottom would be a fine precursor for transition to a good dancer.

Last week Kristi wowed the judges and she did this week as well. I closely watched Kristi’s footwork during her dance and this lady has it all in control.

Kristi and her partner received 27 points for their performance.

Mario, the youngest contender this year and probably Jason Taylor’s only male competition, come up next and performed a Quickstep that contained great, complicated footwork.

The judges thought Mario needed a bit more finesse and I think that’s a valid critique. Jason Taylor has finesse down pat.

Mario and his partner received 26 points for their performance.

Below is a video remix of performance snippets from the evening of 3/24/08. Featured are Marlee Matlin, Kristi Y, Jason Taylor and Steve G.

Scores on Night of 3/24/08-from lowest to highest

Celeb Dancer Dance Score- 3/24/08
Seles Monica Mambo 15
Guttenberg Steve Mambo 16
Jillette Penn Quickstep 17
Carolla Adam Mambo 19
la Fuente Christian Quickstep 20
Winokur Marissa Quickstep 21
Presley Priscilla Mambo 21
Elizabeth Shannon Quickstep 24
Matlin Marlee Quickstep 24
Mario Quickstep 26
Taylor Jason Mambo 27
Yamaguchi Kristi Mambo 27

Total combined scores to date-from lowest to highest

Celeb Dancer Combined Dance Score through-3/24/08
Seles Monica 30 eliminated 3/25/08
Jillette Penn 33 eliminated 3/25/08
Guttenberg Steve 34
Carolla Adam 34
Winokur Marissa 39
la Fuente Christian 41
Presley Priscilla 45
Elizabeth Shannon 45
Matlin Marlee 46
Mario 47
Taylor Jason 49
Yamaguchi Kristi 54

Top Twelve Contenders "Dancing With the Stars" 2008

Marlee Matlin (Fabian Sanchez)
Penn Jillette (Kym Johnson)Sent home 3/25/08
Marissa Winokur (Tony Dovolani)
Adam Carolla (Julianne Hough)
Kristi Yamaguchi (Mark Ballis Jr)
Christian De la Fuente (Cheryl Burke)
Monica Seles (Jonathan Roberts)Sent home 3/25/08
Mario (Karina Smirnoff)
Steve Guttenberg (Anna Trebunskaya)
Jason Taylor (Edyta Sliwinski)
Shannon Elizabeth (Derek Hough)
Priscilla Presley (Louis Van Amstel)

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The bachelor London calling logo

To See the Top 15 Chosen by The Bachelor Matthew Grant

Brit Matthew Grant Begins Quest to Find American Wife

On the evening of 3/24/08 this year’s bachelor Matt Grant went on two group dates with 15 ladies who would be his wife if all goes well.

Eight of the contenders participated in a fashion show and the other seven went on a date to Las Vegas.

Two “first impression” roses were awarded by Matt, one to Ashlee and the other to Chelsea.

The fashion show was intriguing to watch although I’m not at all sure what purpose it served. The Las Vegas date had Matt issuing a challenge to all of his ladies that whoever won the most money within an hour would get a half an hour of private time with Matthew. The ladies were all given seed money of a thousand dollars to begin the hour of gambling.

Montage from Bachelor episode aired 3/24/08

Montage of the Bachelor London Calling episode aired 3/24/08

The Bachelor series always features two kinds of contenders and this year’s show, the so-called “London Calling” series, is no different.

First, there’s the would-be Bachelor’s lady who can’t hold her liquor. We already had this one in the very first show and whoever she was she stuffed a pair of her underwear in Matt’s pocket while she was in her cups.

Then there’s the female contender who falls crazy, and illogically frankly, in complete love with the Bachelor and there is always great histrionics from this emotional basket case.

Last year that basket case was nurse Hillary who broke down so much when she was sent home she couldn’t breathe such was her disappointed sobbing. All this for asshole Brad Womack who I figure is a homosexual in that he couldn’t find one woman out of 25 hot babes who wanted him.

Anyway, this year’s there’s actress Shayne and on the 3/24/08 episode Shayne carried on with Matthew, in the bathroom with other contenders, in a room all by herself.

Sheesh. That girl needs to get a grip.

How on earth can a female get so involved with a guy she hardly knows? In Shayne’s case she did comment that SHE was the one always in control and true, Shayne is a very pretty young woman and I’ve no doubt she’s broken many a male heart.

I wonder if her tears are because of her total inability to control who Matt chooses and who he doesn’t.

At any rate, even Matt thought Shayne’s histrionics to be a bit much and accused her of being the actress of her profession.

Matt did, however, give Shayne a rose during the ensuing rose ceremony while I would have sent that nut case packing.

But wait. I’m a woman. I tend to use my brains about this kind of thing.

Matt did send home three woman on that episode: Erin H, Michelle P and Carri.

Top 15 Females Vying for Matthew Grant-The Bachelor London Calling 2008
Amanda R, 27-Account Executive-
Kristine, 32, Person Trainer-
Chelsea, 24, pharmaceutical sales, -
Erin H, 25, event planner-Sent home 3/24/08
Erin S, 30, hot dog vendor-
Robin, 22, Advertising coordinator-
Ashlee, 22-singer/songwriter-
Shayne, 22, actress-
Marshanna, 27, fashion designer-
Holly, 25, children's book author-
Carri, 25, church marketing-Sent home 3/24/08
Michelle P, 28, Administrative Assistant-Sent Home 3/24/08
Noelle, 26-photographer-
Amy, 22, nanny-
Kelly, 24, medical sales-

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True Crime Update 3/27/08

Here’s a True Crime post and we do one of the more difficult tasks in this genre. For it’s one thing to report a crime, the location of the body, updates on the investigation. It’s heartbreaking to learn the horrific details of the victim’s last hours as despair and hopelessness fill their final seconds of life.

The murderer of Meredith Emerson, the pretty hiker who left on a trip with her dog and met up with Gary Hilton, has revealed the details of Meredith’s last days. He says he couldn’t bring himself to kill her dog, such a fine man.

Also, how about that fine Detroit lying sack of crap Mayor? The story of a brave prosecutor whose going to bring this creep to justice.

Plus they let this former terrorist out of jail a bit too early, a man accidentally kills his wife while installing a satellite, a man kills his entire family in insane despair over his embezzlement charges and an update on that fine Drew Peterson whose wives keep disappearing all around him.

Quote of the Day

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Meredith Hilton Fought Hard for Her Life

Emerson and Hilton, Hilton killed Emerson?

The murder of Meredith Hilton was covered on this Blog HERE and HERE.

As they struggled near the Appalachian Trail, Meredith Emerson disarmed her attacker of a knife and baton.

Hilton eventually subdued Emerson, kidnapped her and later killed her. She did not make it easy for him, according to interviews Hilton gave to investigators that were obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

I admit to a fascination with the True Crime genre, as should any yon reader currently perusing this post.

I once taught an adult school evening writing course. One of my students was a pretty liberal girl. As part of my teaching methodology I referred those students to my Blog and as, since I’ve been blogging since 2004, True Crime posts were part and parcel of my Blog writings, the sensitive liberal girl chanced upon one of my True Crime posts. My plan was for the entire class to have a Blog of its own where they could share their writings with each other. Which they did and which was successful and which they all enjoyed, but I digress.

She told me she got upset reading my True Crime posts and wouldn’t be able to use my Blog as a learning tool and, in fact, would have to drop out of my class.

Well I felt like crap, frankly. First, I didn’t want to lose a student like that and second I sure didn’t want to hurt her tender, sensitive liberal feelings as she was obviously a better human being than us dregs of society who are so insensitive as to read and write about true crime.

If I sound sarcastic about this liberal lass it’s because I am. That incident was a couple of years ago and if I chanced across this fine female sensitive piece of humanity today I’d slap her silly.

True Crime happens! It happens because, as this liberal lass obviously was unaware, there are bad people in the world.

And there’s certainly no problem with avoiding stories of bad people and the crimes they commit, no problem at all.

But folks learn a lot from reading or otherwise hearing the details of a true crime. Citizens can help to capture the bad guys if they learn descriptions and other identifying details. One of the major markers of success in Iraq was when the local citizenry became secure enough to report their bomb-making neighbors. In fact there’s a weekly show every week devoted to just that, informing the public of criminals on the loose and information about them that is known. It’s called “America’s Most Wanted” although I’m sure this fine liberal lass wouldn’t stoop to watching such a thing lest her sensitive self get upset.

Citizens, parents and caregivers also learn how to avoid being the victim of a crime, how to spot child abuse in their surround, where the bad people might be and how to avoid them. True Crime is reported in every newspaper in the country and often on the front page although this fine liberal lass likely averts her sensitive eyeballs.

At any rate, it’s a liberal thing. Liberals live in a world of love and joy and evidently one way they manage to do this, besides all the pot smoking, is to avoid true tales of life’s bad parts while impressing us all to hell with their sensitivity compared to our cretin selves. Liberals are frequently victims of true crimes, in fact, and this is nature’s way of culling out the stupid amongst us.

All that being said and rant now complete, I really do suffer when reading an account of a true crime as told by the victim through the criminal who did the bad deed. For often the reporting of a crime, either in a newspaper or on this humble Blog read by two to three people every day, involves type of crime, name of victim, location of deed…just the facts ma’am.

But should a criminal give the details of his or her crime, often they include scary and heartbreaking information about the last minutes of life of the victim and this information does tend to upset even I, the cretin who dares to write about life’s True Crimes.

And so it is with Meredith Emerson, a pretty, petite 24-year old woman who loved to hike with her dog and who had a great, big wide and vibrant life in front of her. Her killer, a worthless piece of garbage, Gary Hilton, proudly told detectives of Meredith’s last days on earth and that poor young woman suffered terribly.

Hilton met Meredith as she hiked and for a while they walked along together with their dogs. Then Hilton produced a knife and demanded Meredith’s ATM card. Before that Hilton had to beat and bludgeon Meredith so badly that her eyes were blackened and her nose broken.

Meredith gave Hilton bad PIN numbers in an attempt to remain alive and according to Hilton, it worked. But he had to restrain her and the first night he raped her and restrained her with a chain. Over the next couple of days, as Meredith continued to give Hilton wrong PIN numbers, she was forced to lay next to her tormenter with a noose tied around her neck and the other end tethered to Hilton lest she try to escape. This in the freezing cold and with her beaten, bloodied and sexually abused.

Hilton said he heard that police were looking for Meredith on his van’s radio and eventually he killed her because of fear he would be caught. So this young woman suffered horribly at the hands of a nothing nobody who brought zero worth to humankind.

It’s a story that makes me want to sob in the despair of Meredith’s suffering, the horror those four days must have been for her, how sadly her time ran out and despite all her suffering she was killed anyway.

Hilton killed Emerson by tying her to a tree than repeatedly hitting her with a tire jack. Such a fine man.

He told the investigators that he worried about Meredith’s dog and that it might match up with him someway, but there was no way he could kill the dog. Such a fine man.

He said it wasn’t easy to kill the young woman but he remarked, this worthless piece of human garbage, that the two of them had a couple of good days together. Yeah, right, I’m sure Meredith was having the time of her life.

So my own sensitive self does get upset to read these details of the victim’s suffering after the fact. It makes me angry at the worthlessness of humans who do such things, the unfairness that Gary Hilton lives and will not get the death penalty as the deal was he would not if he showed police where her body was.

I’m no lily-livered liberal here but the story of Meredith’s last few days of her life will give me cold chills for many days to come.

Man Kills Wife, Four Children In Despair Over HIS Crime

When it was first reported, as it was HERE, the story was that a female and four children were found shot and killed in their Iowa home. Later that same day, Steven Sueppel was found dead in his van on a nearby Interstate. The home and family killed was owned by Sueppel, who had also been charged with embezzling money from the bank where he worked.

But it got worse.

From Daily Iowan:
Sheryl Sueppel and her four children suffered blunt-force trauma, and husband and father Steven Sueppel is probably their killer, officials said Tuesday at a press conference.

Evidently the fine Mr. Sueppel killed his entire family with a baseball bat!

It’s one thing to take a gun, point it at your child and pull the trigger. It’s quite another to beat your own child to death, FOUR of them, with a baseball bat.

Later that day Steve Sueppel did the world a favor and intentionally wrecked his van on the Interstate, killed his fine self so he could go straight to hell where the devil awaited.

Why on earth did this man have to kill his wife and his four innocent children?

May those children rest in the arms of a loving Jesus and be happy in His peaceful heaven.

Drew Peterson Update

We like to keep up on the investigation of the very fine and lovable Drew Peterson, a former cop who seems to have no luck with wives. One of his four wives managed to die by slipping in a bathtub and his current wife, Stacey, has been missing since before Christmas. I follow the fine Peterson’s case on this Blog read by two to three people every day because who knows, maybe me and the two to three people who read this thing might form some kind of angry posse and take this man down our own selves. Whoever’s in charge in Illinois seems to think this guy should be allowed the murder of one, maybe two wives.

I ponder the fine Illinois cops who let this fellow get off on the murder of one wife only to be terribly embarrassed when another wife strangely disappeared, leaving her two young children behind. The fine Drew says Stacey rant off with another man, sure she did.

Now Drew would like his guns back and I’ve no doubt the Illinois police will fight that their comrade should have his guns back for God’s sake!

Only there’s a little delay before Drew will get them back and before he does I’d like to softly suggest to Illinois investigators that they might want to consider the public relations damage if this fine, fine fellow is given a whole slew of guns back although I know it’s not likely he’ll kill anyone with them soon with all the public scrutiny.


From the Chicago Tribune:
Drew Peterson will have to wait a few more weeks to learn whether his guns will be returned, due to postponement until April of a hearing that had been set for Tuesday.

And if denying the man return of his guns isn’t bad enough for this fine, innocent fellow, now we learn that the media insists on making Drew Peterson into some sort of sinister fellow when he’s only a hard-working guy whose wives either die by bathtub falls or run off leaving him with children to raise by his own fine self.

BOLINGBROOK, Ill. — Jobless and with no prospects, Drew Peterson spends his days taking care of his four children: cooking meals, washing clothes, helping with homework. All the while, he does so knowing that most of the world believes he killed his last two wives.

Of course it could be because he insists that the missing Stacy took off leaving her two young children behind. We are to believe that this young woman, who’d repeatedly warned many around her that she feared for her life at the hands of the fine, fine Drew, is currently holed up in a motel room with her lover, eating popcorn, making love and watching TV stories of her disappearance.

Further tales of Drew’s lack of romance in his life and his snarky comments about his wife’s menstrual cycles, well hey, far be I to suggest that this may be why the public doesn’t like Drew Peterson all that much.

That and his two dead wives.

These things do great damage to a fine man’s reputation.

Female Icon of My Youth Let Out of Jail a Year Too Soon

Sarah Olson

The state announced later Monday afternoon it's launching an investigation into how former Symbionese Liberation Army member Sara Jane Olson was released from prison at least a year early.

She looks for all the world like an everyday housewife.

But I remember the fine Sara Olson very well. I also remember fondly her fine organization, the Symbionese Liberation Army.

That “army” was just a bunch of worthless liberals out to cause havoc and chaos in the world. This was back in the 70’s when terrorists like Sara were put in jail when caught, not beloved by presidential candidates. Sara and her fine army attempted to bomb two police cars and they were directly involved in the death of a bank customer as this fine radical group robbed a bank to gain funds for its very important operations.

Somehow this fine woman actually got parole a whole year too soon and it was only by quick action that she was picked up at an airport where she was leaving town toot de sweet.

California. Home of radicals. California. Where radical Sara Olson got out of jail a year too soon.

We’ll be checking on how this happened.

The Bigger Question About This “Crime”…Whether to Laugh or Cry

So this fellow is trying to cut a hole in his home’s exterior wall in order to run a wire inside for a new satellite system. If a professional does this they usually use some sort of HUGE electric drill thing and it works.

Only Ronald Long evidently didn’t have the required tool or whatever and he resorted to trying to shoot a hole through the exterior wall. Only a bullet from his gun somehow hit his wife who had been standing nearby. Patsy Long died from the bullet to her chest.

From Kansas
SEDALIA, Mo. | Officials are trying to determine whether to file charges against a man who fatally shot his wife while trying to install a satellite television system in their home.

Patsy D. Long, 34, of Deepwater, was pronounced dead early Saturday evening after being shot in the chest with a .22-caliber handgun. Her husband, Ronald Long, fired the shot from the inside of their home after several unsuccessful efforts to punch a hole through the exterior wall using other means.

The article linked is a bit scant on details. It seems prosecutors are trying to determine how this thing happened and by me I’d sure consider that maybe Ron Long INTENTIONALLY killed his wife.

As I’m sure they are but it seems that the incident, at least as best as I can ascertain, was a horrible accident. In which case Ronald Long should certainly be charged with manslaughter. The article isn’t clear what will happen next.

The Longs had two children according to a comment below the linked article.

How terribly tragic.

Fine Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Charged With Twelve Felony Counts

First let me admit I’m not at all sure under what circumstances the fine Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick allegedly lied and obstructed justice but it was during a civil case as I ascertain. I will be reading more on this case in the future and this Blog will follow it closely.

Second, big kudos to Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy who decided to prosecute the fine Mayor for his outrageous lies and her wonderful speech that so moved me to tears.

For it would seem that Mayor Kilpatrick thought his fine self to be above such trivial matters as telling the truth under oath and so he denied having a romantic relationship with his Aide, Christine Beatty, ALSO charged with these crimes.

Because after Kilpatrick, evidently following the lead of our first black President Clinton, lied under oath in a civil trial, hundreds and hundreds of steamy text messages to his aide were published by the Detroit Free Press.

So he had NO romantic relationship with his Aide yet he’d been sending these often x-rated text messages to the same woman he’d denied having an affair with?

Kwame Kilpatrick

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and former aide Christine Beatty have pleaded not guilty to charges they commited perjury about a romantic relationship between them during a court case last year. Kilpatrick and Beatty, who have been released on bail, are facing 12 felony charges related to the alleged lying under oath.

Hey, lying sack of crap Mayor Kilpatrick, everybody has a point and even the city of Detroit has a point. You’ve spent millions of taxpayer dollars entertaining yourself and your lover, ordering Detroit cops to help cover your romantic trysts and flipping that city the bird. And it’s no mind that your mother is head of the Congressional Black Caucus. Everybody has a point where it’s time to pull down an arrogant son of a bitch who doesn’t have enough sense to keep a low profile.

Thank you Kym Worthy. Your speech about the value of justice and the cost when one, especially one with so much power, flaunts its destruction, was precious.

We’ll be keeping up with this case Kym. Don’t let us down.

Minnesota Dept. of Homeland Security Office Full of Poop

We end with this “True Crime” although we’re not sure if pooping in a government office is a crime. Such an act might be considered by some to be an act of heroism.

ST. PAUL, Minn., March 19 (UPI) -- Someone with an urge to purge took it out on the Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management office in downtown St. Paul, police said.

An unknown man defecated in several rooms Friday afternoon and left on foot before an officer arrived, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Tuesday. Based on the suspect's description, he appeared to be homeless, a police spokesman said.

The more telling detail about this story is the fact that this taxpayer paid office was left completely unlocked, open to anyone who wanted to enter.

Your gubmint in action.

FOCUS ON Stacy Peterson

His third wife died in the bathtub, a healthy woman in a dried tub, her hair covered in blood and bruises covering her body. The Illinois state cops called it an accident! Now Savio's body is due to be exhumed because, as it would turn out, the fine Drew Peterson had yet ANOTHER missing wife! He tells us she phoned him to tell him she's leaving for another man. Yet she left her two young children behind?

And no one's yet been able to find Drew Peterson's first two wives as of this writing.

Who's been letting Drew Patterson get away with murder?

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TV-American Idol 08-Review of Performance Round 3/25/08; Eliminated on 3/26/08

Bottom Three-3/26/08:Chikezie,Syesha Mercado,Jason Castro

SENT HOME-3/26/08-Chikezie

Effective this week, the review, unique pics and videos you'll find nowhere else on the Internet, and would-be Idols eliminated will be posted on Wednesday nights immediately AFTER the elimination show. The review posted will be of the prior contest earlier that same week and will include my guess as to who will be sent home.

Which might be an incorrect guess, mind you, as the review et al will have been written/compiled BEFORE the elimination round. Thus the contender eliminated will be posted on this Blog right after it is announced so click on in for the first result.

Pic of the Day
snake in road

American Idol logo

From Top Ten 2008 the American Idol Countdown Begins on 3/26/08

First, a musical smile.

Music questions for tidbits

-How many roads must a man walk down?
-Where have all the flowers gone?
-How much is that doggy in the window?
-What if God was one of us?
-Who let the dogs out?
-Will you still need me when I'm 64?
-What's goin' on?
-What's love got to do with it?
-Who put the ram in the ramalamadingdong?
-Will you still love me tomorrow?
-Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
-Hello ... is it me you're looking for?
-Have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day?
-Do you know the way to San Jose?
-What would you think if I sang out of tune?
-Are you lonesome tonight?
-Does anybody really know what time it is?
-Are you reelin' in the years?
-Who you gonna call?
-Stop, hey, what's that sound?
-Brother, can you spare a dime?
-Why is everybody always picking on me?
-Do you like good music?
-What's new, pussycat?
-Wouldn't it be nice if we were married?
-Do you want to know a secret?
-Could it be I'm falling in love?
-How can you mend a broken heart?
-Can you feel the love tonight

On the night of 3/25/08, the top ten American Idol contenders fought to win the title, at the least they fought to sing another week.

The contenders were charged with singing a tune from their birth year. By my estimation most of these young folks were born in the mid to late 80’s with a few in the late 70’s. Pics of the contenders as babies and children were shown along with vignettes from the contender’s parents. For each of the top ten singers I have included a montage above my critique of their performance for the night of “Songs from My Birth Year”.

Ramiele Malubay family montage

For yet a third time I am going to predict that Ramiele Malubay gets sent home from the competition. At the least I think she will be in the bottom three. I have been wrong twice before in predicting Ramiele’s demise and she is cuter than a button. Cuteness brings votes.

Which is not to say that Ramiele doesn’t have a huge voice for such a little thing. She certainly does. But this is a nationwide contest featuring singers culled from almost 300 million people. Right now that list is down to ten finalists and by me Ramiele is one of the weaker of that top ten.

Ramiele sang Heart’s “Alone” as a song from her birth year. Once again I thought her singing was breathy and the lower parts barely audible. Tiny Ramiele’s voice seemed overwhelmed by the background singers and I could swear I heard some offkey notes. Interestingly, Simon thought Ramiele’s performance was okay and that she will survive this week’s elimination round.

The judges commented on Ramiele’s health and evidently she was quite ill the night of this performance.

Jason Castro family montage

I predict that Jason Castro will be one of the bottom three this week and I’d go with him as second choice for getting the boot .

I think Jason is a very good singer and I’ve always enjoyed his performances. But Jason is a genre singer, a coffee house warbler, a background guitar strumming, softly but sweetly singing entertainer. I think it’s very possible Jason will be picked up by a record label which features his kind of music or get a nice job in Vegas or somewhere where his singing would be more appropriate. He’s just not the kind of singer with a great big voice that America loves for this contest.

Jason sang Sting’s “Fragile”. I didn’t particularly like this song but again Jason’s coffee house singing is always enjoyable. The judges sort of agree with my assessment of Jason’s chances for winning this thing and a couple thought his performance “too simple”. Which I translate as not big voice singing with complicated backgrounds that America wants to hear in its Idol.

Syesha Mercado family montage

Syesha Mercado, who once found herself unfairly in the bottom three, hit it out of the ballpark tonight. Syesha sang a song I wasn’t terribly familiar with titled “If I Were Your Woman” which resident music expert, my husband, thought was sung by Gladys Knight.

I was drop dead impressed with Syesha’s performance and I consider it the best female performance of the night. The judges too seemed impressed with Syesha’s performance. Except for Simon who couldn’t just give Syesha the great big thumbs up that she deserved. He had to say something so he said he wasn’t all that happy with the ending of Syesha’s song.

Bah, humbug.

Chickezie family montage

Chikezie is my third nominee for the bottom three on elimination night on 3/26/08 and I consider him third likely to get the boot.

Chikezie is not going to win this thing, I think even he knows that. In fact Chikezie tried out once before for this contest and was kicked off at the Hollywood round. So getting into that cherished top ten is quite an accomplishment for him and soon he’s going to get sent home.

Chikezie sang a Brenda Russell tune, if my notes are correct, titled “If Only For One Night”. This song and Chikezie’s performance was typical Chikezie stuff.

Simon called the performance “cheesy”, a big ha-ha there. It seems that both the tune and some of Chikezie’s actions seemed…well kitschy comes to mind. At one point Chikezie put his hand out into the audience and the judges seemed to think this was old hat.

Which, frankly, it was. For American Idol you don’t sit down and croon to a couple of folks in the front row while extending a forlorn hand with the angst of the song. You do that sort of thing in a smoky nightclub. So while this whole schtick seems to be Chikezie’s style, it’s not going to win him the title.

Brooke White family montage

Brooke White sang a Police tune “Every Breath You Take”. First, Brooke had on the most boring dress on the planet. But we’ll move on.

Brooke has a husky, haunting voice that is certainly different and pleasant to hear. I thought Brooke gave an okay performance although there was an error in how Brooke led off the song. She sang two words, caught her breath and began again.

I noticed this but I wasn’t sure it was a mistake. The judges commented on that mistake, which Brooke admitted was a mistake, and they told her she handled it very professionally. Which she did as I considered the “error” part of the performance plan.

Randy and Simon both thought that Brooke should have just sung the song with her fine piano accompaniment without bother of the band.

Michael Johns family montage

Michael Johns gave the third best performance of the night as I see it. Michael sang Queen’s “We Are the Champions”. It was a great song, a great performance and while I don’t think Michael will win this thing, he’s sure to go on to some musical success after this American Idol contest.

The audience sure loved Michael and the judges too. Randy thought it was Michael’s best performance ever and Simon thought it the most memorable performance of that night.

Carly Smithson family montage

One of my top ten favorite songs is “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and none other than Carly Smithson belted it out. If I had to pick one contender to sing that song it would be Carly.

But while I loved the song and loved the singer, the judges were ho-hum about it. If nothing else, I think that Carly will make it through for another week.

David Archuleta family montage

David Archuleta came up next and I love this handsome, personable fellow who is going to win this thing as I predict.

I have never heard of the song David sang, a tune titled “You’re the Voice” if I got it right. I thought it was a rather dumb song choice but it was sure different. I think America prefers songs from these would-be Idols that they are familiar with and David’s song was so obsolete that none of the judges had ever heard of it either.

Kristy Cook family montage

I am NOT going to put Kristy Cook at the bottom three this week although it might happen. Kristy’s been lingering around the crevice of elimination for the past three weeks now. But this past week Kristy surprised everyone by picking just the greatest song, a song I have NEVER heard sung by an American Idol contender before. Kristy sang Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” and she did one helluva job.

I was so shocked at the song choice and the great performance that I sat speechless and listened, mesmerized. I even got a little thrill when Simon remarked that this was Kristy’s best performance ever and the song was a great song choice.

David Cook family montage

David Cook is a bit of a hard rock singer and I’m not crazy about his singing genre. He is, however, a great singer. And on this night David took on a rather difficult song, Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

David gave a great performance, make no mistake. I consider David Cook as having given the best male performance of the night.

My notes indicate that the judges thought David Cook might be too ugly to win. I wonder what the hell that’s about because David is a handsome enough fellow except for his dirty, messed up hair. Heh.

Below, a video remix of snippets of performances from Syesha, Kristy Cook, David Cook and Carly Smithson.

CLICK HERE FOR Pics of Top 24 American Idol 2008 Finalists

Top 24 “American Idol” 2008
Brooke White-
Carly Smithson-
David Cook-
Amanda Overmyer-Sent home 3/19/08
David Archuleta-
Kristy Lee Cook-
Danny Noriega-Sent Home 3/6/08
Jason Castro-
Luke Menard-Sent Home 3/6/08
Alexandra Lushington-Sent Home 2/28/08
Ramiele Malubay-
Michael Johns-
Syesha Mercado-
Robbie Carrico-Sent Home 2/28/08
Garrett Haley-Sent Home 2/21/08
Kady Malloy-Sent Home 3/6/08
Chikezie Eze-
Amy Davis-Sent Home 2/21/08
Alaina Whitaker-Sent Home 2/28/08
Jason Yeager-Sent Home 2/28/08
Asia’H Epperson-Sent Home 3/6/08
David Hernandez-Sent Home 3/11/08
Colton Berry-Sent Home 2/21/08
Joanne Borgella-Sent Home 2/21/08

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