Obama's Press Conf-Thoughts; DWS 3/24/09-AI-Obama Pre-Empted 3/24/09; Book Review-"Shallow Grave in Trinity County";

So Obama pre-empts American Idol for the SECOND time. And for what? More spending, more robbery of the U.S. Treasury.

Also, a phallus on the roof? A ban on bestiality?

Good Guy of the Week from England. We need to import them now.

Many more Thoughts of the Week.
The crime happened in 1955, but Harry Farrell embarked on the difficult task of documenting the murder of Stephanie Bryan that so enraged California.

It's a fascinating trip to crimes investigated in a distant past and players long gone or with faded memories.
The night's theme music was made for this American Idol contender and yet only disappointment was delivered.

American Idol's Motown night on 3/25/09 a letdown like no other in the contest's history.

With pics and video you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.
There are two distinctly bad male dancers on this years "Dancing With the Stars". I mean DISTINCTLY bad dancers.

So why were only two FEMALES forced to dance off on 3/24/09?

A review, with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day
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Review-“Shallow Grave In Trinity County” by Harry Farrell

Amazon link for this book

This is a book about the murder of Stephanie Bryan and subsequent trial of Burton Abbott, her murderer.

Wikipedia’s version blurb on Burton Abbott right at the start states that Abbott was convicted and put to death even though all the evidence against Abbott was “entirely circumstantial”.

First, this crime took place in 1955, an era when DNA testing was not available and when crime investigation was much cruder than in this day and age. Second, that bit about evidence being circumstantial is so misleading. It’s a liberal thing, a statement issued with the hopes that the sound of the term will leave the listener with a sense of disdain. How lame, the listener should think as is the hope, to find someone guilty based on only circumstantial evidence.

Eyewitness accounts are circumstantial evidence. Alibis, or lack of same, is another kind of circumstantial evidence. In fact, ANY kind of fact, event or guilt-pointing indicator that does NOT have something that one can hold in one’s hand, is considered circumstantial evidence. Such as fingerprints, body fluids, fibers and things that can be touched, are physical evidence and this type of evidence combined with “circumstantial” evidence can create a criminal case.

Either kind of evidence can, and often is, be used to convict an individual without any of the other. So if the DNA of a victim is found in the car or person of a individual who prior had no relation whatsoever with the victim, this is physical evidence and depending on the jury, is certainly enough to bring in a conviction.

If entries in a calendar or appointments tracked by a secretary indicate a suspect was with a victim at the suspected time of death; if the suspect lies about an alibi and it is discovered; if an eyewitness saw the suspect in the company of a victim around the time of a murder, this is all circumstantial and even without one fingerprint or bit of DNA (or if the DNA can be explained away by familiarity with a victim, such as parents and child), a suspect can most certainly be convicted through this plethora of circumstantial evidence.

Most important, ladies and gems and fans of True Crime books, Stephanie Bryan’s pocketbook and several of her underwear items were found in the BASEMENT OF BURTON ABBOTT’s HOME!

Burton Abbott had no contact whatsoever with Stephanie Bryan prior to her disappearance so why on earth would her slips and pocketbook be hidden in a box in the basement of his home?

Don’t believe that crap about it being circumstantial evidence only. Stephanie Bryan’s body was too decomposed to get any DNA, although that science was not known in the mid-50’s. Even if had, it was impossible to even determine if Stephanie had been raped.

Shallow Grave In Trinity County montage

Her body was buried in a shallow grave, as the book’s name depicts, close to a cabin owned by a relative of Burton Abbott. Another bit of circumstantial evidence and goodness now we have Stephanie’s body close to a cabin that Abbott had visited just prior to her death and those things belonging to Stephanie in Abbott’s basement and hey, this is all just “circumstantial” evidence.

We also have the eyewitness who spotted Stephanie and Abbott together in a local doughnut shop just before she disappeared, many witnesses who testified to seeing a man struggling with a young girl in a car, the man pushing her down to keep her out of sight, all at the time when Stephanie failed to return home from school on time.

Burton Abbott’s alibi story turned out to be a complete lie. He said he saw people he did not see on the afternoon of Stephanie’s disappearance and he said he went places where he could not possibly have gone that same afternoon. He claimed a female waitress took his order at one stop although the owners of the restaurant where he allegedly had lunch the day Stephanie disappeared only employed MALE waiters.

Yet this is all “only” circumstantial evidence folks.

Well it’s why we have a jury system. And Burton Abbott’s jury found the man guilty and in an intriguing note, Abbott was put to death by gas two years after that verdict.

Harry Farrell won an Edgar award for this book and it is, indeed, very well written. The reader will not sense any sort of preconceived notion in the narrative. It’s a “just the facts” kind of tale but the human element is not left out.

As I consider is often the case in True Crime books, the most interesting parts often come at the end. For this is when the author will reveal details about his or her investigation into the crime, snippets from major players in the crime, that sort of thing.

Both Burton’s mother and wife believed that he was innocent of the murder of Stephanie Bryan, a vibrant 14-year-old who deserved better than a lowly grave, dead at the hands of a self-involved pedophile like Burton Abbott.

I ask myself how on earth these women think those personal items of Stephanie Bryan came to be in the basement of Burton Abbott’s house. Do they really think that somebody broke into the house, went down into the basement, and hid Bryan’s pocketbook and undergarments in an empty soap detergent box?

These items were believed to have been saved by pervert Abbott as some cherished sort of “prize” and that is something such weirdos often do.

Many of the players, both defense, prosecution and relatives, of this crime, which was a huge crime in California in 1955, are either dead or very old. The author did manage to speak to a few of them nonetheless.

This book was an absorbing read and let’s hope Harry Farrell writes some more books as well as this one.

The Obama Press Conference-3/24/09

Obviously, I mean OBVIOUSLY folks, President Barack Obama is an in-your-face president and hey, why not?

I’d suggest, softly, that there’s some truth to the saying that familiarity breeds contempt and gaffes such as poking fun of Special Olympics tend to happen the more one is exposed in such a pop culture type of manner.

But there’s something to be said for Obama’s verbal fluency. He’s miles ahead of Dubya even if he needs a telepromptor to burp and much of what Obama says is double-speak and lies. Still he has an engaging manner, a friendly smile and his descendency from the throne into our homes via Jay Leno might endear him to many.

Frankly I wish he’d go away but I don’t like the guy.

I’d also argue that Americans like their Presidents tucked away most of the time, to be brought out for the annual SOTU speech and during national emergencies. Playing Devil’s Advocate, I’d accept that one should always play up their strong points. Obama’s strong points may not include telling the truth but for sure he’s got great speaking skills. Somewhere out there is a Republican with such greak oratory skills. We just have to find him or her.

At any rate President Obama went and pre-empted American Idol AGAIN and if anything will make the public tired of seeing this man, it is this action.

The next day, I’m not making this up, don’t I see Obama on my TV screen yet again, this time some crazy town hall thing going on over the Internet.

The following day, AGAIN, there he is. Obama never met a camera he didn’t love, eh?

Obama press conference 3.24.09

The press conference was all right although the man had a telepromptor as big as a movie screen. He also lied and evaded on every question and damn I loved how he had those reporters he would call on already prepared ahead of time, how’s that for spontaneity?

I’m quite sure that those reporters, who KNEW they would be called upon before the press conference, had to submit the questions they intended to ask ahead of time.

Such an honest guy. Such a fine, upstanding, proud-of-himself kind of guy.

By the time this guy’s term is done we will have an All-Obama All of the Time Cable channel and what’s even funnier, the thing will probably have plenty tuning in.

The rest of us will be watching American Idol.

can't make stuff up

Seems there are only fifteen states that do not outlaw bestiality and the snarky comment I had ready to type died on my fingertips.

For this article states that both Florida and Alaska were considering enacting laws to ban sex with animals and myself held in a chuckle that Alaskans and Floridians would even have to consider such an action.

Banning Bestiality

Then I discover that most of the other states already have such laws and I figure, well hey, the world is filled with weirdos. If there was no law against, say, making love with the family pup, well I suppose such actions would continue on, even if only acted upon by that one and only weirdo inhabiting the entire state.

We need such laws to protect the animals from our perverts is what I’m saying here and I don’t have a snarky comment about it anymore.


Came across this somewhere on the Internet and I thought it worth a smile.
Law of Mechanical Repair -After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you'll have to pee.

Law of Gravity -Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner.

Law of Probability -The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.

Law of Random Numbers - If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal and someone always answers.

Law of the Alibi -If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the very next morning you will have a flat tire.

Variation Law - If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will always move faster than the one you are in now (works every time).

Law of the Bath -When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone rings.

Law of Close Encounters -The probability of meeting someone you know increases dramatically when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with.

Law of the Result- When you try to prove to someone that a machine won't work, it will.

Law of Biomechanics - The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach.

Law of the Theater - At any event, the people whose seats are furthest from the aisle arrive last.

Murphy's Law of Lockers - If there are only two people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers.

Law of Physical Surfaces - The chances of an open-faced jelly sandwich landing face down on a floor covering are directly correlated to the newness and co st of the carpet/rug.

Law of Logical Argument - Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.

Brown's Law of Physical Appearance- If the clothes fit, they're ugly.

Oliver's L aw of Public Speaking - A closed mouth gathers no feet.

Wilson's Law of Commercial Marketing Strategy -As soon as you find a product that you really like, they will stop making it.

Doctors' Law - If you don't feel well, make an appointment to go to the doctor, by the time you get there you'll feel better. Don't make an appointment and you'll stay sick.


The funnier thing about this story is that these folks had this thing painted on their roof for a whole year before they knew about it!

A helicoptor pilot spotted it and began ferrying passengers over the roof, heh.

phallus on roof of house

Even weirder, the mother of the kid says she and her husband do not want any more children so they are uncomfortable living under such a huge fertility symbol.

How about you have a huge erect penis painted on your roof dipshit!?!?

Thank You Walmart

I’d written about my disappointment with Walmart over a delivery of a new monitor for husband’s birthday that never arrived in an early March Blog post.

Somehow the monitor got “lost in transit”, which I translate to mean the monitor was stolen by a Walmart employee. I say this because, according to the tracking records, the monitor arrived at a major nearby city in Delaware. It was when it was on its way to a local store in the “site-to-store” shipment that the thing got lost.

Walmart did promptly give me back the money charged on the gift card I had used and the help people were prompt to react to my complaint.

Walmart suggested that if I order another monitor and have it delivered to my home that Walmart will pay the delivery charge. I was to order the monitor and indicate it should be delivered to my house. I would be charged the delivery fee for such a shipment but if I send in a copy of this email offer the delivery fee would be refunded to me.

I went ahead, skeptically, and ordered another monitor. Which husband loves by the way, 22 inches wide! I had it delivered to my home and was, indeed, charged a delivery fee. The monitor was delivered to my house within five days of the order. I then sent an email to and within the day was refunded the delivery fee.

I am impressed, yes I am.

Walmart managed to make a customer very happy by a)being the cheapest available selling this monitor and yes I searched the Internet, b)having a terrific web site to track movements of ordered products, c)responding quickly to my complaint when the shipment went awry and d)offering a very fair trade to quell my discontentment.

All this without the help of the mighty unions who hate and demonize Walmart all the time. Because Americans, yon ladies and gems, will choose their pocketbooks over a bunch of union thugs, yes they will.

Here’s a Tidbit

Well I thought it was intriguing.
At five minutes and six seconds after 4 AM on the 8th of July this year, the time and date will be 04:05:06 07/08/09. This will never happen again.

Good Guy Header

His name is Daniel Hannan and he’s been the darling of Conservative talk shows this week. Hannity had him on as a guest and he speaks as fine as he does on the video below.

Daniel Hannan

The best of all was when Laura Ingraham, while interviewing one ersatz American conservative on her radio show this week, suggested that maybe Republicans should take a page out of Hannan’s book.

On Hannan, in a most interesting interview, Hannan begged America to NOT, under any circumstances, go for government health care. He cites his own country’s horrific government health system as an example of why we shouldn’t muck our own system, the best on the planet.

Ending With a Smile

waiting for govt bailout

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American Idol 09-Motown Night/Smokey Robinson/Disappointment

Well Motown night on 3/25/09, changed to this night at the behest of the REAL American Idol, Barack Obama, wasn’t really all a disappointment. There were several top notch performances, in fact. There were a few disappointments, alas, and one MAJOR letdown.

Amer Idol 09 montage the boys fashion

It would turn out that on the night following the Motown performances that Michael Sarver would be sent home, unsaved by the judges. Also in the bottom three were Scott MacIntyre, who belonged there, and Matt Giraud, who definitely did not.

Matt began the night’s Motown musicale in fact, with a happening tune-“Let’s Get It On”. Matt did look like an accountant. Not that there’s anything wrong with this lest I offend the accountants of the world. But when singing Motown one expects the fashion to be a bit more “cool”, dude.

I chose Matt as being the third best performance of the night and yet there he was in the bottom three on elimination night. Go figure.

The judges said they considered Matt to be a front runner but I’m not so sure about this. Matt did, however, demonstrate a wide range of good vocals and the tune he sang framed his voice well.

Kris Allen is the contender this year that I can’t figure out. Except that I don’t like him especially but the judges, every one of them, disagrees with my sentiment. The viewing public has yet to put Kris in the bottom three so I stand all alone in my prejudice against the guy.

Kris sang a very popular Motown tune-“How Sweet It Is” and as I always do, I found Kris boring and couldn’t wait for his performance to finally end.

Also, what the hell was he wearing for God’s sake? He looked like a boy scout.

So far these generic white guys show no fashion style at all.

Although hey, Scott MacIntyre wore pink pants and I dunno, this was different.

Scott sang “Can’t Hurry Love”. It was an interesting rendition. At least I wasn’t praying for it to end like Kris’ performance.

Scott got the Simon Cowell excoriation of the night and Randy said he hated the tune.

Scott was in the bottom three and he deserved it.

Amer Idol 09 montage from Motown night

So okay, I like Megan Joy because she’s different, she’s extremely beautiful, she’s got a great voice and I think there’s a place for her in the world of music. I’m just not sure that place is as an American Idol but while I am sure Megan will be voted off within the next three to four weeks, I’d like to see her stay as long as possible.

Megan looked great as she sang Stevie Wonder’s “For Once In My Life”. It wasn’t a great performance as Megan’s genre is nowhere near Motown or last week’s Grand Ole Opry for that matter. I find the fact that she hasn’t yet been booted off with these odds against her to be telling. Megan hit a note that was entirely too high for her and I’m thinking maybe she should have went with a ballad or something.

Anoop, dear Lord, he doesn’t get much further than Motown for a genre. Anoop sang “ooh Baby Baby” and Anoop again chose the best possible song for a musical genre alien to him that he could.

Mike Sarver sang a rollicking rendition of “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” and I must mention again that Mike was another white boy with no fashion sense at all.

Sarver’s version of this tune sounded like he was tripping over the words. It made a great Karoke performance, as Simon often points out, but it just wasn’t all that.

Even Paula said she didn’t like the song. Michael then did the worst thing an American Idol contestant can do as I see it. He admitted his performance was below par. I don’t think those contenders should ever admit such a thing. Let the viewers decide for goodness sake, don’t put ideas in their head.

And if the judges suggest the performance was less than stellar, don’t be rude. Just nod, accept the criticism and ADMIT NOTHING.

We move on the biggest disappointment of the night. This was Lil Rounds night to shine. First, I don’t know what the hell was with that hair style but on Motown night it was not the time to go wearing white girl hair that just looked damn odd on the very pretty Lil.

Lil sang Martha and the Vandella’s “Heat Wave” and myself as well as all judges were disappointed.

Maybe we expected too much. I see Lil as a big league contender to win this thing and here was her gender and it was just okay.

I give the nod to Adam Lambert as my number two performance of the night. Adam sang “Tracks of My Tears” and once again Adam put his own spin on the song that only a truly imaginative and diverse performer can. I think Adam is closing in on Lil to win this thing.

Simon Cowell dubbed Adam the best performance of the night but I’m thinking Simon would agree with me as when he said that he’d yet to hear the really best performance.

Danny Gokey sang “Get Ready” and I thought he was pretty good. Simon said the performance was “clumsy and amateurish” and I’d sure like to ask Simon why he thinks this. Danny did a good job and got voted handily on through, which he deserved.

The best performance of the night came at the end. It was the very young Allison Ireheta who sang a song I don’t much like but that girl belted it out. Allison sang “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” and her terrific voice would not be quelled.

Allison wore some sort of weird outfit involving a dress over leggings but hey, Allison has a style and it’s all hers.

Adam Lambert
Alexis Grace-sent home-3/18/09
Allison Iraheta
Anoop Desai
Danny Gokey
Jasmine Murray-sent home-3/11/09
Jorge Nunez-sent home-3/11/09
Kris Allen
Lil Rounds
Matt Giraud-sent home 3/26/09
Megan Joy
Michael Sarver
Scott MacIntyre

Below a video remix of the top three performances of American Idol Motown night 2009 along with a short flash of the WORST performance of the night. That one will surprise yon reader based on my remarks above.

Dancing With the Stars 3/23/09-Two Awful Male Contenders and the Females Voted Off. Why?

Couple of notes before the critique.

Below, from Celebrity Lookalikes, heh.
DWS Malibu Derek looks like Ken

The ABC site for Dancing With the Stars has a bunch of stuff going on. One of the more intriguing, as I see it, is the design contest. Fashion designers out there, try it out!

Also, check out the Design a Dance contest.

Finally, I have a relative, a distant one but close enough that we speak, who knows Steve-O from an interesting encounter in her past. Seems there’s a mental institution in my home state of Merryland, known to all the locals as Crownsville. It’s where the crazies are taken.

Seems Steve-O, who has a long history of bipolar disorder and other mental health issues, was found wandering in the middle of the streets in Merryland. A cop stopped him and asked what he was doing. Steve-O informed the cop that he was God.

This relative got to know Steve-O quite well during their confinement at Crownsville as my relative points out, she and Steve-O were the only sane ones there. She says that Steve-O is as crazy as all the articles point out. This was back in the late 90’s.

I wondered, but did not mention it, if she and Steve-O were the only sane ones there, what the hell were they doing in Crownsville?

So in the competition last week, performances on 3/23/09 with elimination on 3/24/09 (Obama has yet to pre-empt this show, give him time), two females were in the bottom two and thus had to perform in the Dance-Off. When there were two males so bad that one of them only got a combined score of 10 from the judges and the other is the nut in the story above.

Steve-O made so many mistakes he had to be on serious drugs and Steve Wozniak looks like a walrus on the dance floor and was the recipient of ten points total from all three judges.

Yet Holly and Denise were in the bottom two and why the hell is this?

Well I’ve got a theory. It’s a theory I’ve often advanced in prior years when the same type of thing happened.

Heterosexual males do not watch this show. Yeah, I know, there’s exceptions for everything but I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that most hetero women who watch this show do so on a separate TV in the house or on DVR. American homes are not filled with husbands and wives sitting together on comfy couches, munching popcorn and sharing commentary on the dances on Dancing With the Stars as it is showing live, is what I’m saying here.

After the series gets down to five or so remaining couples, as with most reality type shows, interest increases across the land and the voting for elimination gets a bit more balanced.

When Dancing With the Stars first begins each and every year, I think it is our homosexual brethren who do a disproportionate amount of call-in voting than their
percentage of the population would suggest. And I think these fairy nice fellows tend to concentrate on the female contenders and tend to vote for the females they want to continue on. I suspect there’s a lot of voting for awful male dancers as a way to protect their favorites. Just a hunch. The homosexuals tend to pay attention only to the female contenders save a fellow or two who might catch their fancy if you get my drift.

After the contenders are narrowed down a bit, a more balanced percentage of the American public votes and the really awful male dancers are soon booted.

3.23.09 DWS Pic montage

The evening of 3/23/09 began with Denise Richards doing a Samba. Denise had come back last week with a much better performance than the prior week, raising expectations for her place in the contest much higher than first thought. In this performance, Denise just looked awkward. She received a rather pathetic score of 16 for the dance.

Indeed Denise was voted off via a combination of the judge’s scores as given after the dance-off and the amount of votes called in.

Chuck Wicks with his fiancé Julianne next performed a Foxtrot featuring some nice footwork and liked by all the judges. Wicks got a score of 23 out of thirty for his performance.

Holly Madison came up next and if nothing else, the woman has breasts and she knows how to move them. Carrie Ann called Holly “disjointed” but hey, those boobs were moving together, yes they were. Holly got a score of 17 for her Samba dance.

Next, Steve-O did a Foxtrot and it looked to me like the man was walking. He got a sad score of 15 and note that both Steve-O and Wozniak got lower scores than both Denise and Holly and yet it was Denise and Holly forced to Dance off on elimination night.

Lawrence Taylor was another dancer who made a great come back last week from a rather meager performance the prior week. I thought his Samba steps looked too simple but the judges seemed to like it. Taylor, unlike Denise, maintained his improved dancing style and got 20 points from the judges for the performance.

Shawn Johnson, that little cutie Olympic star, did a fine Foxtrot which was loved by all the judges and was called her best dance by curmudgeon judge Len.
Shawn was one of three contenders ties at a 27 score for the night.

Gilles Marini is still as handsome as ever. Marini danced a Samba and I could not help but noticed, even though this fellow is billed as a naked male star from “Sex in the City” or some such, that Marini moves like he’s a bit light in the loafers.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that and hey, I think this contest is going to wind down between Marini and the Bachelor’s Melissa, with Gilles having the edge.
Marini too got 27 points for his performance.

David Grier did a Foxtrot which I thought to be mediocre. Grier will be around a few more weeks but he won’t be in the top three. Grier got an impressive 24 points for his performance.

Steve Wozniak, please. The man pulled a hamstring and we had to see him get loaded in an ambulance. Maybe America kept his sadsack self around for another week in sympathy. Wozniak did a Samba and he didn’t move his leg much at all.

I go along with Len’s critique: “terrible from start to finish”.

Ten points total is all Wozniak got.

Bachelor alleged reject, Melissa, did a perfect Foxtrot as I saw it. Bruno, the judge who tends to the melodramatic, said to Melissa “music plays from your body”.

Melissa got the third 27 pointer from the judges although I thought she danced the best of the night’s top three scorers.

Lil Kim danced a Samba and it’s too bad Kim is in the competition this year. She’s good and she’s very pretty. In fact I thought her Samba was one of the better performances of the night, if not the best.

Kim doesn’t have a chance up against Shawn, Gilles and Melissa. Which is a shame because she’s good. She got 25 points from the judges and I thought she deserved more.

Finally there’s cute Ty, rodeo star and husband of country singer Jewel. Ty was another dancer who came back roaring from a lackluster beginning. What was most interesting about Ty’s Foxtrot was that his PARTNER, yeah the professional, slipped and fell during the dance. I’ve got it as part of the video montage remix below. Ty managed to pick Chelsea up nicely and I was impressed by how quickly both recovered from the mishap. Ty got 23 points for his performance. I think Ty could go on to be one of the top males but he’ll have Grier to contend with. None of the males are anywhere close to sexy and handsome Gilles.

Below, a montage remix of a few of the more interesting dances of the night with my own fine commentary spliced within.

3.23.09 DWS score grid

-Ty Murray-Jewel’s husband, rodeo star
-Holly Madison-on “Girls Next Door”
-Belinda Carlisle-lead singer Go-Go's-sent home 3/17/09
-David Alan Grier-Actor
-Shawn Johnson-17 years old...olympic gold medal winner
-Lil Kim-rapper, singer and actress
-Gilles Marini-Actor
-Steve-o-MTV Star
-Melissa Rycroft-Bachelor star
-Denise Richards-Actress-married to a Sheen-sent home 3/24/09
-Lawrence Taylor-NY Giants football Hall of Famer
-Chuck Wicks-singer and songwriter
-Steve Wozniak-Apple computer wiz
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Thoughts, American Idol Opry Night, Dance/Stars 09 First Elimination, Book Review-Killer Dogs, TV-Celeb Apprentice 09 and "Chopping Block" review.

In thoughts this week, the Bad Buy of the Week is actually a chubby female. The Good Guy is, surprise, a Republican who showed some gonads.

Also, time for some serious cute, with a visit to a pet store caught on video.

Much more.
ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" 09 had the first dancer eliminated this past week.

Find out the dancer every contender wants to get hurt, the dancer that surprised everyone with an amazing comeback and finally, Melissa Rycroft's parents decide to show up!

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.
It was Grand Ole Opry night and a good time was had by all in American Idol 2009.

Carrie Underwood returned, and not a single contender sang anything that sounded like a genuine country/western tune.

With pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.
Here's a book Review for Aphrodite Jones' true crime book-"Red Zone".

For Marjorie Knoller is an idiot, married to an idiot, and when idiots raise killer dogs, innocent people like Diane Whipple die horrific deaths.

The amazing behind the scenes story of the San Francisco dog mauling case.
We catch up on Trump's rather lackluster 2009 Celebrity Apprentice. Tom Green goes home but we learn things about his testicles we'd didn't need to hear.

Also, a review of the very odd copycat of every cooking show on TV, NBC's "Chopping Block".

Pic of the Day
beautiful scene

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”Red Zone” by Aphrodite Jones

Amazon link for this book.

Whipple, Smith, Knoller montage

Like most of America, I’d heard of the story of the San Francisco woman killed by two rare breed dogs called Presa Canarios. This incident caused citizens across the fruited plains to discuss and argue the merits and concerns of having dangerous dogs in populated areas, indeed even owning them at all.

While most Americans were familiar with pit bulls, Dobermans and other dogs considered dangerous on some level, the Presa Canario was a relatively unknown breed.

This book is the inside story of Robert Noel and his wife, Marjorie Knoller, two of the weirdest and possibly stupidest people to populate this planet. Take two rather stupid people, add a couple of dangerous, vicious and unpredictable dogs and you have a disaster looking for a time and place to happen.

Which happened to be an apartment complex in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco when the dangerous elixir finally came to fruition. Diane Whipple was innocently returning to her apartment after a trip to the grocery when she was attacked by Noel and Knoller’s two Presa Canario dogs and was killed by the severity of the wounds the dogs inflicted.

As I recall the debates raged as defenders of pit bulls assured their friends that it is not the DOGS that are the problem, but rather the owners. Many declared that such dogs should perhaps be banned and this horrible incident added the new breed of the Presa Canario to the roster of dogs considered dangerous.

More information on Presa Canarios HERE.

Indeed if the common wisdom that it is the dog OWNERS who are the problem rather than the dogs, Noel and Knoller re-enforce this stereotype more than any other fact.

Noel and Knoller are both lawyers and God help us that folks of this sort somehow got a law degree. These two mockeries of defenders of justice loved to file court cases on behalf of criminals in the jails and as a clock is right twice a day, sometimes they won.

At some point these fine judges of humanity got involved with a prisoner Paul Schneider, who ran a dog breeding operation from within the walls of his prison. These two lawyers and Schneider, along with various other persons involved with this criminal managed to obtain and raise Presa Canario puppies, all for the Aryan Brotherhood, that quasi-Nazi organization of white supremacy. The ultimate goal of the entire scheme was to sell Presa Canario dogs to Mexican drug cartels and other criminal organizations which would consider having such a dog to be an asset to the activities of such groups.

Presa Canario

Two more self-centered individuals than Noel and Knoller do not exist on this earth. When Diane Whipple lay dying from the wounds inflicted on her by Knoller’s dogs, all Marjorie Knoller could do was usher her dogs back into her apartment, not even calling for help for Whipple.

Neither of these two fine attorneys even queried about Whipple’s wounds, whether she survived or died, until they were informed by law enforcement personnel.

This book gives intriguing looks into the mindset of Noel and Knoller, plus insights into other “normal” people somehow pulled into this crazy scheme by a prisoner. It was the perfect storm that would lead to the inevitable, the death of an innocent by the crazies involved in this whole thing.

Jones also delves into the personalities of the prosecution, the victim, the politics of the trial until the very unusual decision by the judge to overturn the second degree murder conviction by the jury. This weird ruling allowed Marjorie Knoller to get out of jail after serving a short two year sentence for her heinous disregard of the helpless Diane Whipple, who would be forever dead.

I was pleased to learn that after this book was written, the stupid ruling by the judge in this case was overturned and the jury’s verdict of second degree murder would stand.

From the LA Times:
Marjorie Knoller was originally sentenced to four years in prison on a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter, after a judge threw out the jury's second-degree murder conviction in 2002.

Superior Court Judge James Warren said at the time that there was not enough evidence that Knoller knew her two Presa Canarios -- each weighing about 100 pounds -- would kill. One of the dogs, Hera, is pictured above.

Knoller served about half of her sentence and was paroled in 2004, later moving to Florida. But the California Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that Warren interpreted the murder statute too narrowly and said that a judge must reconsider the more serious conviction.

Last month, Superior Court Judge Charlotte Woolard reinstated the second-degree murder conviction. She sentenced Knoller Monday morning. Dennis Riordan, Knoller's attorney, said his client plans to file an appeal.

Makes me feel good to know that the fine, fine Marjorie Knoller will be going back to jail. Couldn’t happen to a more vapid, thoughtless person.

More on Diane Whipple HERE.

The Fly on the Wall Reveals the Secret Behind the AIG Bonus Kerfluffle

“Mr. President,” the president of the National Association of Lazy Government Bureaucrats said in order to get his idea in front of Obama quickly and completely.

Obama picked lint off of his suit and planned his morning workout just as soon as he got this obligation over with. Big campaign contributors must be given a sober audience, Barack knew this. But this country’s unions were a public relations disaster to be dealt with and giving them what they want for their campaign contributions would not be easy. Obama sighed and turned his attention to Joe Blow, mighty union president.

“You told us that getting that open ballot voting for a union would not be easy and we understand this,” Mr. Blow said, speaking quickly as he had heard that Obama had a very limited attention span.

Obama nodded affirmative. He knew that congress would never vote for eliminating the secret ballot for workers choosing to have a union represent them, no matter how the unions disguised it with their very misleading title of the “open ballot initiative” or whatever deceitful name they conjured up with a little help from Rahm.

Mr. Blow rattled his papers to bring the President back from his reverie. “So okay, using your idea of manipulating the public all the time, I think we have a plan that will help our union members as well as give you some cover for those bonuses for AIG and the other bonuses coming down the road.”

At this comment Obama raised his eyes with interest. Indeed Obama knew that Gerthner had to allow AIG to give bonuses to their executives as they were in legal contracts and even if the matter went all the way to the Supremes, the AIG bonuses would be awarded as a legal contract is a legal contract. Even Obama, who viewed such things as mere annoyances in implementing the social order the country needs, didn’t necessarily want to throw the baby out with the bath water.

“See, unions have a major public relations problem, Mr. President,” Mr. Blow said. Obama raised his eyebrows to the sky because as the President saw it, this was an understatement. No matter how they tried to demonize Walmart, it never worked. Americans get great deals at Walmart and Americans will always be more loyal to their pocketbooks than a bunch of overfed, overpaid union workers. Obama wiped those thoughts from his mind to get on with the matter lest Mr. Blow read his thoughts.

“But we do have lots of membership dues in our coffers,” Mr. Blow softly reminded Obama and the President had to struggle to keep from sighing at that truth.

“Mr. President, we will leak the information that AIG executives will be receiving bonuses to every newspaper in America. THEN,” Mr. Blow said before the President could interrupt, “our members will do everything in their power to keep the issue alive, to inflame the voters, we will make the executives at AIG public enemy number one.”

Obama sat quiet and thought about the idea. “What good will that do?” the President asked. “Gerthner approved those bonuses, half of congress knew about it, Dodd wrote up the exception to the conference rule and put it in at the Treasury and White House behest. Further, what good will inflaming this issue do for your members?”

Mr. Blow sat up tall. He and his fellow union members had worked all week on this matter. They’d even worked it out with Rahm and Stephanopolous. “We need to make the public mad at high paying executives specifically and Wall Street in general,” Joe Blow said.

“Unions are losing the public relations war and we’re taking a page, a few pages really, from your administration. We’re going to work at manipulating and misleading the public. We make the CEOs the enemy, we get cover for your congress and Treas Sec and everyone wins!”

The President sat and thought about Blow’s proposal.

can't make stuff up “Mr. President, we even have people ready to picket AIG headquarters, even take bus trips out to the houses of those greedy executives. After a week of AIG greed on the news cycles 24/7, the public will be ready for such action and might even see us, the lowly union folks, as the heroes of the day.”

“We’re going to have to admit that Dodd, Pelosi, hell the congress almost, knew about those bonuses months ago,” the President said, slowly warming to Mr. Blow’s idea but with reservation.

“Mr. President,” Joe said as Rahm instructed him, “by the time the public is inflamed by these bonuses, announcements by Dodd or the Treasury department will fall by the wayside. If we’ve learned nothing from Democratic administrations it’s how to control and orchestrate news cycles. The way I see this, we both win. Unions need to be the good guys if we’re ever going to gain more power over the purse strings of fellows just like those guys at AIG.

The only way we are going to be the good guys is make someone else the bad guys. Much like congress itself did by allowing the theft of public funds by those banks and AIG types with no oversight because congress didn’t do its job. The public doesn’t think about this and why is this? Because none of your news types bother to bring it up. They follow the action and Mr. President, congress and the unions will look like heroes by the time we get done with those fat cats at AIG.”

President Obama folded his hands in a tent like matter and was silent for a minute. He had to hand it to Joe Blow, President of the National Association of Lazy Government Bureaucrats. His idea was sheer genius and just might work.


Natalee Holloway-Don’t Believe

The news flash that the body of Natalee Holloway had been discovered in Aruba passed by the Fox News Screen so quickly I almost missed it.

Of course the body of Natalee Holloway was not found nor will it ever be found.

This is because Urine Vandersloot’s father, a fine father who must be so proud of his son, took Natalee’s body and dumped it at sea. It’s the sort of thing any Dad would do for his beloved son after all.

No, Natalee Holloway’s body will ever be found so consider this a warning should anyone make such claims.

Urine Vandersloot roams free. His father is free, damn the man’s a judge of some sort on that lawless island of no pride.

Parents, don’t send your children to Aruba. It’s a corrupt poorly run “paradise”.

Links to all posts about Natalee Holloway on my Blog.

Good Guy Header His name is Tom McClintock and he’s a forlorn Republican in California. Below he shows us why he should be this week’s Good Guy of the Week.

BADGUY HEADER This week’s Bad Guy of the Week is not a guy at all. She is the daughter of the Republican nominee for President in 2008 and she was involved in a flap involving female conservative types including Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

If you don’t listen to Laura’s radio show you might know her as she frequently hosts for the Bill O’Reilly show on Fox News.

I’m not sure Meghan McCain knows what dangerous waters she treads but she’s committed all sorts of faux pas against conservative women to whom she cannot, not even with a propane torch, hold a candle against.

Meghan McCain

Here’s what Town Hall columnist had to say about Meghan.
John McCain's daughter, who has said how embarrassed she is by having to explain Ann Coulter to her friends. If it wasn't for articulate conservatives like Ann Coulter, both the Republican Party and the country would be in even worse shape than they are now, for there are extremely few articulate Republican politicians who can make the case for any principle. Certainly Ms. McCain's father is not one of them.

I can’t remember enjoying a political flap more than this attempt by the pathetic daughter of John McCain attacking female conservative stalwarts as if she were anywhere near their equal.

Here’s my advice for Meghan…if you are finding yourself having to explain Ann Coulter to your friends, in an embarrassing way as you describe, MAYBE IT’S TIME YOU GET NEW FRIENDS!

What you DON’T do, and what won’t get you any conservative sympathy, is go on that liberal sob fest known as The View and further attack other conservative females.

I understand that Laura Ingraham allegedly said the word “plus-sized” in a sentence about Meghan and hey, maybe it was intentional, maybe not. And of course the beautiful fashion icons such as Whoopie Goldberg will oooh and aaaah over the audacity of one female to make fun of the weight of another. Indeed all the ladies of The View would oooh and aaaah over such a thing, especially when the players involved are of the opposite political spectrum.

For the ladies of The View, dear Meghan, have not said a word about Obama’s gaffe about the Special Olympics and what’s that tell you dear?

To Ingraham’s credit, she didn’t back down or apologize to Meghan.

Below, Laura’s response to Meghan’s boo-hoo:
CNN) -- Laura Ingraham is calling Meghan McCain a "useful idiot" and a "flavor of the month" — the latest salvo in the war of words between the conservative radio host and the daughter of former Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Besides having once been a sperm cell of John McCain, just exactly what is Meghan McCain’s claim to the bully pulpit of American conservatism? John McCain being, hardly, anybody’s notion of a solid conservative at any rate.

Meghan my dear, if you can’t take the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen. Ann Coulter will chew you up and eat you for dinner.

Or I don’t know, maybe you ate Ann Coulter when you give it some thought.

Obama and the Special Olympics

QUIP headerIt's the Special Olympics thing.

So President Obama, the President of all things Pop Culture, decides to go on national TV, on the Tonight show. In his mind, and those of his handlers as well as his teleprompter (which has its own web site God bless Americans and their unstoppable humor), a leader is well-served by going before the public as often and in as many venues as possible. Thus we have the King of Pop Culture, The Messiah, He of the Town Hall Forums, American-Idol-pre-empting Press Conferencing, In-Your-Face-24x7 President Obama.

Obama's offhand remark about his lackluster bowling being on a par with the Special Olympics, hey it's the sort of thing any one of us might say as depiction of an activity in which we do poorly. Goodness knows we've been politically incorrected to the point where we all must have duct tape on our mouths lest we blurt a truth that insults SOMEONE on the planet.


A President who is, I suggest softly, supposed to represent all of the people, even those precious little heroes who compete in the Special Olympics.

So don't give Obama a pass for this gaffe, a pass in some faux favor of eliminating political correctness run amok. Maybe, just throwing it out there, this is EXACTLY the problem with a President Pop Culture, that an unfortunate slip of the tongue can cause great damage and maybe, throwing it out there again, statesmen who want to be viewed in grand stature do NOT usually guest on talk shows without their beloved teleprompters.

Further, if Obama is going to get a pass, and many liberal pundits have this past week been chiding us for getting all atwitter over Obama's unfortunate comment, than we should too give Presidents of ALL political parties the same pass.

Below, a political cartoon featured on a DEMOCRATIC publication in the 2004 campaign.

Bush and special olympics

Liberals will always show their hypocrisy. Give them time.

Visit to a Pet Store

Time for some serious cute.

Ending With a Smile

congress and spitballs

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3/16/09-DWS-Quickstep, Salsa, First Sent Home

ABC’s DWS Web Site

I have been contacted by the Des Moines Register and they would like to notify DWS fans that At this link there is a Dancing With the Stars game.

Okay, so we’ve got the Quickstep and the Salsa and in my day we used to call these dances the Jitterbug and the Cha Cha. Of course Bruno and Carrie Ann would disagree with me but I’m thinking more folks have my recollection of these dances than the better dancers amongst us. This is because there are more like me than expert dancers.

Couple of notes. Seems some of the contenders are very upset at the last minute entry of The Bachelor’s Melissa Rycroft. Some serious bitching because hey, it’s obvious to all but the most obtuse that Melissa’s a contender for this thing. In fact, I still think it was toward an appearance on this show, maybe not this season but with an eye toward next season, that the entire rejection of Melissa was scripted into The Bachelor series…MY ENTRY HERE.

In my Bachelor blog post where I posit my theory, I offer that Melissa’s parents refused to be on the show to meet Jason and this was because, as I proffer, it would have required too much acting that would make it not believable. I didn’t believe that public rejection of Melissa a bit and now that she’s heading to stardom on “Dancing With the Stars” I am sure it was all last minute scripting.

Jason Mesnick chose Molly right along is what I’m saying here. That thing rejecting Melissa at the last minute was to give her exposure and a great story line entrance into this contest.

Don’t forget, The Bachelor is an ABC show. I also bet that there’s some wording in the contract of both the Bachelor and DWS contenders that gives somebody (ABC, the producer, or both) a portion of earnings made as a result of exposure on these shows.

Only some of her fellow dancers are mad because hey, Melissa’s good.

Rycroft montage DWS 09

Also, note in the montage above I ask if these fine folks, shown right after Melissa’s dance in that manner DWS does to spotlight relatives of the dancer who just performed. On elimination night of 3/17/09, it was revealed that the guy in the pic is “Ty” allegedly Melissa’s new boyfriend, and those two folk ARE Melissa’s parents.

Melissa got soundly rejected by Jason Mesnick so recently and already she’s got a boyfriend replacement? And it would seem that Melissa’s parents have no compunction appearing in public for the right venue, eh?

So Holly begins the night with a Quidkstep and it’s just so-so. She got a score of 18 for her effort.

David Grier comes up next and does a Salsa. Goodness the fellow just stood still and twirled his partner around a lot. He got 17 points for his performance, a low score well deserved.

Denise Richards gave a much better performance this week than last, her Quickstep was bouncy and more professional. The judges said the same thing although Carrie Ann, always a bit anal in her judging, said Richards stumbled. I reviewed the video and could not find a stumble.
Denise and her partner got a nice 21 points for the performance.

Belinda of Go-Go fame did a Salsa. Supposedly this woman belonged to a group that featured dancing in the performances. Which surprises because Belinda Carlisle cannot dance. Carrie Ann said she was “lacking and grace” and so it was so. Belinda got 18 points for her effort. The following night after this performance Belinda was sent home by a combination of the call-in voters and the judges’ scores.

Ty Murray too did much better than the first week, doing a Quickstep that displayed good footwork and this week he didn’t look like he was constipated and trying to pass a big one. His smile was kind of forced but it was there. Judge Len said he changed from a caterpillar to a butterfly in the course of the week. Ty got a nice 20 points for his performance, quite a jump from his 14 of the prior week.

pic montage DWS 09 3.16.09

Pic montage DWS montage 3.16.09

Shawn the gymnast is going to be Melissa Rycroft’s major female contender. Shawn and her partner danced a Salsa and what can I say? She did great. Shawn got 24 points for her performance.

Heh. Steve W. of Apple fame…well he wasn’t sent home first, something I expected. Steve was, however, one of the bottom two and had to perform in the new “dance-off” action in this year’s series against Belinda. Poor Steve, he’s older and bit fat and he has to wear a cast on his foot. I wonder if he is gay because there’s something about him.

Whatever the case, he was way out of step with his partner during their Quickstep and he was awarded a meager 17 points.

Chuck Wicks did a Salsa with his fiancĂ© professional dancer Julianne Hough. To those cry babies upset over the entry of Melissa Rycroft, what about this rather, well it has the appearance of impropriety…a couple team that are together all the time on the off-air time? That concept seems a bit off and unfair as I see it.

They are a beautiful couple, however, and Chuck received 20 points for his and Julianne’s performance of a Salsa.

Lawrence Taylor is another contender who did much better this second week as opposed to his first outing. I thought his footwork looked great and he was quite handsome in his outfit. Taylor and his partner did the Quickstep and were awarded 20 points.

Steve-O hurt himself during dress rehearsal and was unable to perform live. Since he had completed his Salsa dance at the dress rehearsal he and his partner were judged on that performance. One judge said it looked nothing like a Salsa to him and while all I can compare a Salsa to is a Cha-Cha, I have to agree. Steve-O got 17 points for his performance and it’s not clear if he will be returning to the series.

Lil Kim looked beautiful performing a Quickstep and I considered her performance one of the better ones of the night. Don’t count Lil Kim out of this. She and her partner received 23 points for their performance.

Melissa and her partner did a Salsa and make no mistake, she looks good. She’s a serious contender to win this thing. Melissa and her partner received 26 points for their performance.

Finally the very sexy Gilles Marini performed what I thought was a very slow Quickstep and I’m not at all sure I understand that ending where he ripped open his shirt to reveal some sort of “Superman” outfit underneath. Gilles received the highest score of the night, 27 out of 30. I think Melissa’s performance was much better but then I’m not a judge, just a humble Blogger read by two to three people daily.

3.16.09 score grid

Madison Holly/Dmitry Chaplin
Carlisle Belinda/Jonathan Roberts-sent home 3/17/09
Grier David alan/Kim Johnson
Johnson Shawn/Mark Ballas
Lil Kim/Derek Hough
Marini Gilles/Cheryl Burke
Murray Ty/Chelsea Hightower
Steve-o/Lacey Schwimmer
Richards Denise/Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Rycroft Melissa/Tony Dovolani
Taylor Lawrence/Edyta Sliwinska
Wicks Chuck/Julianna Hough
Wozniak Steve/Karina Smirnoff

Below, a montage of some dances from the night of 3/16/09-with my wise commentary spliced in.

Amer. Idol 09-C&W Night Anything But

On a programming note, it would seem that President Obama is so full of himself that he cannot bear for American Idol to get so much attention. Thus next week, on Tuesday 3/24/09, The Messiah has scheduled a press conference at 8:00 pm because folks, one can never have too much of The Messiah. This is the SECOND time The Messiah has pre-empted American Idol. What’s up with that?

American Idol, the competition show, has been re-scheduled for Weds. 3/25/09 and the elimination show will be on Thursday 3/26/09. Don’t forget to tune in for The Messiah, may he continue killing your 401-K and bless us with his mighty presence.

Adam Lambert
Alexis Grace-sent home-3/12/09
Allison Iraheta
Anoop Desai
Danny Gokey
Jasmine Murray-sent home 3/11/09
Jorge Nunez-sent home 3/11/09
Kris Allen
Lil Rounds
Matt Giraud
Megan Joy
Michael Sarver
Scott MacIntyre

I was a bit surprised that Alexis Grace was sent packing for the American Idol 09’s Grand Ole Opry night although by me, admittedly hardly an expert on country/western, not one of the eleven finalists on that night nailed a perfect C&W song.

There were some interesting performances, however.

Randy Travis was the singing mentor of that night. Randy must be looking to boost his career as on elimination night he partnered with Carrie Underwood in a very pretty tune called “I Told You So”.

Michael Sarver started things out with a tune titled “Ain’t Going Down Till the Sun Comes Up”. This was more of a rockabilly tune than country/western but it likely falls under the category of Grand Ole Opry at any rate.

I didn’t like this song. It had so many lyrics and it was not an enjoyable tune on the ears. Michael receives the award for the excoriation of the night from Simon. Simon, it would seem, did not like Sarver’s performance.

Sarver did come down in the three lowest for the night and I think it’s only a matter of time before he’s sent packing. By me Sarver should have been sent packing for this performance but Alexis Grace got the boot instead.

Allison Ireheta was also in the bottom three for Grand Ole Opry night and what a shame is this. For Allison has a powerhouse of a voice. I’ve been saying right along that Allison doesn’t have a great stage presence and her interview skills are poor. She’s not all that likeable is what I’m saying here.

Allison sang a Patty Loveless tune-“Blame It On Your Heart”. Her vocals were, as always, great. But her fashion sense is lacking and she comes across as brash and belligerent.

Luckily Allison made it through the elimination round and will be part of the top ten tour.

If I were Allison, I’d find me a pretty dress. She can add some leather, perhaps boots. But she needs to make herself “prettier” and maybe do something with that hair, an updo or something.

She should choose a song with strong vocals to showcase her voice, perhaps a Whitney tune if possible.

While I don’t see Allison as winning this thing, although her voice is certainly good enough, she could quite conceivably be in the top five.

But not without some softening overall. I know Allison’s style is more biker chick but this is mainstream America voting. There’s a way to compromise and return to the hard stuff after winning the prize.

The judges, every one of them, loved Kris Allen. Kris sang a Garth Brooks’ tune-“Make You Feel My Love”. Let me say right now that I hated that tune, hated that performance, I prayed to God above to get it over with. I thought Allen’s performance should be a video under the heading “boring”.

Which shows you what I know as, like I said, the judges, even recalcitrant Simon, loved Allen. I thought he should have been sent home but he was not even in the bottom three. I still think Allen will get the boot and not be in the top five, at best.

My current fave to win this thing, Lil Rounds, goodness what was she thinking? Lil sang one of my favorite country tunes-“Independence Day” and…well, not so much.

As an aside, Simon, goodness at times that man has no class. He calls Lil “little”…dear Lord.

I thought Lil looked great, which she most always does. Lil’s version of this song just sounded so damn odd. Lookit, country/western is obviously not Lil’s musical genre. But like one of the judges suggested, she could have belted out a Patsy Cline tune and it might have flown.

This McBride tune was not something a husky blues type singer should have attempted.

Adam Lambert, ahhhh.

First, my daughter sent me a link to a web site that, allegedly, has pics of Lambert kissing other guys HERE.

Go on a look for yourselves but I am not at all sure this is Adam Lambert. I decided not to include a photo in this post but in the interest of fair and balanced I’ll include a link that yon readers, all three of you, can see for yourselves.

Lambert sang “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash and let’s not kid ourselves, Lambert sounded more like Queen than Cash.

Simon said it was self-indulgent tripe but hey, the judges always say the contenders should put their own spin on the songs they choose. If nothing else, Adam put his own spin on this popular cash tune and it did, in fact, sound like it was coming from that great big ring of fire, specifically, hell itself.

Oddly, I liked Adam’s take on the tune and felt that I was entertained.

AI Grand ole opry 09 montage

I consider Scott MacIntyre just a so-so contender. Although he is cute and there’s that legally blind thing that might bring him a large sympathy vote.

Frankly I don’t see MacIntyre winning this thing but I do think he will continue on to a successful career in entertainment, perhaps in Las Vegas, some sort of live venue. Scott plays the piano well, he has curly hair and pretty, if non-functioning, eyes, he’s got a nice voice and he seems to be a genuinely nice fellow.

Scott sang some tune called “Wild Angels” which didn’t sound country and western to me but then none of the others did either.

Cute little Alexis Grace, goodness, I was surprised she got sent home although I only saw her as a dark horse to make it to the top five. Alexis sang the Parton tune “Jolene”, which was a good song for her. My notes indicate I considered Grace as one of the better performances of the night, once again an indicator of what the hell I know.

The judges had been considering using a “save” for Grace. On elimination night she had to sing “Jolene” again and, as Simon indicated, whether they saved her would depend on how she did.

I think there’s something really wrong with this picture. Dear Lord these contenders are, by the time they have to sing to be saved, already scared and half-broken-hearted. Also, it might well have been the song they chose which landed them in the bottom of the pile the night prior to elimination so having them sing the same song again seems, well not so fair.

In the end the judges chose not to save Grace so she will not be part of the top ten tour.

Danny Gokey sang that famous Carrie Underwood tune-“Jesus Takes the Wheel”, sounding odd with a male voice. At some point, or so one of the judges alleged, Gokey forgot the words but I didn’t notice.

I think Danny sang the tune well and it was, good for him, a great choice of a song.

I think of Gokey and Sarver as two very ordinary white guys, neither of them, frankly, standing out in any way, even their voices. For them to keep moving through they are both going to have to take it to the edge.

Simon, ever the fashion expert, thought whatever Gokey was wearing was odd as all get-out and you know, I have to agree with Simon. Gokey looked like a scientist at the National Institutes of Health.

Next, Anoop and this week, as the judges and I both agree, Anoop’s choice of Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind” likely saved him from elimination. For Anoop, besides being of Indian descent, is not outstanding in this contest and likely won’t make the top five.

Megan Joy too saved herself from elimination with her excellent choice of a tune-Patsy Cline’s “Walking After Midnight”. Megan had a serious case of the flu as I understand, God bless this child because she sure did a fine job.

I like Megan but am not convinced she’ll last much longer. She’s already been in the bottom of the pile and Megan’s musical genre might be a bit too weird for middle-America.

Megan is very, very pretty and last night, goodness could they have showcased her boobs anymore than with that rather unusual dress for Megan? She could sneak into the top five is Megan walks a fine line between her Amy Winehouse persona and the beautiful female she is.

Matt Giraud is another of the ordinary white guys in this competition, along with Danny and Michael. Matt sang a tune I’d never heard before. I didn’t know Matt played the piano but that makes him stand out a bit from his other two boring white guys. He should do it more and overall, Matt did a fine job.

Below, a remix montage of some of the performances on American Idol 09’s Grand Ole Opry night that I quite enjoyed, with my wise commentary spliced in.

Review-“Hell’s Kitchen” Without the Cussing and “Celebrity Apprentice” 09 Boringly Plows On

Celebrity Apprentice contenders below
Duke Annie
clay andrew dice-sent home 3/1/09
mcknight brian
roderick brande
black clint
jordan claudia
rodman dennis
walker herschel
james jesse
rivers joan
kardashian khloe
rivers melissa
gulbis natalie
hamilton scott-sent hom 3/8/09
green tom-sent home 3/15/09
watkins tionne

Been a couple of weeks since mentioning The Donald’s boring “Celebrity Apprentice” on this Blog.

Oncit upon a time, Donald Trump had a great idea. He would bring promising executive type people on his series and via a number of “tests” he would cull down the field until the greatest amongst them would be the winner and would be given a well-paying job in the Trump empire.

National attention became riveted on the show and soon the name Omarosa was household stuff. Like “American Idol”, “The Apprentice” became the talk of the beauty salons and relatives argued around the family tables.

Then The Donald got Martha Stewart involved in the thing and that was a disaster. For the last few seasons, The Donald has gathered celebrities in need of exposure, much like “Dancing with the Stars” and using contributions to charity as the “reward”, we have “Celebrity Apprentice” and folks, it ain’t quite the same thing.

First, all reality shows are scripted to some degree. Some more than others, of course. ABC’s “The Bachelor” is practically total fiction with real life characters thrown in for a touch of reality. “American Idol” is mostly real because beyond the clothes, song choices and backdrops, you just can’t fake singing well.

So too is “Celebrity Apprentice” scripted but The Donald has struck a one-note chord and it’s really off-pitch.

As I’ve often wisely, and correctly, pointed out, The Donald is a bit obsessed with celebrity. He loves to hobnob with the hoi polloi and that does not include you and me. Well maybe you, yon reader, but definitely not me.

So most of the tasks assigned to these ersatz “celebrities” involve the ability for each of them to bring in monies from other famous peoples they know. For example, one recent episode had a playboy bunny “celebrity” getting many thousands of bucks out of Hugh Hefner.

The average American, God love us as we carry this country on our backs whilst raising the soldiers and citizens of tomorrow, knows few people able to hand over thousands of dollars to purchase a moldy cupcake that we may win the task of the week.

But it is, yon ladies and gems, “CELEBRITY” Apprentice so we get this.

Except it’s kind of boring. The tasks must, because of the brazen commercial aspect of the show, revolve around the business getting a big mention of the week. As in Joe Blow’s Bakery being involved in one task this year involving the making of cupcakes.

On 3/8/09, the task involved creating a cartoon hero type of character for the web site
“ZAPPOS” . A web site I never heard of but hey, they got lots of mention on The Donald’s “Celebrity Apprentice” and they had to make a big donation to charity for the honor. I wonder how much they “paid” to The Donald for “production costs” and such but hey, I’m just sayin’… Nothing wrong with making a profit.

Anyhow, Scott Hamilton, the required Olympic Gold Medal winner contender, was Project leader for the men’s team-KOTU. For whatever stupid reason, he did not have his character’s name begin with the letter “Z”, and given the web site it was to represent, a Z was definitely called for. Instead Hamilton called the character, get this, “EEE”, for, allegedly, “everything, everywhere, everytime”. Yeah, I thought it was dumb too. Hamilton got fired for it, which was well deserved.

The scripting had Hamilton and Green fighting in the board room and at one point we had Green talking about he and Hamilton’s testicles, I am not making this up.

This task, of course, set up Tom Green for the following week’s task, as I do think these celebrities order of elimination is thoroughly scripted. On 3/15/09, the assigned task was to sell wedding gowns and I think it was some designer or another that got the hour long commercial for the contribution to charity.

Dennis Rodman, that bad boy of basketball, is a contender on this series and most of the shows up until this point have featured Rodman prominently. Rodman is more well known than most of the contenders this year and hey, he is colorful. For the bridal sale, Rodman did not show up to help sell bridal gowns at the shop set up by the men. Rodman did, however, get somebody to bring in a bunch of money. Which is kind of the problem with this series as The Donald has it. The celebrities don’t really have to do much work so long as they know someone willing to donate lots of bucks and this concept seems to be very contrary to the premise of the original “The Apprentice”, in its hayday.

Tom Green is a bit of a doofus, not to mention having only one testicle, but that’s just a joke, heh. He was the project manager of the male team of KOTU and even HE showed up late to sell wedding gowns and Green didn’t have any rich benefactors sending in lotsa money.

Tom Green got fired this week and now the men’s team is down THREE contenders and have yet to win a task!

My First Celebrity Apprentice Review

The Chopping Block

Folks, frankly, the review of this show HERE, does as fine a job of reviewing this new rather weird entry to the world of cooking reality shows as most anything I could add.

Pierre White of Chopping Block

The author of the piece linked above says right off the bat that this show is a combination of many shows and that was my first thought when I watched this NBC offering for the first time.

I suppose it most resembles “Hell’s Kitchen” but Marco Pierre White has waaaaay more class than Gordon Ramsey.

In fact, White is often featured sitting alone at a table, musing on the meals, tasks and challenges he has, or will, give to his contenders and you’d think the man was talking world peace, the horrible effects of global warming, and the tragedy of the current American banking system.

Mentioning the author from my link again, Jeremy Medina, a fine writer may I add, he says the show compares to Top Chef. On this I must disagree. “Top Chef” is way better than this show could ever hope to be.

The contenders on this show are, oddly, COUPLES. Some are husband and wife, some mother and daughter. It doesn’t seem to work somehow.

Again, like Jeremy, I will likely watch the show again but won’t write about it. I love cooking reality shows but this one needs some real overhaul.

And Marco White could really use a toke or two it seems to me.

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