The Week Just Passed-the Serious Becomes Hilarious

The Week Just Passed: Notes of important events from the week prior as Grandmother has determined, not the Old Media. With, as expected, Grandmother’s input.

Living in a World Where EVERYTHING Is Political

It doesn’t matter if there’s a shortage of Flu vaccine, one’s Lesbian daughter is mentioned on nationwide TV, or a famous paraplegic dies, in this era of our Lord, it’s somebody’s fault and it is required that every participant involved go on the Sunday talk shows and explain, accuse or attack.

American pharmaceutical companies make very few vaccines. I don’t know why as I try to slog through the accusations. Best I can figure the production of vaccine is not a money-maker for the big drug companies. Through the accusations I’m deducing that the profit margin for vaccine production is slim already and that little bit is eaten up in malpractice fees.

Figure it out. The production of vaccine is, at best, an educated guess. I’ve often wondered how they can develop a flu vaccine against a virus that hasn’t evolved yet. I’m supposing they use prior virus’ as a guide but the notion of a virus is Biology 101 that this is something that recently climbed out of the primordial ooze with no method to its development.

And heaven help if the virus vaccine does NOT work as anticipated. Dang, the lawsuits shall fly across the transoms by those whose disease was not stopped by a vaccine that was based on best guess to begin with. The trial lawyers, yes they do get rich.

So England and Canada make American vaccines as it is not yet legal to force a private sector company to produce a product for no profits whatsoever, perhaps even a loss.

The Democrats shout that this is all Bush’s fault and hey, I’ve got a Plantar’s wart that is Bush’s fault. The Republicans shout that the flu shortage is, of all people, Hillary Clinton’s fault.
Somewhat spoiled Americans fight for the flu vaccine that our ancestors never had and still managed to invent the wheel, stand upright and live right on up to this day of our Lord.

The English vaccine was contaminated and God help us if Dubya had allowed these vaccines to be poked into the American citizenry but the result of his silly decision was for the possibility of NO vaccine.

I say better no vaccine at all and let my human genes protect me as it did my ancestors than to take contaminated vaccine.

But that’s just me.

And how about the Cheney/Lesbian flap? I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard as I have this past week. We must begin with my belief that Kerry’s mentioning of Dick Cheney’s daughter being a Lesbian in front of the entire country was an accident at all. Then, I’m not stupid.

JFK was responding to the moderator’s question whether homosexuals are born, not made. He uses, as an example, Mary Cheney, who, as JFK says, is ‘just living her life as she was born’, or some such.

John Kerry knows other homosexuals in his surround. Dick Gebhardt’s daughter is openly Gay as I understand it and what about Barney Frank, both Democrats just like JFK. If he felt the need to mention a person as an example, why use the Vice-President’s daughter?

The Dems argue that Dick Cheney himself said the same out on the campaign trail. Which he did. But somehow, a family member has more or a ‘right’ to say it than a stranger, especially a stranger who’s a political opponent.

All the ridiculous rhetoric and hem-hawing aside, the moment ‘felt’ awkward to us normal Americans out here in la-la land.

Suppose Dick Gebhardt had won the Democratic nomination as he should have? Suppose Gebhardt and Bush were engaged in a nationally televised debate and the same question was asked? Suppose one more time for me that Bush looked over at Dick Gebhardt and said "I believe your daughter, Dick, is a Lesbian. And I imagine she’s living her life just as she was born."?

It just wouldn’t be right, not right at all. Bush would be bashed into the sunset. Even IF Gebhardt’s daughter was openly Gay and even IF Gebhardt had talked about prior in the campaign. Even IF, it’s just not something decent people presume to take upon themselves to talk about publicly, and especially as graphically as Kerry presented it.

Then Christopher Reeve dies and this pandering paraplegic always annoyed the hell out of me. Supposedly he left a cell phone message for John F. Kerry the night before his death, or so Kerry says, even though Reeve had been in a coma for a day prior to leaving that message. Not that JFK would lie or anything.

And darn if his death doesn’t become a campaign issue. In a thoughtful missive on the morrow I expound, not that anyone cares, on the stem cell issue as I’ve come to understand it.
John Edwards, attorney who channels dead children for benefit of the jury, asserted that if John Kerry becomes President then the lame shall walk.

We must assume but Edwards would likely verify, that too the blind shall see and the deaf shall hear.

Here's a link to the FreeRepublic thread on the Sunday talk shows. This thread is one of the most interesting examples of community blogging on the Internet. Myself often participates in the thread as I do, hard to believe, have opinions.

I did watch the shows as expected. Wolf Blitzer, goodness, had a boatload of partisans show up to rant about lack of flu vaccine, Lesbian daughters and dead paraplegics denied a spine because of George W. Bush.

Let’s see, Howard Dean, always a hoot. And get this, Wesley Clark, the General who got fired executing the war in Kosovo, where’s he been lately? And Terry McAuliffe, my goodness, who can forget ole Terry boy. Who stated his determination that Republicans will not disenfranchise millions of African Americans and that John Kerry will not only make the lame walk, he will stop the draft.

All in fun, ladies and germs, all in fun.

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