Big Brother 2016 , Season 18, down to 7. Some guesses and gossip.

With seven left the show winds down. We got some gossip and guesses and jabs for Big Brother 2016.


Big Brother 2016 -, Season 18, episodes week beginning 8/7/11. Down to eight left.

They're all about eliminating the weak females. When are the big, brave males on Big Brother, most of them named Paul, going to go after each other?


Bachelor in Paradise- Got some romances going, some not so much. Check in for who's dating who.

Evan, the Erectile Dysfunctional Specialist, is rejected by she who does not like chili peppers. Or Evan. Lots more gossip on this somewhat silly show.


Big Brother 2016 -Down to ten this Season 18

It's down to ten left on Big brother Season 18. Some big surprises still in the house, the worst guest finally evicted this past week.