Week Just Passed-Hitler Should Have Had Arafat’s PR Firm.

The Week Just Passed: Notes of important events from the week prior as Grandmother has determined, not the Old Media. With, as expected, Grandmother’s input

All Eyes on Fallujah

Every day it seemed the newscasts reported a different major event during this deadly battle that during a slow news week would have the pundits waxing endlessly on just one of them.

As directed by the Iraqi interim government, coalition and Iraqi forces invaded that stronghold of terrorism known as the city of Fallujah.

At least ten American soldiers have died during that battle and at least four Iraqi soldiers. The invading forces have discovered execution rooms, mind-boggling weapon caches, and mass burial grounds. One lucky Iraqi taxi driver was found minutes before he was about to die from starvation while chained to a wall.

This battle, as even The Wise I sometimes forgets, is what the War on Terror is all about. Terrorists do not wear proper uniforms with appropriate logos of their applicable country. Terrorists blend in with the population of almost any Midest country with no discernment possible. Terrorists work a normal job and live ostensibly normal lives. All of this makes it very difficult for our soldiers to locate and kill these monkeys before they kill us.

It’s now down to urban house-to-house combat and I daresay that was the plan. All that earlier terror play with Fallujah and that fat idiot Mullah I-Forget-His-Name, was a specific plan to attract the terrorists from, let’s see, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, pick one or all. Now myself doesn’t know this for sure not being privy to American war plans. But it’s how I see the plan in retrospect and God Bless America and our soldiers every day in the year. Because they’re not going to beat us and they’re not going to fool us. If the Old Media was in charge of such military offenses, yes, Fallujah would be the capital of liberalism and all the terrorists would be characterized as but misguided angry young men. Not the American army and here’s hoping the Iraqi men being trained learn a thing or two.

Listen up…..a whole bunch of the terrorists are NOW IN ONE SPOT. Sure, not every terrorist in the world is in Fallujah but quite a few are. Remembering always that terrorists are usually nut cases anyway. Even in the United States of America we could designate, say Boston, and heavily advertise the prominence of nut cases in that city. All across the land nut cases would descend into Boston as it is well known that nut cases thrive in Boston.

Okay, maybe that’s a little to close to reality for comfort.

Understanding that the real terrorist leaders have already left Fallujah, those fellows that get the money from Saudi Arabia and have the power to launch a real attack. The ones that stayed behind despite the endless warnings of the military via loud speakers and flyers dropped from the sky, hey, these are the nut cases.

It’s a lot easier to identify terrorists if they’re all in one spot is what I’m saying here.

As for the leaders who took off, well there’s better intelligence, a network of Iraqi citizen spies, word on the street. The military can snoop them out at a later time and more leisurely pace. Meanwhile, boom, Fallujah gets to be a normal city with a normal populace whilst getting rid of quite a few nut cases in the process.

There’s no magic wand in the War on Terror but with determination and perseverance, it WILL be won.

Arafat Is Finally Dead

It took a while to finally get the man properly dead and I heard they eventually had to drive a stake through his heart.

Although you got to give Arafat credit, he lived his whole life of debauchery, unspeakable terrorism and misappropriation of trust with the full approval of the world, admiration even. This while openly stealing money from the charities sent for the Palestinian people, doing absolutely nothing for the people he was supposed to lead as they still have no industry or record of productivity, and murdering innocent Israeli citizens via bombs strapped to the chests of Palestinian children.

There isn’t a PR firm on the planet that could manage to pull what Yasser Arafat pulled over on this earth for too many years.

In a too tiny bit of ironic serendipity, Arafat did spend his last years rather ignobly, penned up in his Ramallah compound by a determined Israeli army with a farcical death in a Paris hospital.

The UN, God love them, did lower their flags at half-mast for this wonderful man. But then that organization worshipped Arafat in that manner of the UN controlled by thugs and thieves, few of them lawfully elected.

If only Adolph Hitler had the UN behind him, he’d be in charge of the entire Aryan planet.

Below, from the Wall Street Journal:

“Kofi Annan ordered United Nations flags at half-staff yesterday in tribute to lately departed Palestinian supremo Yasser Arafat. . . . Say what you will about Mr. Annan's decision, it is certainly true that for 30 years the U.N. did what it could to elevate Arafat from terrorist to statesman. That's something Americans might bear in mind when next told the war on terror must be conducted under U.N. auspices.”

Wall Street Journal, 11/12/04

Most Under-Reported Story of the Week

Speaking of the UN…

…in this week’s Most Under Reported Story of the Week, we discover that the UN isn’t doing much of anything about that problem on the Ivory Coast.

A country where hundreds of citizens are being murdered by their own government. The government launched an attack at the French army, killing several of those soldiers.

How does France react?

Of course, but it bombs the AIRPLANES of the Ivory Coast government that they can no longer fly and drop bombs on French soldiers. By the way, tune in tomorrow for some smashingly hilarious French quotes.

Using this same logic, the Iraqi coalition should have bombed Saddam’s palaces and left him in power.

From Reuters we have this sad assessment of the UN, like monkeys making love to a football, as it deals with this hassle we expect them to handle:

Ivory Coast faces a serious and lasting humanitarian crisis which could destabilize the whole of West Africa unless action is taken fast, the U.N. says.

U.N. officials met in Senegal on Friday to review contingency plans as hopes fade for a peaceful outcome to the crisis in Ivory Coast, a former French colony which has been cut in half since rebels seized the north two years ago.

"There must be a wider and deeper recognition of the seriousness of the humanitarian crisis in Ivory Coast," said Joel Boutroue, a U.N. humanitarian official based in Geneva.

"This crisis is going to last, and get worse," said Boutroue, who heads the response coordination branch for the U.N. office of humanitarian affairs (OCHA).

Cabinet Shake Up

Since winning the election President Bush has been very busy shuffling and re-shuffling his cabinet. As of this writing, Ashcroft has officially resigned to be replaced by White House legal council Alberto Gonzales. Rod Paige, the Secretary of Education has resigned. Also, Don Evans, the Secretary of Commerce has resigned and plans to return home to Texas in the near future.

Rumors still flying about Colin Powell and Don Rumsfeld. And hopes across the land are that liberal Clinton leftover Mineta, Secretary of Transportation, will also get the boot.

Scott Peterson FINALLY found Guilty

I refer yon reader to my missive to Kaitlyn
dated 10/2004

I’ve listened to the arguments and consider the one about the complete lack of “evidence” in this case.

Well, look ladies and germs, there’s a ton of evidence in this case. There’s Lacy’s hair strands all over the house, there’s Lacy’s blood on the kitchen floor, somewhere there’s a murder weapon.

Here’s the problem, if Lacy had been killed by a complete stranger, the presence of that stranger’s hair in Lacy’s house would be compelling evidence. More than likely, had Lacy been killed by an intruder, the kitchen floor would not have been mopped with straight bleach leaving an odor so strong the first investigators wretched when they entered. Likely the intruder would have left the spilled blood and dead body and taken off to the high hills.

Lacy LIVED in the house in which she was killed. So her hairs, blood and shed cells logically belong there. Same thing with her husband and killer, Scott Peterson. How on earth can the prosecutors find “evidence” when the defense can have it thrown out almost immediately?

Does the “lack of evidence” in the Peterson case also mean that any man in America can murder his wife with impunity? Because if physical evidence is the standard, then none will ever be found in any case where the murdering husband cleaned up after the crime and lived and shed cells normally in his daily life.

There’s a REASON for circumstantial evidence people, and to allow criminal cases to go un-prosecuted by alleging circumstantial evidence to be suspect is to turn stupidly liberal and abandon all common sense.

The OJ jury notwithstanding, the average American juries across this country do a fine job and mostly aren’t raging liberals. We can figure things out and when a man claims his wife suddenly went missing yet he shows up three times at the EXACT same place where her body eventually washed up, BEFORE it washed up mind you, well how lucky is that? Not to mention the affair with Amber and that little matter of the homemade concrete anchors.

Like I said, there’s plenty of physical evidence to Scott’s crime. Physical evidence that would indict a complete stranger but should its non-admissibility in this case allow the heinous Scott Peterson go free?

Watch to Hit the Radar This Coming Week

Watch for more dirt in Fallujah when the city will finally be in coalition and Iraqi control. Terrorists captured and terrorists scattered will provide a mother lode of intelligence and surprises.

And finally, ah, Snarling Arlen will continue to backpedal and try to spin his way around his complete duplicity and total lack of class.

My advice to Snarling? Let the uproar die down. The judiciary committee will not change character until January of 2005. By then the angry conservatives might mellow. Though I wouldn’t count on it because Snarling, you took that one last straw and placed it arrogantly on the camel’s back.

Like John F. Kerry before you, the scheming times when faux purple hearts and lying anti-war post Vietnam rhetoric were carefully planned to a presidential end, so too will Specter’s history of arrogance and betrayal return to bite him.

TOMORROW: In quotable notables, we have Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, In front of an especially obtuse group of the American population subset, address terrorists and their methodology. Also, many quotable notables on the French bound to leave any normal American rolling on the floor.

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