Week Just Passed: Inaugurations, Hearings, Voter Fraud, Murder

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For the Week Just Passed 1/16/05 through 1/22/05

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Most Under-Reported Story of the Week
St. Louis Democrats Try to Murder Federal Witness in Voter Scam
Indeed, nothing less than murder and there’s barely a whisper in the mainstream media.

Kelvin Ellis is director of Regulatory Affairs in East St. Louis. He, East St. Louis Police Chief Ronald Matthews, his secretary Janerra Carson-Slaughter and a former police auxiliary officer, Ayoub Qattoum (note that nice American name) were all indicted last week for conspiracy to obstruct justice this past week.

The story is a bit convoluted at this point but check out the quotes from St. Louis papers below. Pay attention to that bit about one of the candidates, Kern, donating a bunch of money to the Democratic party. Of which $80,000 was spent on the evening of October 31 at a Veteran of Foreign War Post. How much you want to bet this 80K was given to a hit man to kill a federal witness that was scheduled to testify on the issues of voter fraud in St. Louis? And said hit man was a federal agent in a sting operation?

Caught, dead to wrong, attempting to murder those who would stop their constant theft of elections.
Ellis is charged with seeking to have a federal witness discredited, and later killed, in a case involving alleged vote fraud. He is also charged with attempting to evade paying income tax.

All four defendants made court appearances today.

In announcing the indictments, U.S. Attorney Ronald J. Tenpas said:

"Public office is a public trust. The citizens of East St. Louis are entitled to public officials who respect and uphold the rule of law."

Jose A. Gonzalez of the criminal investigation division of the Internal Revenue Service added that "today's enforcement actions and indictments send a strong message that public corruption will not be tolerated and that no one is above the law." From St. Louis Today

And this:
The subpoena also stated "this investigation of possible violations of federal criminal laws includes your conduct during the Nov. 2, 2004, election in East St. Louis." It was dated last Wednesday and was signed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Hal Goldsmith.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Randy Massey said Tuesday that his office does not comment about grand jury matters.

East St. Louis played a crucial role on Nov. 2 in the contest for County Board chairman between the Democrat, Belleville Mayor Mark Kern, and his Republican challenger, Steve Reeb, a County Board member.

Reeb won 52 percent to 48 percent in the county outside of East St. Louis, which has its own election board. But Kern's 82 percent winning majority in the city where more than 13,000 ballots were cast decided the race in his favor by more than 4,000 votes.

County election department records show Kern donated, loaned or made in-kind contributions totaling $177,730 to the county Democratic Central Committee between Oct. 17 and Nov. 1. Kern could not be reached at his home or office.

"Where there's smoke there's probably fire," Reeb said of the probe. "I have my suspicions, but I'm going to leave it to the government."

The federal subpoena specified that any records showing the "disbursement and spending of those moneys" must be presented, including "budgets, receipts, checks, precinct sheets, poll lists, deposit slips, bank statements and notes."

According to several political sources who asked not to be named, about $80,000 in money from the St. Clair County Democratic Committee to get out the vote on Nov. 2 was handed out on Oct. 31. The sources said the money distribution was at the East St. Louis Veterans of Foreign Wars post. From the Belleville News

The Condaleeza Rice Hearings.
Below, the photo montage says it all with pictures. Click to enlarge.

Wal-Mart Cashier Abducted, Later Found Dead
And her alleged abductor shows up at hospital with a gunshot wound.

Megan Holden and Sketch of her Abductor

Video of abduction of Megan Holden, 19, HERE.
Could Holden Murderer Be Released Criminal Like Larry Singleton?
This little factoid crossed mine eyes from a comment under one of the Lisa Montgomery posts. That Larry Singleton died is not a bad thing but I was shocked at the turn of events that leave Larry Singleton dead before the government had a chance to do the deed.
Singleton was convicted of raping and trying to kill 15-year-old Mary Vincent in 1978 after he picked her up hitch-hiking near Modesto. He cut off her arms and left her to die. She survived. Singleton was sent to prison, but he was paroled in 1987 after serving just eight years in prison.

So he spent eight years in prison when California paroled this honorable man. Read on:
After he was paroled, no city in California would accept him, so Singleton moved to his childhood home in Tampa, Florida. In 1997, he murdered 31-year-old Roxanne Hayes. He was convicted and sentenced to die.

So the state of California, who let him free but didn’t want him around, sends him to Florida which is a REAL state rather than a liberal la-la land, put him on death row. But not until a Florida woman died by Singleton’s hand thanks to Kalifornia.

He’s dead now, thank goodness. No thanks to the liberals in California.

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