BTK Murderer Update: The Biggest Crime of All

BTK Killer Update
The Biggest Crime of All

BTK Killer not eligible for death penalty!

Seems crimes in Kansas before 1994 are not considered for the death penalty.

Though the victims, you understand, are just as dead.

Below a picture of his victims, save the Otero children and two more victims now confirmed by Kansas police as definitely being BTK victims.

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Other Tidbits
Killer phoned in Nancy Fox’s killing. Also, he left her driver’s license at a fence post for police to find.

It has been confirmed that his daughter DID turn in DNA but it was HER DNA. Seems there are “family” markers that sufficed in terms of identification.

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Anonymous said...

As usual, reading Pat's Blog is delightful. Keep it up, Pat! You rock!

Anonymous said...

It's exactly the opposite of the biggest crime. The fact that even a killer this heinous would be spared on this condition speaks to the integrity of our justice system.

I far prefer this situation to a justice system where anyone could be charged or sentenced according to laws or conditions that weren't on the books when the crime was committed. Especially considering that a lot of things are rapidly becoming crimes that once weren't (see: DMCA, PATRIOT Acts, the War on Drugs)

Also, if pure retribution is the only reason you think the guy should be put down, consider that that can't ever happen... he'd have to experience death at least 10 times to make it equal - it's not possible. Not only that, but if he was killed by the state, it would have to be in the most humane way possible - hardly deserving punishment for a torturer, or, I would think, satisfying revenge for any of the affected families.

He'll serve society's needs much better under lock and key than he would under 6 feet of dirt. Now that he's available for research and extensive interrogation, perhaps the next serial killer won't take 31 years to capture. Why throw away a resource like that once you've got it under control?

Anonymous said...

**Why throw away a resource like that once you've got it under control?**

Obviously, you don't know much about this case. BTK (Dennis Rader) is not UNDER control. He is IN control. That's his way. That's what he's all about.

One can only wonder how long he will last in jail...

Anonymous said...

Daughter did not provide DNA. Police asked for it AFTER he was arrested. Fox News originally said she suspected him and volunteered her DNA. It was soon repeated by all the "news readers" but it was wrong!

Anonymous said...

What is NEW with BTK? How is he doing while in prison? Just interested.

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