BTK(Bind,Torture,Kill) Suspect Arrested

It’s Happening Now-The BTK (bind,torture,kill) suspect arrested
Goodness knows why it took Wichita, Ks. Police almost 25 years to find this guy. This with one victim having escaped alive. And that press conference held today, Saturday Feb. 26, 2005 at 11:00 am was the most self-serving good-ole-boys back slapper as to cause nausea.


Eventually CNN released the name and picture. The Wise I did a quick research and have compiled a quick review of this fine guy’s heinous crimes. Because the cops at the press conference with all their faux secrecy, they forgot about the Blogosphere.

Also some admitted speculation at this point. Hey, you can’t even get the truth out of these self-serving police, much less my fine speculation.

First, the PERSON OF INTEREST, snort

The Lovely Dennis Rader Posted by Hello

His name is Dennis Rader. He has a wife, Paula, and is an animal compliance officer for Wichita and Park City.

He lives in the 2600 block of Independence Street.

There are eight victims attributed to him. Although there are two additional suspected, one a female neighbor two doors down who was murdered in 1985 and another murdered a couple of miles from his house.

His DNA was “obtained” and tested. Preliminary testing shows it is BTK. Here’s some speculation, his DAUGHTER turned in the DNA sample.

Speaking of his daughter, here is a link toKerry Rader’s web site.

Caution-some of the links I include might not be available as law enforcement is taking it all down left and right.

Rader was a student at WSU in 1979 and studied Law Enforcement.

He is president of the Parish Council at Christ the King Lutheran Church.

His Birthdate is March 9th, 1945.

His work address is:
City of Park City
6110 N. Hydraulic

Finally, the man has a web site and I’m told it was taken down. Someone got hold of the cache and


Joseph Otero Jr., 38, a retired Air Force mechanic; his wife, Julie Otero, 34, a Coleman Co. employee; and two of their children, Josephine, 11, and Joseph II, 9. They were found murdered in their home at 803 N. Edgemoor on Jan. 15, 1974. Three other family members -- Charles, 15; Danny, 15, and Carmen, 13 -- were not at the home during the murders. Joseph Otero was a native of Puerto Rico. He had been a mechanic and flight instructor at Cook Air Field in Rose Hill. The family had moved to Wichita the fall before the murders.

Kathryn Bright, 21, was found stabbed to death in her home at 3217 E. 13th St. on April 4, 1974. Her brother, Kevin, was shot by the intruder during the slaying but survived. She was a member of the Valley Center Class of 1971, went to the University of Kansas for a semester, then returned to Wichita, where she got a job at Coleman. She had lived at the house on 13th Street for less than a year.

Shirley Vian, 24, was found dead in her home at 1311 S. Hydraulic on March 17, 1977. Vian had three children who were in the home at the time of the murder.

Nancy Fox, 25, was found dead in her home at 843 S. Pershing on Dec. 9, 1977. Fox was a graduate of South High School. She was a full-time secretary at a construction company and worked part time at a jewelry store at the Wichita Mall. She had lived in her duplex on Pershing for more than a year. She had worked at the jewelry store the night she died.

Nancy Fox Posted by Hello

Vicki Wegerle, 28, a homemaker whose numerous activities in the community included baby-sitting at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, was found strangled in her home at 2404 W. 13th St. Wegerle was a homemaker who had two children. Her 2-year-old son was home at the time but was not harmed.

Stay tuned for more information as it hits the Blogosphere.


Michael said...

On his daughters web site click on "people in my life". There's a pic of her cousin, early 20's perhaps, who passed away in '96. I wonder how she died?

Anonymous said...

Most likly he will get his just rewards in prison like many others have. Anouther inmate will save the state alot of money for his upkeep with the end of a sharpend toothbrush! Then God will deal with him for eternity.