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Daily Update:

Boy Scout Brennan Hawkins FOUND ALIVE!

Bolton a recess appointment?

A Guest Writer steps in here. The subject is something about which I know little.

Except for her book, which is about my family.

My cousin, Joan, did extensive research on her wonderful book.

Here she tells you how to do the same research and discover your family's past.

It's a show featuring only dancing and who would've thunk?

Because the show is railroading all the other shows in its timeslot.

Here's a review of "Dancing with the Stars" and some nice comments on Evander Holyfield's dancing.

A Grandmother Blogger makes history.

For Baltimore's Afro-American newspaper interviewed me this past weekend.

All about a story on the Blog.


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Missing Boy Scout Found Alive and Well

Boy Scout Brennan Hawkins was found over three miles beyond where searchers thought he would be. He is alive and well.

The only very odd thing is that it is alleged that at one point he heard searchers calling him but was too shy to respond

If I had a child that shy, with life and death on the line, I'd have a long talk with him.

Fox News Story HERE

Bolton a Recess Appointment?

Senator Frist announced yesterday that there would no more votes to nominate Bolton.

Congress has a July 4th recess and an August recess.

It is widely speculated that Bush will appoint Bolton as a recess appointment.

In other words, if congress is not around, or in this case the minority party is placing major roadblocks, the President can make a recess appointment that will be official until the term of the office being filled is complete.

Recall that Bolton has received the votes of 54 senators. That's a majority with a base of 100. It's not like the man can't get the votes. But the Dems are insisting on a super-majority of 60 because that's what they do when they lose an election.

If Bush nominates Bolton as a recess appointment he will hold the position of ambassador to the UN until 2007.


Here's an editorial about the very honest congress critter, John Conyers.

Who last week held a "conference" to begin impeachment hearings on President Bush.

Except few showed up, Conyers showboated and even WAPO's Dana Milbank made fun of this pathetic show.

In this editorial, widely copied across the Blogosphere, Grandmother takes on Conyers' letter to the Washington Post editor as he complains about Milbank's article.

Folks, it's a hoot if I do say so myself.

Where are the Hollyhocks?

This and other daunting questions on this gardening posts.

Click in to check Grandmother's hedge roses. Which defy biology with their bloom.

Still, no hollyhocks.

Time for a Fish Giggle.

Here's a tale about how a man discovered that his son would grow up to be a politician.


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