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Review-“Average Joe”

Myself tuned in for another episode of the average joe. A confusing reality show for me in that I don’t understand just what is the prize, except a date with beloved Anna I suppose.

I also don’t understand that if the show is about an average joe and his chance to connect with a dashing and beautiful woman how come all these gorgeous hunks were bought in to compete with the average joe.

Kind of defeats the purpose of the show’s theme as I see it.

This episode was the usual combination of weird competitions, strange convoluted relationships and unusual dramas.

There was the dodge ball game. Before this game, there was actually an eating contest! Something I would think an average joe would never compete in with the handsome hunks all muscled and standing there. Eating contests are the ultimate in bad taste as The Wise I sees it. For folks stuffing their mouths full of food is about as ugly a sight there is.

Instead, it was the handsome hunks who didn’t participate in the eating contest and allowed the average joes to win by default.

Perhaps the handsome hunks are really as smart as The Wise I though I doubt it. But some of the average joes complained about the food consumed right before the rigorous game of dodge ball. Which might have been the plan of the handsome hunks if you get my drift.

There were the required snippets of the contender’s thoughts as required by reality shows. At some point one of the handsome hunks played a head game with an average joe, alleging that Anna was a fake and not worth the effort.

I don’t think I will watch this show again. Perhaps the finale if they have such a thing. Because the premise is too confusing and the addition of those handsome hunks seems to only discombobulate things even more. I was glad I tuned in for this episode because the big and boorish average joe Dante was eliminated.

If I was a young lady such as beloved Anna I would have kicked this loud mouth to the curb first episode.

However, in another show surprise that confuses me, Dante was given the chance at a makeover. Eliminated contenders are sometimes chosen for a makeover and according to the hype, are given another chance at Anna. Although I don’t know when or how.

Anna gets rid of the carpenter and keeps Dante?

This reality show isn’t even close to “real”.

"Hell's Kitchen"-Chef Ramsey Still Cussing and Yelling
It's been a few week's since I've checked in on the very nasty Chef Ramsey to see how he and his protégées are making out on Fox's "Hell's Kitchen".

And so I checked in on Tuesday evening, 7/11/05, to find out that I would be treated to TWO Hell's Kitchen shows.

On the first episode, it was as normal, in that there were two teams. Each team was given their own menu and whatever menus customers chose most frequently from would be the winning team.

This episode piqued my interest only because it is the first time I watched the show and became hungry.

My benchmark for successful cooking shows.

Which means only that as I'd lamented the absence of before, this cooking show has finally got around to featuring real cooking. Before this night of my view most of "Hell's Kitchen" as I remembered consisted of the vaunted Chef Ramsey cussing and yelling at his chargelings.

The second episode on this same evening was much more interesting. Because this episode was the first of the final five. Who were by then Ralph, Elsie, Jessica, Jimmy and Michael.
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By the time these reality shows get down to a final five they get more interesting. At least to this Grandmother Blogger. By the time the viewer is watching the final five who've survived the many gimmicky and dramatic eliminations, these final contenders' have a personality that has become clearer over the prior weeks.

Jessica, who was eliminated on this second episode, might well have been sabotaged by another finalist, Michael. For Jessica, a hip and happening young woman who knew how to cook, seemed to have lost her filets. With 47 orders waiting, she only could find two. Ah. But Michael, it would seem, knew right where the filets were. He retrieved them. Chef Ramsey praised Michael endlessly and berated Jessica mercilessly.

Now why would Michael, who had nothing to do with cooking those filets, know where they had disappeared to?

Elsie, also a happening young woman, was charged with performing cooking at tableside. She had to make Caeser salad and a dessert concoction designed by Ramsey and taught how to flambé by Ramsey earlier in the episode.

I was quite impressed with how Elsie handled her duties, being totally new to the prep of the salad and the flambé fruit affair as instructed by Ramsey. She wasn't very good at it but in due course she mastered the efforts. And provided entertainment to the waiting restaurant customers as well. At one point a churlish customer demanded that Elsie come back and chop up his lettuce to a finer texture. While she grumbled to the maitre d', Else handled the customer with a smile and a graciousness. "It's about what you want," Elsie told the customer who couldn't cut his own lettuce, a smile lighting up her bemused face.

Earlier, Jimmy, a nice young man who Chef Ramsey cruelly calls "Fattie" in homage to his pudginess, had prepared the flambé affair so well that Jimmy and another finalist chosen by Jimmy were treated to a great helicopter ride across the skies of Los Angeles.

Jimmy is a quiet fellow, quite adept at his craft. After Jimmy's basking in the light of Ramsey's approval for his great performance in the flambé and the joy of the helicopter ride, Jimmy suffered some horrific treatment after the restaurant opened by Ramsey due to a lost lobster.

Also, Jimmy put fish stock in the risotto, something that really made Chef Ramsey mad. I don't understand the crime of fish-stock-laden risotto but the way Ramsey carried on Jimmy did at least as much damage as the London terrorists.

And it's now known how Jimmy lost a lobster but again, food items were disappearing quite often during this second episode. Jimmy had suffered many taunts by Ramsey in the past over the cleanliness of his work station. Jimmy fears he may have discarded the lobster in a desperate effort to keep his work area clean enough for the nasty Chef.
The finalists now consist of Ralph-Ramsey's favorite Chef, Jimmy, Elsie and Michael.

I'm kind of rooting for Jimmy.

Editor Note-I have been informed by a commenter that it was not JESSICA who was eliminate. Jimmy was eliminated. I don't know how I got that wrong but I checked the Fox web site for the show and this is true.

So I won't root for Jimmy. Now I'm going with Elsie.

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