Daily Update 9/19/05


Daily Update:
German elections, Hugo Chavez, and the President has to pee
Tune in for the Week Just Passed. Which was a busy one.

John Roberts' confirmation hearings provided a yawn.

A Moonbat Judge declared the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional...madness from the Darth Vader contingent.

Bush takes responsibility for the slow reaction to Katrina on the federal level.

State goofballs silent.

And, of course, the political cartoon of the week.
Here's a Quotable/Notable. We've got terrorist organization Hamas on Israel, and some Palestinian quotes on the Gaza Pullout.

And the NY Times indulges in not so subtle activism Journalism yet again.
Click in real quick for this Web Site of the Week for the latest fashion in bathing suits.

It's a quick giggle then off to weightier matters.

Daily Update Below.

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Bush's Bathroom Blather
No one's sure if it's real or it's faked. Or if it happened or didn't happen. Or if poor President Bush ever got to relieve himself.

The real sadness of it all is why on earth such a thing would beguile the lowlifes at Reuters News Service.

So the President had to pee? Since when is this headline news?

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The U.N. Is In Town

Hugo Chavez, Castro's best buddy who is currently making a mess in Venezuela, took exception to American Pat Robertson suggesting we just murder the man and save a lot of lives.

Okay, so we don't kill dictators, despots and various sons of camels as required. But there is some efficiency in the suggestion.

Seems Chavez suggested that the UN building be moved to Jerusalem. A comment he knew would inflame. The assumption is, of course, that Jerusalem, currently under Israel control, would be given to the Palestinians.

So he gave his speech and 55 thugs, thieves and sons of camels applauded his idiocy.

Most Americans would shout for joy if they moved that dishonest den of thugs, thieves and sons of camels anywhere else but in the United States.
Ya hoo.News:
Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez scolded evangelist Pat Robertson for calling for his assassination and also criticized the U.S. government.

He suggested the United Nations headquarters be moved to Jerusalem.

"The proposal has the merit of providing a response to the conflict experienced by Palestine, but it may be difficult to bring about," Chavez said in a speech that earned him the heartiest applause of the 55 leaders to speak so far.

The German Election

I am not very familiar with German election laws. I'm a little more familiar with this current German election. In that I know that Gerhard Schroeder is a bit of an asshole and two-faced hypocrite, forgive my blunt assessment.

Europeans are so hopelessly sunk in the quagmire of silly and pointless socialism that it's like pulling teeth to get them to wake up and vote the fools out of office.

But they are, slowly and one by one.

Blair got re-elected. Spain, well Spain might take more time. Aussie Howard got re-elected handily.

French voters turned their noses up firmly at the stupid European Union.

As of this writing, it's a toss up if the Germans are finally going to get rid of Schroeder.

Schroeder's doing an Al Gore and refusing to concede the election.

I'll check out more and re-visit the matter.

Yahoo com:
Exit polls showed conservative challenger Angela Merkel's party leading in German parliamentary elections Sunday but falling short of the majority she needed to form a center-right coalition as the nation's first female chancellor.

Gerhard Schroeder refused to concede defeat and said he could still theoretically remain in power if talks with other parties were successful.

"I feel myself confirmed in ensuring on behalf of our country that there is in the next four years a stable government under my leadership," he said to cheering supporters at his Social Democrat party headquarters.


Here's a True Crime post, first after Hurricane Katrina.

True Crime tends to pale when thousands are dying in the worst natural disaster in history.

We re-visit Aruba where, while Katrina raged, three criminals were released from Aruban jail.

Update on the famous Wendy chili finger and children kept in cages by cruel caretakers.
It's a Katrina for Kaitlyn update.

Documentation of what would be hilarious if not so sad examples of federal and state ineptness.

And a great picture montage mapping New Orleans and where all the failures occurred.
Lots of comments on Katrina and Bush the pickle brain bastard


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