Daily Update=9/12/05

Daily Update:

Some funny vignettes from yesterday's talk shows. Including a silly Louisiana Senator who blamed the Katrina aftermath snafu on, I kid you not, Bush's opposition to mass transportation.
Here's a "Katrina for Kaitlyn" post.

Document for Granddaughter and wise yon readers is the debacle of the Debit cards, why The Wise I knew they would never work.

And a political picture of Hillary's "Katrina Kommission" as she envisions it.
It's a Notable/Quotable and we've got some beauties.

Including the Louisiana Governor with a Plan. Wait till you see what it was.

Oh, and no less a law enforcement expert than Celine Dion waxes on about looters.

Finally, Liberals admire failure. So much so that Richard Cohen of the Washington Post tells us why failure should be a qualification for the Supreme Court.
The one good benefit from Hurricane Katrina is...hey, anyone remember Cindy Sheehan?

In this Web Site of the Week we not only forget Cindy Sheehan, we remember those brave citizens from "MoveAmericaForward" who went out to fight the Lamestream Media and that idiot woman herself in their "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" tour.

Daily Update Below.

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Senator Landreau-Lame as They Come
She's blond and she epitomizes every stereotype that comes with that hair color.

Yesterday she was interviewed by Mike Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Mike Wallace cut her no slack and why should he?

She was, of course, carrying the Democrat water, placing all blame on the Feds and defending the locals.

Locals who:

-allowed city school buses to sit mute and unused for evacuation as called for in New Orleans' own evacuation plan.

-Did not allow either the Salvation Army or the Red Cross to go to the Superdome or Convention Center to deliver needed supplies even though both organizations were packed and ready to go and constantly asking permission.

-Refused offers from Florida officials who, one might assume, have great experience in dealing with Hurricanes.

-called out only a limited amount of the Louisiana National Guard to supervise the SuperDome even though many more were available.

The Feds did it.

That's the ticket.

Wallace had to shut the woman up as it appeared that her plan was to talk endlessly and avoid such questions as to why any of the above happened.

Wallace asked Landreau why the buses weren't used and showed that famous picture of them under-water.

This too was the Feds fault as the dimbulb blond proceeded to explain.

"Bush's opposition to mass transit was the problem with the buses," I roughly paraphrase the fine blond Louisiana Senator.

Hand to God. Not making it up.

Poor Louisiana. Saddled with a nitwit Governor AND Senator and a gangsta-rapper for Mayor of New Orleans.

All Democrats and idiots. But I repeat myself.

These lamebrains all should be "men" about it and admit the truth. They took a chance that the levees would not break or that the hurricane would miss Louisiana.

They took a chance and they lost.

It was a bad decision by me what with, hey, I had the Weather channel on and by my aging eyes I saw a great big mother-(expletive deleted) of a hurricane heading right to Louisiana. A category 5 at the time and every anchorman with a mother repeated the common wisdom that the New Orleans' levees were only built to withstand a Cat 3 hurricane.

Perhaps these folks should have watched CNN.

It was a plain bad decision and they had their fun for a week. Blaming Bush's alleged opposition to mass transit, I asked yon wise ladies and gems, is this about as lame as it gets?


It's the Week Just Passed.

Saddamn confesses!

Arnold fights the kooks in the California legislature.

And a cartoon for Renquist, who's now in heaven and check in to see how God greets the former Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Of course, there's the political cartoon of the week.
Time for some Fiction.

In view of the recent tragedy and the sadness of the 9-11 anniversary, we have an appropriately named short story-"Permission to Laugh".

Yon reader DOES have permission to laugh because hey, squirrels in that attic and chocolate decadence is funny stuff.
It's time for some comments.

This is a biggie this week in that a commenter directed me yet another picture of red/blue America.

In the interest of fair and balanced, BOTH pictures presented for yon readers.

Also, the lowdown on Cindy Sheehan and more.

TV Events of Note
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ABC- Monday, September 12 9:00 PM
Sports event, Football

Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons


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