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Political Tidbits

Al Sharpton Writes Hillary a Speech

Anybody who doesn’t think Al Sharpton wrote Hillary’s speech when she lambasted the Republican-controlled Congress for being run like a “plantation”, raise your hand.

Ah. I see a few hands raised. Not many.

This is because Al Sharpton went out with his “walking around” money and was instrumental in getting Hillary the NY Senate Seat. Hillary owes Al.

Thus she had to repeat Al’s sound bytes because if shyster Al Sharpton knows nothing, he knows the sound bytes that will rile up the votes for his candidate.

I saw Al on many of the political talk shows this past week, all smiling and smug. But of course! He had Hillary do his dance and not many people can claim this.

What set of words could be more inflammatory than referring to anything in America as being run like a plantation? An image that conjures up white slave owners as they whip the black slave workers into submission? It’s not a territory most politicians with any sense would normally tread.

But if Hillary wants Al to do her bidding in the next NY Senatorial election, hey, she has to give a little.

Meanwhile I listened to the shocked pundits who claim Newt Gingrich made the same claim back in 1994. Though I’ve yet to see one such quote and/or attribution to Gingrich, it is evidently their talking points and it’s the DNC’s defense of Hillary.

Anybody with half a brain knows Hillary was speaking to an audience that wanted to hear such inflammatory rhetoric. Guys like Al Sharpton keep their power by firing up a large base of people with such rhetoric. Keep the downtrodden convinced that the plantation owners still run the show, buy them a pack of cigarettes on election day, drive them to the polls, and boom. The politico gets elected, the downtrodden get some free smokes and Al Sharpton, a shyster who would be a big zero were it not for his contacts snaking throughout the NY black community, remains in power.

Somebody tell the puzzled pundits lest they fret even more trying to find rhyme or reason to it all.

NEW YORK -- Sounding a little like a preacher, a fired-up Sen. Hillary Clinton lambasted the Bush administration and the Republican-controlled Congress during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event, predicting the presidency "will go down in history as one of the worst" and saying the House of Representatives is run like a "plantation" where dissenting voices are squelched.

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"When you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation, and you know what I'm talking about," Clinton, D-N.Y., told the crowd at the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem. "It has been run in a way so that nobody with a contrary view has had a chance to present legislation, to make an argument, to be heard."

Maryland Politicos Put Union Campaign Contributions Over Fair Law

As it would turn out, the state of Maryland also does not provide health care for their own contractual employees. As most businesses do not. Part time and contractual employees are not normally granted the perks of health care coverage, paid vacations and/or matching retirement contributions. These things are usually given to full-time employees as a way of, well, getting and keeping full-time employees.

Hey, that’s if the mighty unions do not give great contributions to the politicos in charge. Then hypocrisy rules the day.

The Republican senator, who represents the Eastern Shore's 38th District, threatened to filibuster in an effort to sustain the governor's veto, but the one-man filibuster didn't last long.

"Mr. President, how can we go out to private business and tell them they have to pay a percentage and we don't pay anything to our contractual employees? That, to me, is the height of hypocrisy," Stoltzfus said.

The governor defended his veto on Wednesday during a live interview on CNBC.

"This is real bad policy; this is embarrassing policy. Everybody knows it's silly, artificial and very subjective," Ehrlich said. "It's a starting point for the unions and their never-ending campaigns against Wal-Mart."

Ney Steps Down

It would seem that both Democratic and Republican parties are doing clean-up in anticipation of the rapidly developing Jack Abramoff scandal.

Ohio’s Bob Ney, as I wrote in my Jack Abramoff post is solidly entrenched in this scandal, having gotten himself involved in an Abramoff business in the state of Florida. Which has nothing to do with Ohio in case one should ask.

At the very least this man should not be head of a committee charged with investigating questionable congressional actions involving, well, that committee.

WASHINGTON (Jan. 16) - The House Republican leadership has achieved its goal of separating Rep. Bob Ney, the committee chairman implicated in a burgeoning scandal, from GOP efforts to change how Congress interacts with lobbyists and their clients.

With Ney's decision -- under pressure -- to temporarily step down from chairing the powerful House Administration Committee, the six-term Ohio Republican won't have any control over his party's efforts to stem the damage caused by disgraced GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

As administration committee chairman, Ney would have overseen those reforms. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., wanted to make sure that didn't happen and asked Ney last week to step aside as chairman of the panel.

Meanwhile, the Democrats Begin Their Own Lobbying Reform Attempts

Let us never forget that these congress critters allowed Jack Abramoff to run wild all around the capitol as he bilked his Indian clients of their hopeful money and provided various and sundry congress critters plentiful campaign contributions that the incumbents will win. They, none of them, had an ounce of ethics enough to refuse the money even though any fool anywhere near D.C. knew what Abramoff was up to.

Not they’re out and about and all righteous, firing suspected Abramoff collaborators and returning funds they never should have taken in the first place.

Now the Democratic party has fired their pre-emptive rounds.

Close the Revolving Door. Close the revolving door between the Congress and lobbying firms by doubling (from one year to two) the cooling-off period during which lawmakers, senior Congressional staff, and Executive Branch officials are prohibited from lobbying their former offices. Eliminate floor privileges for former Members of Congress and officers of the Senate and House who return to lobby.

Toughen Public Disclosure of Lobbyist Activity. Significantly expand the information lobbyists must disclose -- including campaign contributions and client fees. Require them to file disclosure reports electronically, and increase the frequency of those filings. Require lobbyists to certify that they did not violate the rules, and make them subject to criminal penalties for false certifications.

Ban Lobbyist Gifts and Travel. Prohibit the receipt of gifts, including gifts of meals, entertainment and travel, from lobbyists.

Shut Down Pay-to-Play Schemes Like the "K Street Project." End efforts like the "K Street Project," which Republicans created to tell corporations and lobbying firms whom they should hire in exchange for political access.

There’s more at the link above. For now, a few tidbits from the Democratic proposals are provided as they, heh, crack down on lobbyists. The Democrats call it “The Open Leadership and Honest Government Act”. Like most Democratic party ideas, there’s a lot of blame George W. Bush, blame the Republicans, we are innocent.

Which they are not.

In fact this frantic last minute race to correct the errors in the lobbying excesses that goes on in D.C. every damn day is laughable.

It keeps the incumbents re-elected.

For if there’s anything all the politicos, Democrats and Republicrats have in common, it’s the need to get re-elected. Given a chance they will come together to that end like they’ll never come together for a Supreme Court nominee.

On the International Front

We have U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan up to his usual. Which is to block any attempt at world peace that he and his son can have free Mercedes and such perks that come to a man seriously on the take.

Now the soft-spoken Kofi’s all involved in appeasing the Iranians. Much like he did for the lovely Saddam who he protected via Hussein’s corrupt “oil-for-palaces” scam. Goodness knows what Kofi’s getting from Iran but there’s likely something in it for him.

From National Review:
Image hosted by Photobucket.comBackstabbing by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan reached another low-water mark late last week, as Annan worked furiously to undo European and American efforts to bring Iran before the Security Council. Reminiscent of his 1998 comment after visiting Saddam Hussein, “I think I can do business with him,” Annan told reporters on Thursday: “I had a 40-minute conversation with Mr. [Ali] Larijani, the Iranian negotiator of the nuclear issue. ...He in turn affirmed to me that they are interested in serious and constructive negotiations...” He later explained, “the negotiations relate to the EU3,” Britain, France, and Germany.

Trouble is, that a few hours earlier the EU3 had issued a statement saying “we have decided to inform the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] Board of Governors that our discussions with Iran have reached an impasse.” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had also told reporters: “The United States fully supports the decision announced today by the [E3-EU]...the basis for negotiation is no longer there, because what the Iranians did was to unilaterally destroy the basis on which the negotiations were taking place...”

Can’t Let the Week Go By Without a Little Ted Kennedy Hypocrisy

After putting on quite a performance at the Alito hearings, grilling the Supreme Court nominee unmercifully about some Princeton alumni group that Alito belonged to, well, well…turns out ol’ Teddy himself was a member of a Harvard group that banned women: “The Owl Club”.

Now Teddy’s going to quit that club, disavowed by Harvard way back in 1984.

From the American Thinker:
O-o-o-h that Ted Kennedy—all beefy and sanctimonious and hypocritical as he once again grilled a real lawyer who was admitted to college and law school on his own fine merit and graduated with highest honors he earned, unlike, well, Ted Kennedy.

And now the great liberal Democrat who mouths the basic platitude of his party-respect for women-while acting (oh why repeat the tragic incident of Mary Jo, his marriage, his enabling his nephew in a rape case, his…) uh, differently, has promised

to quit a Harvard alumni club that forbids female membership “as fast as I can.”

Of course, as he admits, he’s been a member of the organization that is not sanctioned by that oh so pc institution, Harvard, for 52 years. Fast huh?

Political Idiot of the Week

No it’s not Hillary. The woman is shrewd. She’s running for President. She gave a speech that she had to give.

Al Gore, however, esteemed inventor of the Internet and failed presidential candidate, is theoretically not running for anything.

Yet he’s out and about, accusing President Bush of being a Facist, that Iraq is a “colossal mistake”, that Bush spies on everyone.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe usual far left stuff. Hey, helps to bring in Soros money to the Democratic coffers.

The man who would be our President even went so far as to urge a popular revolt to overturn the Bush regime.

Yeah, that’s how we handle things in America. That’s the ticket.

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