"Dancing With the Stars"-It's Veery Close Between Drew and Stacy; A Guest Writer Tells a Chiropractor Story.

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    TV Review: Dancing With the Stars-The Top Four

    I watched the final five contenders on ABC's Dancing With the Stars on 2/9/06 and now take a stand that this contest will be close. Very, very close.

    For Stacy Keibler has turned out to be the femme fatale of the contestants while Drew Lachey dances fluidly upon his well-coordinated feet. The remaining five contenders that evening were:

    George Hamilton
    Lisa Rinna
    Stacy Keibler
    Drew Lachey
    Jerry Rice

    I've taken a personal shine to Jerry Rice and have developed a nostalgic attachment to George Hamilton. I don't believe either of these men will land in the top two for this series.

    Jerry Rice performed a paso doble that evening. In the pre-performance vignette, Rice stressed his need to "get mad". Which puzzled me a tad in that dancing is not considered the sort of activity that requires anger to perfect. Perhaps it was that paso doble thing and indeed Jerry did look to be glaring and ready for battle as the dance began.

    I thought he looked like a Russian Cassock but that's just me. One judge declared the performance "nothing to jump up and down about". Rice's dance team scored 23 points out of a possible thirty.

    Next up, Stacy, doing the jive. I got curious about this dance and discovered that all dances are described onABC's official web site on the series.

    Here's the description of the jive:
    Jive is a rhythmical and swinging dance which was influenced by the Boogie, Rock & Roll, African/American Swing and the Lindyhop. The roots of the Jive are in New York's Harlem.

    It is the fastest of the Latin dances and should show lots of kicks and flicks and twirling of the woman. Although on first impression it might look like the feet are all over the place in every direction, the feet/legs should actually be under the body and the knees should always be close together.

    Jive doesn't move around the dance floor like other dances.

    Distinctive moves:
    The basic movement is chassez to the left chassez to the right and a rock step (changing weight from one foot to the other).

    Look out for the flick, ball, change movement - where you stand on one foot and kick down at the same time.

    Look out for the distinctive kick action in jive where toes are always pointed to the ground when kicking.

    Watch out for the American Spin - when the man lets go of the lady and lets her spin on her own.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comIf ever a faded or striving celebrity benefited from a series such as this one, it would have to be Stacy Keibler. A vignette of Stacy visiting the troops was presented and they loved her. This professional wrestler has made quite a name for herself. She worked hard for it. She deserves it.

    Stacy performed beautifully and looked great. I marvel at how well she dances on those very high heels. I thought she did very well and indeed, Stacy and her partner were awarded a perfect score of 30 for their jive.

    George Hamilton has displayed a pleasant sense of humor during the series. This night he amused by actually hiring a man to teach him how to wiggle. Not only was the lesson amusing, Hamilton used the new moves quite effectively during his routine. Hamilton's dance team tied with Rice, bringing in 23 points.

    Lisa Rinna too hired a trainer only her lessons were in, of all things, etiquette. Lisa and her partner performed the quickstep. Their dance song was Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" and this seemed a very odd choice.

    Initially Rinna's performance was boring and lackluster. Towards the end she really pulled it out with some excellent footwork. Rinna and her partner were awarded 27 points.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.comDrew Lachey performed and displayed some very nice footwork. The man does seem to move his feet marvelously and with seemingly little effort. Drew and his partner too scored a perfect 30 that evening.

    The following night, 2/10/06, the contenders faced the music, as it were, as one couple would be eliminated. I was pretty sure Drew and Stacy were moving on.

    Alas it was my tanned hero, George Hamilton, that was eliminated.

    The final four now are:

    Lisa Rinna
    Stacy Keibler
    Drew Lachey
    Jerry Rice

    The first review of this series posted on 1/10/06. The second review posted on1/15/06.
    George Hamilton and his "packet", is a must-read. The most recent posted 2/9/06, was when the competition was down to five.

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    Altitude Adjustment

    So, I went to one. A chiropractor.

    Interesting thing, that. So many varying opinions, but of course the chiropractor is sure I made the right move.

    I'd been hurting for quite some time. It felt like my back was "out" way up high... When it's like that down lower, Harry and even a friend or two can put it back "in" with some gentle pressure. The high ones, no.

    So I made the decision to go. I was a little nervous, but the doctor (what are they doctors of, anyway?) soon put me at ease. It's a little place, recommended by a co-worker. Only the doctor and his receptionist/assistant.

    She took some general measurements -- blood pressure (114 over 74), pulse (79), height (5'5"), weight (none of your business)... and then the doctor came and spoke with me. He explained what chiropractic medicine is, and how it can help. What it's like, and what it does. What it might be able to do for me.

    Then he checked me. Ran his hands around and over my spine, of course, but also used a reflex hammer on various points of my arms. Pressed down on the top of my head. Had me do some very strange bends and twists with body, limbs, and neck.

    And all the time, I hear myself creaking and occasionally popping. I told him that one of my friends told me that the warranty ran out and I was just falling apart. He told me if I could find my warranty paperwork, he'd honor it.

    Image hosted by

    Then he worked on me. An instrument of some sort... a small popping thing.... was first. He'd explained what it was already, and that it was one of the two ways he could 'adjust' me. This being my very first visit (ever) he was going to use both methods and then I'd know which I liked better. The Popper was interesting. Not painful, but ...strange.

    Second, he used his hands. 'Manual' adjusting. Pressure and just the right touch... so.... and 'pop'.

    Three times I popped pretty good. One of them, right above and between the shoulder blades, was the one that told me when it 'popped' that it was the one that's been bothering me.

    Massage was next. Using ultrasound, and producing heat. Very nice.

    I felt better when I left there than I have in over a week.

    And I still feel better today. Monday I go back. He wants to see if I'm doing something wrong, I think.

    I think I might hope I am.

    The Desk Drawer writer's exercise list


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