Political Tidbits 4/19/06

France Caves Again; Seymour Hersh’s Non-Scoop; Iraqi Propaganda Photographer; More.
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"Tax and spend politicians will always hold up images of police cars, playgrounds and paramedics, promising a litany of pie-in-the-sky services in exchange for just a little bigger piece of your paycheck."

- Carl DeMaio of the Performance Institute

Political Tidbits

Can’t Be Fired Even If Caught Stealing on Tape

For a day or so I almost had some admiration for France. This past week the brats, oops, students, rioted and France had some big machines on the job, including some neat water cannons that were fun to watch. I began to think the French government grew a spine or some such strange thing.

Alas it was not to be. The thugs, er, students, won.

Scuttlebutt has it that even if an employee is caught stealing on videotape he/she can’t be fired in France. Subsequent investigation reveals it to be more complicated than that. But it’s not like an employer can give a thieving employee an immediate boot and that’s the whole point. Once government goes around mucking in private capitalistic enterprises there’s rarely a good result.

France has over 10% unemployment and maybe this is why.

But the thugs, er students, ruled the day. It’s democracy by mob rule. Long live the spineless French that we know how NOT to govern.

From the Gateway Pundit:
French Riot for DemocracyFrench President Jacques Chirac announced that France would scrap its planned youth job contract CPE that allowed companies to fire workers up to two years into their employment:

The announcement was aimed at ending a political crisis for the government of Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin because of opposition to the First Job Contract (CPE). Villepin has been closely linked to the CPE and damaged by the controversy.

"The president of the republic has decided to replace article 8 of the equal opportunities law with measures to help disadvantaged young people find work," said a statement from the presidency.

Seymour Hersh Gets Another Big Scoop

What’s to stop me, a humble blogger, from writing an article quoting “former defense department officials”, “Pentagon civilian security consultants”, and “retired intelligence agents” on all manner of things? Sure there’s the fact that the vaunted “New Yorker” won’t publish my bit of nothing but beyond that …?

Hersh was featured on Meet the Press the Sunday before last and this gave his information and secret sources more credibility than they deserved.

Which is not to say there’s not a kernel of truth to Hersh’s assertions. His article mostly details alleged behind-the-scenes actions at the pentagon, including a plan for covert operations, sabotage scenarios and intelligence plants into the Iranian population to foment unrest.

I can practically see Madeline Albright, Richard Clarke, General Zinni and what is obviously a disgruntled democrat who complains that the administration does not like to notify the minority party of anything. But this is just me guessing here and even if, maybe ESPECIALLY if, Hersh had used these names his article would mean essentially nothing.

The biggest revelation in Hersh’s article is the assertion that the Joint Chiefs of Staff intend to ascend en masse into the Oval office and as a group demand that any plans for pre-emptive nuclear strikes be taken off the table.

Well, duh.

I don’t believe anyone espouses any military action as regards Iran that embraces a pre-emptive nuclear strike. But Hersh reveals this as if the Joint Chiefs are fighting President Bush tooth and nail to prevent just such an eventuality.

To add to this latest shot by the “drive-by” media, we had mine own fine Senator Joseph Biden on Hardball last week. When asked what warning Biden would give to Bush as regards taking any action on Iran, Biden launched into what had to be the most laughable tirade. He pretended to be, well a Democratic Senator from a blue state with ½ an electoral vote, all angry and warning the President not to “screw up again”. The whole scene was hilarious and for a moment I thought that Biden would ascend into a state of ecstasy as he play-acted his dream of armchair general so wonderfully for all the world to see what a kook he really is. Perhaps his hairplugs are starting to get to him.

It’s just anything with these people, anything at all. Even if they have to make up scenarios that MIGHT be happening, or even real ones that the commander-in-chiefs must assume, on some level, MIGHT happen, well it’s all about sound bites, folks. The stupid American public busy carrying this country on its back are expected to hear “nukes, Bush, bomb and Iran” in the same sentence and deduce that the president has plans to annihilate the planet.

As for Iran, those mullahs running that joint know their days are numbered. They’ve got America right next door in Iraq and a populace that desperately wants to be out from under the oil-stained thumbs of the religious clerics who use a religion to govern them.

Follow the money. Those mullahs have gotten right rich on all that Iranian oil wealth and they don’t want to lose their power. They know that soon enough Iraq will get on its feet and soon after their own citizens are going to get all uppity. So they must have nukes to control both their own citizens and scare the rest of the world with threats of usage. The new Iranian president is the puppet sent out to scare the world with grand shows of enriched uranium in vials carried by belly dancers and threats of attacks on Israel.

This does not mean that Iran’s nuclear program is a joke. Not at all. Follow the money, follow the power. Folks who’ve had total control of the entirety of a country’s oil revenue don’t want to give it up.

Hersh’s New Yorker article.

Baltimore Sun Gets Some Competition

For lo many years my birth state of Maryland has been stuck with one newspaper, “The Baltimore Sun”. This such a liberal newspaper it’s almost unreadable. The paper is the Baltimore Examiner. It appears that this is a generic type of newspaper that has a local section for whatever local area it serves.

Hey we’ll take anything at this point.

A Propaganda Photographer?

Michelle Malkin clued us in on Iraqi freelance photographer, Bilal Hussein.

Here’s an enterprising fellow who travels around Iraq taking pictures of the action then selling his wares to journalists safe in the green zone. Ooops. Wait. Could Hussein actually be selling faked pictures to the na├»ve AP and others who purchase his photos?

Michelle queried the AP who responded that the very honest Mr. Hussein has been detained by the U.S. military.

Below a photograph Hussein took.
Possible Staged Photo by Bilail Hussein

Was it staged? Who knows? But it doesn’t matter. The AP will buy any pictures that make America look bad, real or set up.
We are looking into reports that Mr. Hussein was detained by the U.S. military in Iraq but have no further details at this time.
Jack Stokes
The Associated Press
Corporate Communications

Babs Streisand Psycho-elaminates President Bush

It couldn’t be that Bush decided to invade Iraq, with almost ALL of the U.S. congress voting for it as well, because common sense determined a man who habitually attacks his neighbors and defies U.N. sanctions needed to go now could it?

Noted political psychologist Barbra Streisand says she has plumbed the depths of President Bush's psyche, and has come up with his deep-seated reasons for toppling Saddam Hussein.

In her latest "Truth Alert," Dr. Streisand explores what she describes as the "psycho-social reasons relating to Bush’s decision to invade Iraq."

Turns out, according to the oracle of Malibu, Bush has "a long-standing father and son competition based on feelings of jealousy and inadequacy."

Posits Streisand: "Bush saw the opportunity to emerge from his father's shadow and no longer be seen as the perpetual underachiever who consistently failed under the watchful eye of his accomplished father."

Barbra fails to mention why all the congress critters too agreed an invasion of Iraq and toppling of Saddam was prudent.

We must suppose they all too had father issues.

Delay to Replace Bolten?

Josh Bolten has been promoted to the position of White House press secretary. reports that Delay may be in line to replace Bolten in his former position.

As opined on Powerline:
UPI reports that former Majority Leader Tom DeLay is one of a handful of candidates to replace Josh Bolten as Director of the Office of Management and Budget. If we could get the spending-hawk DeLay of the 1990s rather than the "no more fat to cut" DeLay of more recent years, he'd be a good choice. No one knows more about the budget. And I'd like to see the administration show some support for DeLay.

Flight 93 Transcript

If the trial of Zacharias Moussaoui has given up anything, it would be the complete transcript of the final moments of Flight 93.

Well there’s Moussaoui’s fine performance as a defense attorney, of course.

Let the record show:
Transcript-Flight 93

Immigration Political Cartoon

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