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Ron Burkle update. He says he was extorted, now he's in bed with the Clintons. What happened to Commander-in-Chief? And jewelry worn directly in your eyeballs.
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Field of Tulips

Quote of the Day
"More than ever before, Americans are suffering from back problems, back taxes, back rent, back auto payments."
-Robert Orben

[1] If you are right handed, you will tend to chew your food on your right side. If you are left handed, you will tend to chew your food on your left side.

[2] If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. For when a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off.

[3] Your tongue is germ free only if it is pink. If it is white there is a thin film of bacteria on it.

[4] The Mercedes-Benz motto is 'Das Beste oder Nichts', meaning 'the best or nothing.

[5] The Titanic was the first ship to use the SOS signal.

[6] The pupil of the eye expands as much as 45 percent when a person looks at something pleasing.

[7] The average person who stops smoking requires one hour less sleep a night.

[8] Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. Six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.

[9] The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear.

[10] Dalmatians are born without spots.

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Statement by Our Friends the Illegal Aliens

It's a picture by now well known. Let the silent statement of this flag arrangement tell us all we need to know about their loyalty.

Mexican flag over American flag

Update on Ron Burkle-Subject of Gossip Extortion

First covered on this blog HERE, the story of Ron Burkle, supermarket magnate, was about his extortion by an NY Post gossip columnist. For a fee, so it was told, bad gossip about Burkle could be removed from that paper's famouse "Page 6".

So it turns out that Mr. Burkle might have a plan of his own. It involves Hillary and William Jefferson Clinton and once these two get involved in anything the truth goes out the window.

Myrna Blyth wrote a follow up piece at the National on Ron Burkle.

Wow. Such a Byzantine roadmap to, well who knows where. Except Mr. Burkle's alleged extortion by Jared Stern is way more complex than originally thought.

Turns out Mr. Burkle has hired former President Clinton to, well no one knows what Clinton does for Burkle but he collects a lot of money for doing it. Money that goes to, well let's take a guess, maybe Hillary Rodham's potential presidential run? All the campaign finance reform laws in the world will never keep up with the Clintons' ability to re-route cash from the coffers of charities, outrageous book advances, and now the lending of a former President's name to a product for no work but lots of money.

In fact, Ron Burkle just held a fundraiser for Madame Hillary, including such luminaries as Jennifer Lopez, Rob Reiner and Billy Crystal. A million dollar fundraiser.

Elsewhere on the Internet there's intriguing stories about a Clinton-favored private detective, Jared Stern and Ron Burkle, all featuring details of a weird he-blackmailed, she-blackmailed story that boggles the mind.

Suffice it to say that the original Burkle story where he was cast as victim of a gossip columnist is not quite how it went down.

As Myrna Blyth questions, why would Ron Burkle care if Page 6 writes tales of his exploits with supermodels, be they true or false?
So I think you can understand why I just don't get it. Why does a shrewd bachelor with a billion bucks and a casual lifestyle care if a gossip column said he liked to date models and pal around with celebs? Frankly the Times' story about the Clinton-Burkle business connections, as poorly researched as it may have been, is far more intriguing.

What Happened to ABC's Commander in Chief?

I don't get it. The show premiered to much hype as to its historical value, a vaunted cast and whispers that this series will break the ceiling for American women to ascend to the U.S. presidency, possibly as soon as Hillary's planned 2008 run. The series' star, Geena Davis, even won an emmy for her performance.

Actually, I liked the show. Not because it was all that good in terms of script and God knows the series was quite out of touch with reality. I even reviewed the show HERE.

Then ABC sent the show on hiatus, finally bringing it back in varied time slots until, now, the show is being pulled from the ABC lineup.

Well who the hell moved the series all around to different time slots, finally settling the series in the most difficult Thursday night primetime lineup? Who was the genius that put the series on a ten week hiatus, a death knell for any series wanting to succeed?

Scuttlebutt also has it that there were behind-the-scenes problems in terms of scripts and plotlines.

Whatever the case, it almost seems as if ABC WANTED the series to fail. It's strange, premiering a show to so much hype, an emmy-win coming out of the gate, then boom, take the hit series and move it around until the audience can't find it.

Could it be that this series was meant to titillate the American audience and beyond that, its purpose was served?

Strange. Very strange.
LOS ANGELES -- The Allen administration, which started off with such
promise, is coming to a rather ignominious end.

ABC has yanked its freshman drama "Commander In Chief" from the schedule for the rest of May sweeps after the show performed poorly in its new, and exceedingly difficult, Thursday time period. Newsmagazine "Primetime" will take its place at 10 p.m. ET Thursdays for the remaining three weeks of the season.

Stephen Colbert Speaks "Truth to Power"

Stephen Colbert

I never heard of Stephen Colbert before last week. Evidently he's some sort of comedian and he was the featured comic at the recent White House Correspondents Dinner.

Across the Blogosphere, Colbert is either hated or beloved. He is beloved by the left wing types who claim he spoke truth to power. He is despised by the right wing types who consider his performance tasteless and untimely.

First, this truth to power thing is a joke and let's get this out of the way. An example of speaking truth to power would be that brave Chinese man who stood in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square. The protestors in the Ukraine who assembled en masse to protest an illegal election were speaking truth to power; truth to a power that could crush and kill. A comedian who gives a very lame performance making fun of the President of the U.S. when the President cannot complain but must smile good-naturedly is NOT speaking truth to power. Anyone who continues to state that Colbert's performance was speaking truth to power needs to get a grip.

Second, I have no problem with Colbert doing his political routine on the occasion but the whole notion does seem to color the whole concept of a gathering of ersatz enemies such as the White House Press Corps and the administration. It's meant to be a pleasant evening of lampooning and self-deprecation; gentle smiles caused by gentle jibes. To bring in a performer whose sole intent is to get out a political message is in plain bad taste.

Third, I understand that Colbert's performance was really lame and not funny at all.

Richard Cohen of the WAPO, hardly a lover of this administration, also complains about Colbert's performance and he provides an example of a joke by Colbert that's...well judge for yourself:
"This administration is not sinking. This administration is soaring. If anything, they are rearranging the deck chairs on the Hindenburg." A mixed metaphor, and lame as can be.

Laura Ingrahm provided a sound byte of the Colbert routine on her show and dear Lord it was awful, met by a total silence of the audience.

To those who laud Colbert and his daring-do by using what should be a friendly gathering, aren't there plenty of other platforms on which to address political issues? Why ruin one venue that could bridge a gap and establish a companionable relationship between what are normally natural adversaries?

Danish Royal Eats Dogs?

So dog meat tastes like rabbit? Or perhaps your tastes run from dried baby goat to the veal of a suckling calf? Be aware, Prince Henrik of Denmark warns, dog meat is a bit drier than the aforementioned delicacies.

What's really weird, Prince Henrik is honorary president of the Danish Dachshund Club. A dachshund, yeah, that's the ticket, would fit nicely in a roasting pan.

Prince Henrik told the magazine Ud & Se that dog meat tasted like rabbit, dried baby goat, and the veal of a baby suckling calf, only drier.

The Times online today reported that 72-year-old Prince Henrik in a published interview admitted to loving dogs in a rather culinary way: "delicately sliced, lightly fried and served on a plate".

The admission has rocked Denmark, whose royals are committed to ending animal cruelty.

Prince Henrik, in his role as honorary president of the Danish Dachshund Club, is known as a passionate animal lover.

Ten Worst Blockbusters of All Time

Okay, so it's only one guy's opinion. The concept is that movies that grossed well at the box office were maybe not so good. I've included the list below. Click on the link to read the reviewer's reasons for falling within this ignoble list. I've included one excerpt of the reviewer's reasons why one such blockbuster movie was so awful.


10. The Rock
9. Van Helsing
8. Pearl Harbor
7. Meet the Fockers
6. Armageddon
5. Patch Adams
4. Titanic
This pretty much sums up everything you need to know about Titanic: While the actual ship sank in about two hours and 40 minutes, the damn movie ran for almost three-and-a-quarter hours. James Cameron's self-indulgent pet project simply needed that extra half-hour to ensure that the viewers' souls were sucked completely dry. And that's why this movie blows. Well, that and Celine Dion. - Seth Freilich

3. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
2. Big Momma's House
1. Batman & Robin

Fiftieth Anniversary of Play Doh

I had the opportunity to indulge in a bit of PlayDoh fun with my granddaughter. I purchased the product to keep in a toy box here for just such visits. But of course I bought some Play Doh because, well all little kids like Play Doh, right?

Frankly I was unable to fashion the stuff into anything recognizable. Kaitlyn Mae was, at the time, too young to understand what was to be done with the substance. In general the whole thing ended up a big mess.

But Play Doh has certainly been a child favorite for fifty years now. Perhaps in the future I will try it again.

playdohIn 1956 a new type of "modeling clay" for children was invented and began popping up in schools and stores everywhere. In 1965, U.S. Patent No. 3,167,440 was granted to Noah McVicker and Joseph McVicker for a "plastic modeling composition", (which was originally intended to be a wallpaper cleaner) now called Play-Doh. Little did they know that they had created the substance of childhood memories as well as many a childhood meal, unfortunately.

Play-Doh persists as one of the most well known and popular childrens "toys" with over 2 billion cans sold since its invention in 1956. As you attempt to clean your children's Play-Doh out of the carpet, the car, and the bathtub; take a look back with us at how it all got started.

Jewelry That Hangs Right From Your Eyeballs

Talk about your bling-bling. For the time has come, ladies and gems, for the happening and hip who lead this country's fashion standard to don this new jewelry item that hangs off of contact lenses.

According to the promo, the eye jewelry causes no damage to the eyes of the wearer.

Place your orders now.

Jewelry for your eyeballsOver the years, with the help of Jager and horror flicks, I've managed to develop a pretty strong stomach. But this invention makes me cringe and dry-heave a bit. This is eye jewelry developed by Eric Klarenbeek. The jewels hang from contact lenses. Supposedly they don't affect eyesight at all.

More Gossip/Speculation HERE

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