Pop Culture Update 5/19/06

Pop Culture-Rolling Stone Brain Injury. Cruise’s “Mission Impossibe”-not so good. Some blind item fun.
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Monkey family

Quote of the Day
When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you.

According to the Los Angeles Times, some costs of illegal aliens:

1. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
2. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.
3. Over 66% of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayers.
4. Nearly 25% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.
5. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.
6. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.
7. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.
8. 21 radio stations in L.A. are Spanish speaking.
9. In L.A.County 5.1 million people speak English. 3.9 million speak Spanish (10.2 million people in L.A.County).

Web Site Worth the Visit
The Happy Slob's Easy 3-Step Cleaning Solution
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What's Going On In Keith Richards' Brain?

From the first report it was odd. Keith Richards, Rolling Stone wild child, fell out of a palm tree?

Not only that, his fall caused a "hemorrhage" in his brain, requiring a hole in his skull to drain the pressurizing fluids.

The legend is due to go back to hospital

Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards suffered a brain haemorrhage after he fell from a palm tree at the weekend, it has been reported.

Keith RichardsThe star injured himself in a bizarre accident in Fiji last week (April 27). Initial reports indicated he had suffered "mild concussion" following the incident at an exclusive resort.

According to The Sun, after Richards had continued to complain of dull headaches tests revealed a small haemorrhage. He will now have an operation to drain his skull.

The above report indicates Richards suffered a "mild concussion" but while I'm no medical expert, mild concussions seldom require the drilling of holes in one's skull.

"The Herald understands the 62-year-old's condition was much more serious than previously reported," said the newspaper, but did not quote any hospital or medical officials.

"The operation was for a subdural haematoma, a blood clot that forms in the outer membranes of the brain, often from a torn vein," said the Herald.

Australian Broadcasting Corp radio also reported that Richards had undergone surgery and remained in New Zealand under observation.

The above quote, from Reuters, indicates that Richards' condition was "much more serious" than originally reported.

We assume that story about a fall from a palm tree still stands. Strange story. Very strange.

MTV Movie Awards Coming Up

Five nominations for The 40-Year Old Virgin? Five more for The Wedding Crashers?

Below, details on this high-brow awards show to be aired 6/8/2006. Below the quote, link to vote. There's still time!

Mtv has gathered around a lot of stars for its 2006 Movie Awards night (as usual). Taking the stage to debut new music and deliver eagerly awaited live performances are Christina Aguilera and punk rockers, AFI.

Among the presenters of MTV Movie Awards 2006 are Kate Beckinsale, Jamie Foxx, Owen Wilson, Justin Timberlake, Matt Dillon, Will Ferrell, T.I., Kate Hudson, Ludacris, Rebecca Romijn, Kate Bosworth, Famke Janssen, John C. Reilly and Brandon Routh. The show is hosted by Jessica Alba and it will film June 3rd at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, CA premiering to audiences nationwide on Thursday, June 8 at 9pm ET/PT on MTV.

The hottest movies at MTV Movie Awards 2006 seem to be " The 40-Year Old Virgin" and "The Wedding Crashers," each receiving five nominations. Other nominees are "Batman Begins," "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," "Hustle & Flow," "Sin City" and "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith"

You can vote for your favorite movie at the MTV Movie Awards site before May, 19th.


Last Titanic Survivor Dies

Actually there are other survivors of the Titanic disaster but they were babies when that "unsinkable" ship went down. Asplund was five years old when the ship sank and she lost her father and three brothers during the mishap.

Lillian's mother once reported on the ship's sinking. She said that Lilli's father told her to go one ahead with the two youngest children (Lillian's youngest brother, Felix, also survived the disaster), that he and the three brothers would get another lifeboat. Lillian's father and her three brothers were not heard from again.

From Star Tribune
BOSTON (AP) - Lillian Gertrud Asplund, the last American survivor of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, has died, a funeral home said Sunday. She was 99.

Media Nuggets

Thanks to FreeRepublic.

Deborah "Meow" re MSNBC's Rita Cosby.
And I'm sure Rita Cosby is a very hardworking woman, but you will never see Deborah Norville anchoring a show from a whorehouse. I don't think that's the definition of news in this country.

Is Howard Stern worth it?
By far the largest factor affecting the results was costs for stock-based compensation, which all companies had to begin recording this year under new accounting rules. Sirius reported stock compensation expenses of $284.6 million, of which about $225 million went to Stern and his affiliates, a company spokesman said.

Dateline, 48 Hours, 20/20-struggling to survive.
The appeal couldn't be any more plain, or plaintive. Broadcast network newsmagazines are at a low ebb - with likely even fewer hours on the air next season - and the popularity of reality television is chiefly to blame.

NY Times Defends Zarqawi!

Newspaper circulation continues downward spiral.

XM Satellite Chief Cashes Out

No links provided; Still Good Stuff:
Latest casualty in Wash.Post newsroom job-cuts - health care reporter & Foxnews contributor Ceci Connolly. She is out because her reporting about Katrina from N.O. required WP to run multiple corrections. Also, reading press releases from NARAL & Planned Parenthood is ok - but passing them to readers as fact is NOT.

Remember Wash.Post WH beat reporter Jim VandeHei created news instead of reporting by whining about Fox on Air Force One? Wash.Post editors took him to woodshed and removed him from his WH beat. Wash.Post National desk editor Michael Abramowitz takes his place.

Snort, Giggle, Grin and Reminisce

Came across this pic of a cell phone from olden times. Husband once owned a phone like this, took two hands to carry it around. Compare to current cell phones, which also record movies, take pictures and download email.

New and Old-time Cell phones

Will & Grace Series Finale

By the time of this reading, that awful series, Will & Grace will have had its season finale and by me it's good riddance.

The snort here is the initial Internet hoax, published two weeks before the anticipated final show, declared that the series would end as follows:
'Will & Grace' (NBC/Global)
Thursday, May 18, 2006

The series finale zips ahead 15 years in the future where an older, toupee-wearing Will (Eric McCormack) and an equally older, fat Grace (Debra Messing) have been living in the same apartment where they're bringing up their rebellious son; Karen (Megan Mullaly) is finally booze-free; and Jack (Sean Hayes) get married... to Kevin Bacon.

The above "spoiler", in this case copied from Google Groups Alt.Celebrities.Gossip, was supposed to be a hoot, one must suppose.

In case yon reader missed this fine show's series finale, the correct synopsis is as follows:
the finale Will and Grace break up and each find happy life and raise kids separately (Grace with Leo, Will adopts kid with Vince).

They meet again in the future though: in two years (where they realise that break up was only good for them), and in twenty years when their kids fall in love with each other. In the end Will and Grace make up and become friends again and live together when they are old.

One of the last scenes in the series is actually remake of the very first scene from the pilot (dialog "Goodnight Gracie"), only with Will and Grace 28 years older.

As for Karen and Jack... Jack hooks up with Beverley Leslie for the money (to support Karen who looses everything after divorcing Stan). In the end Jack and Karen inherit Leslie's millions.

I chanced to come across this series during the daytime hours. When Lifetime, for whatever bizarre reason, took their Golden Girls re-runs off the air and replaced them with Will & Grace. With no bother of channel-changing, I watched a couple of shows and my mind went kerplooey that this schlock is the best humor the writers and producers could come up with. Homosexual humor, yeah, that's the ticket. Throw in a flaming homo for good measure.

The last straw came when one show featured Grace getting up her nerve to participate in a "ménage-a-trois" with a male friend and his current girlfriend, just to prove how happening and hip she is. This episode had Grace struggling with her ethics as she and the other two would-be participants bounced around the bedroom as the double-entendres ran rampant. With disgust I finally changed the channel. The show wasn't funny, it did nothing to promote the concept of a healthy homosexual relationship, and the plot lines were just plain smutty.

Justice for the Celebrated

For a mere $550 an hour, you too could hire your own retired judge to adjudicate while also maintaining desired discretion.

Actually the notion of hiring an independent arbitrator is not at all new. Unions regularly negotiate contracts that stipulate an agreed-upon arbitrator with whose verdict both sides will accept as indicated in advance of any dispute.

The advantage for those in the public eye is the ability to keep nasty bits from getting in the public domain; nasty bits that could ruin lucrative careers.

If this expensive system should fail, there's always the public justice system to fall back on. We note the lying Clinton buddy, Ron Burkle, availed himself of the service. Heh.

Hollywood stars and business moguls alike are paying retired jurists to quietly handle their civil disputes outside the glare of public courthouses, a practice some warn is creating a secret justice system for the rich and famous.

Under California law, the parties to a lawsuit can agree to hire a private judge who, unlike those paid to act as mediators or arbitrators, issue rulings that can be appealed.

Such cases are still subject to the same public access requirements of trials held in court, but often many of them prove difficult to track. Proceedings are held in private offices and documents don't always make it into the public record.

Two high-profile divorce cases - one involving Michael Jackson, the other supermarket magnate Ronald Burkle - has helped reignite the debate over private judges after the media was denied access to proceedings and case files.


Culled shamelessly from Google's "Alt-Gossip-Celebrity" newsgroup.
From: NY Daily News BLIND ITEM 5/6**

Which '90s supermodel legend has such a drinking problem she carries minibar bottles around in her handbag?

  • Linda Evangelista?

    From: NY Post Page 6 BLIND ITEMS 5/8**

    WHICH large-living celebrity chef may be about to get an intervention from concerned friends who are increasingly worried about his gargantuan appetite for cocaine, cigarettes and expensive cheese?

  • Anthony Bourdain.

    From Wikipedia:

    Bourdain is noted for being a bit racy and hardcore. He is an unrepentant smoker and drinker, and a former user of both cocaine and heroin. In a nod to Bourdain's two-pack-a-day cigarette habit, renowned chef Thomas Keller once served him a 20-course tasting menu including a mid-meal "coffee and cigarettes" dish of foie gras with tobacco-infused custard. His liberal use of light profanity and sexual references in No Reservations has netted the show a viewer discretion advisory shown in the beginning and every time it returns from commercial breaks.

    Cruise's Mission Impossible 3"...Not So Good

    Couple of things here.

    Comes a time in every actor's life when the clock just runs out. Were Cruise not a now well-known kookonut it would still be time for him to give it up.

    Given that Cruise is now widely viewed as the kookonut that he is, what with jumping around on couches and that goofy Scientology association, this only adds to the unavoidable conclusion that his fame is fading.

    Finally, hey, we've now got Jack Bauer as a model for this genre and handsome Cruise of the questionable sexuality does not even come close.

    Were it not for Cruise's name and monetary influence he would be long gone by now. As it is it will take a couple of his movies, lots of money thrown for the hype, until, like so many has-beens before him, he eventually fizzles out to nonexistence.

    Mission: Impossible 3" had a tough weekend: The total take, according to, came to $48 million. And this was a wide, wide release: More than 4,000 theaters unreeled Tom Cruise and company's latest adventure if you wanted to see it. The problem, it seems, is that a lot of people didn't.

    How to measure the "M:I:3" opening weekend? Last year, "War of the Worlds," Cruise's last movie, earned $64.8 million on its opening. The number of theaters was comparable...."

    Weird Houses

    Home and Garden TV often has specials featuring crazy houses and the people who built and/or live in them. In fact, a few of the homes pictured in the link below were also featured in some of these same shows.

    I always marvel at the ingenuity of people who re-model such as old corn silos or forgotten churches into homes that they live in and love.

    One such unusual home is pictured below. Click on the link to see some more.

    It takes all kinds to make a world and those who live in strange abodes are certainly one of a kind.

    House Shaped Like a Shoe

    More Gossip/Speculation HERE
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