The Rights of Airplane Passengers

The Rights of Airplane Passengers

Montage of Airplane Crashes, humorous

This past week our congress critters have been holding hearings on the rights of airplane passengers. Indeed.

Because in the waning weeks of summer reports of horror have been emanating from the airplane landing strips across the fruited plains.

Ladies and gems, human airline passengers had been treated worse than the law would allow a crated animal in the cargo hold to be handled. ]

And it wasn’t because of terrorism, ladies and gems. Indeed since the Islamofacist kooks determined one of the best forms of terrorism was to somehow fell a plane full of happy traveling passengers we all shrugged our collective common sense shoulders and allowed our shoes to be removed, needed liquids and medicines to be consumed in front of witnesses before boarding and have our personal luggage inspected in view of half the world.

No, the recent spate of airline delays was explained as being due to any manner of things including computer malfunctions, unexpected (and unexplained) delays in the air on to no explanation at all. In one case a plane full of passengers were locked in an airplane for almost eleven hours.

In some parts of the world that’s called illegal imprisonment. The passengers on this plane were holding up signs begging for help.

Imagine if you will being confined to a big aluminum tube on some landing strip somewhere for almost twelve hours! Folks I would have been screaming and yelling and putting on such a scene that they’d have to remove me for the fear of the hysteria.

By golly our congress critters should get their butts working on this matter. There is simply no excuse for this and no other business would get away with it.

We’ll be paying close attention to how well our legislators deal with this issue even though the job might require some show-boating presidential candidates to actually do something to serve the people.

What a concept.

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