Sarkozy Is the President of France?

President Sarkozy Praises America As It Rightly Deserves

Of course the hateful BBC has to say that Sarkozy is seeking America’s heart because he lost his own.


We are reminded of Sarkozy’s abrupt leaving of the CBS “60 Minutes” crew when they asked him a question about his divorce. He made that hostess with the Halloween hair look so stupid and damn it was nice.

I listened to the Sarkozy speech, Youtube video below.

Just a few quotes from the video above:
"wherever an American soldier dies in the world, I think of what the American army did for France"; “we will remain in Afghanistan for as long as it takes”; “terrorism shall not prevail”

I’d heard various other speeches by Sarkozy during his visit and I could not believe my lying ears!

Sarkozy...President of France

The man praised America as the greatest country on this planet, which it is. He expressed pride of America’s historic relationship with France from the Revolutionary war through the present day. He said he knew that his own country has gone down a road it shouldn’t have and he intends to change it.

At times I positively cried.

Ladies and gems, the rest of this planet does not hate America as the liberals would have you believe. In fact, they LOVE America and why not? This IS the greatest country on earth. Why are they all trying to get INTO this country if they hate it so?

I know those that hate this country, including many that are citizens of this country, hated to have to hear France, of all countries, praising America.

I have two things to say to the new President of France. Mr. Sarkozy, thank you for finally saying what the jealous and evil dictators and despots never want said and…

Mr. Sarkozy…I am around your age. If you’re thinking of trying out an American woman…my email address is on the sidebar.

For President Sarkozy of France is HOT.

I’m just sayin’ …

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