Wayne DuMond....Mike Huckabee's Hero

We’ve yet another update on Mike Huckabee’s odd business of granting pardons and sentence commutations by the thousands.

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Questions are being raised about then-Gov. Huckabee’s 2004 decision to grant clemency to a repeat Driving While Intoxicated offender in Arkansas named Eugene Fields, despite the objections of a law enforcement official at the time. Documents obtained by NBC News reveal Fields’ case was handled differently from any other DWI clemency or pardon granted by Huckabee, and some Republicans are now suggesting significant political contributions may have influenced the governor’s decision.
In August 2001, Fields, of Van Buren, Ark., was convicted of his fourth DWI charge, a felony in the state of Arkansas, was sentenced to six years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Fields reported to prison in August of 2003.

Now this fellow Fields has contributed mightily to the Arkansas state Republican party but the true common denominator with Huckabee is the pardonee’s connection to religious pastors/evangelicals.


For now the Drive-By media continues to be mesmerized by the fine Huckabee who never met a criminal with money he didn’t like.

Meanwhile, the Bloggers continue to document it all because, yon ladies and gems, in due course…in due course…

12/12/07-EDITOR NOTE...after publishing this I received some updates that boggle the mind regarding Mike Huckabee and his love of perverted criminals. At the bottom of this piece I am quoting another article about yet another criminal Huckabee is trying to spring from jail. This particular fine man kidnapped a woman, beat her almost to death with sticks, stuck her in his trunk, raped her again while she was dying, ran over her three times with his car then left her to die in a remote area.

Huckabee seems to think the woman's death was an accident.

Wayne DuMond-Bad News Since 1972 So Why Was a Governor of Arkansas All Over the Place to Set This Man Free?

Huckabee who ought to be ashamed

We must all remember the story of Wayne DuMond the next time some liberal gets up in our face arguing the innocence of this wrongly jailed criminal or that one over there. Because convicted rapist Wayne DuMond had a bevy of defenders, including church ladies, famous pundits and a Governor. Wayne DuMond got his freedom thanks to all these fine folk who went to the mat defending him. He even married one of his church lady buddies who visited him in jail every week, such a fine man…such stupid women.

Within six months of his release, DuMond raped and suffocated Carol Shields. Some Arkansas Blogger should look up DuMond’s very bright wife who married this jailbird and ask her how did it feel to have the man you worked so hard to free up and murder someone six months after her wedding? DuMond is believe to have murdered another Missouri woman but was never charged.

Or how about some Arkansas Blogger looks up the fine and intelligent Jay Cole, a Baptist minister and conservative talk show host who spent ten years championing the release of DuMond and ask him how does it feel to know your efforts likely cost two women their lives, one the mother of six children?

Or hey, Steve Dunleavy, once host of “A Current Affair” was a great defender of DuMond, even calling DuMond’s rape victim a “so-called” victim and the rape “That rape that never happened.” I’d like to know how the very intelligent Dunleavy feels now that the fine man he so defended murdered two more women and what he would say to Carol Shields’ six children whose mother died after being raped by Dunleavy’s hero, Wayne DuMond.

I cannot detail all the information in
this 2005 article in the Arkansas Times by Murry Waas when the devil finally took DuMond to hell to live in flames. This article was written in 2005 and is a reprint of the 2002 piece on Wayne DuMond.

The occasion prompts us to republish Murray Waas' prize-winning article for the Arkansas Times in 2002 about the extraordinary steps Gov. Mike Huckabee took to help win Dumond's freedom. He has since blamed others for Dumond's release to kill again, but his actions over many years demonstrated his support for Dumond and, ultimately, the instrumental role he played in the parole board's decision to free him.

DuMond...Huckabee's friend

As detailed in Waas’ article, Mike Huckabee was up to his neck in the release of criminal, rapist and murderer, Wayne DuMond.

Sure he smiles affably when queried about the matter now that he wants to be our president and shrugs. No, he lies, he had very little to do with obtaining the release of Wayne DuMond, just the sort of thing a Governor does the friendly Huckabee explains.


Mike Huckabee personally attended the parole board meeting considering DuMond’s release. Further, Huckabee had that parole board meeting go into executive session, something totally unallowed per the Freedom of Information Act. Huckabee manipulated DuMond’s transfer to another institution to better meet a deadline to get DuMond paroled and he twisted arms all over the place to get his hero DuMond released.

In an effort to handle PR fallout, Huckabee did meet with DuMond’s rape victim who got him thrown into jail in the first place, Ashley Stevens, as well as her father and the prosecutor on the case. According to those meeting attendees, Huckabee didn’t want to hear the truth. He told Stevens that there was NO DNA evidence implicating DuMond, which was a lie. Stevens was raped in 1985. Back then DNA profiles were not as sophisticated as they are today. Either NO DNA was collected or what had been collected was lost. There was no DNA evidence for reasons other than the fact that DuMond didn’t do it.

Huckabee’s fingerprints are all over every aspect of the DuMond release and I don’t for a minute buy his sincere regret over the rape/murder of two women because of his actions. Oh I’m sure Huckabee regrets that his hero DuMond went on and raped and murdered two more women but the way this preacher man is lying about his involvement I can only assume his regret is due to the damage it might do to his candidacy.

It isn’t clear just why Mike Huckabee got himself so involved in the release of this DuMond creep, especially right after his election. The unkind might suggest that some of those church people, like maybe those stupid women who were so in love with this guy, contributed mightily to his campaign. It could be that Huckabee truly believed in DuMond’s innocence although to say that DuMond has a pristine record prior to his rape of Ashley Stevens would also be a lie. It would only have taken minimal investigation to discover that DuMond was involved in the murder of a man in 1972 and confessed to the rape of another woman later. DuMond had a very extensive criminal history and I’d think a Governor had the power and resources to check it out.

Mike Huckabee made a terrible mistake. A terrible, terrible mistake and if you and I had done such a horrible thing in our job we would have been fired, much less never be given a chance to run for President of the United States.

Now the man lies with his toothy beaver smile and two women died horribly because…well no one really knows Huckabee’s motive for getting the lovely DuMond released.

We will leave with this information now on the Drudge report but from the link given to me first, From Holy Coast
Here are the figures for neighboring states since 1996, when Huckabee took office (and keep in mind the population of these states is nearly 20 times ours):
___ >> Louisiana – 213.
___ >> Mississippi – 24.
___ >> Missouri – 79.
___ >> Oklahoma – 178.
___ >> Tennessee – 32.
___ >> Texas – 98 (in-cludes 36 inmates released because they were convicted on drug charges with planted evidence).
___ Total: 624 vs. Huckabee's 703.

Wow. This is quite a lot of pardons to be granting. Very suspect.
Below, a complete reprint of the story of the other criminal Huckabee loves, courtesty of

The REAL Mike
Why parole a monster like Green (2004)
Garrick Feldman
The Arkansas Leader

Gov. Huckabee probably never read the confession of a demented killer named Glen Green before he made the monster eligible for parole.

Green's confession is so depraved, its sadistic details so scary that no sane, responsible adult would consider him for parole.

If the governor didn't read the confession, he is guilty of dereliction of duty.

But if he read the confession and still considers Green deserving of parole, he's certainly unfit to hold office. Who would free a madman who beat an 18-year-old woman with Chinese martial-arts sticks, raped her as she barely clung to life, ran over her with his car, then dumped her in the bayou, her hand reaching up, as if begging for mercy?

We're publishing the gruesome picture of Green's victim on the front page because we believe her hand is reaching up to demand justice.

In usual fashion, Huckabee's office didn't even contact the victim's family about the clemency.

Although he's required to by the Constitution, the governor, as is his custom, won't say why he granted clemency to this crazed killer (over the unanimous objections of the Post-Prison Transfer Board).

Huckabee apparently listened to Green's minister (and a friend of the governor), who thinks the murder was an accident and Green was forced to confess.

The Jacksonville police, who arrested Green in 1974 after a witness linked him to the crime, think the minister and Huckabee are both delusional, which is the mildest epitaph we can print.

This old police reporter knows a genuine confession when he sees one, and Green's depravity has the ring of truth.

Green, a 22-year-old sergeant, kidnapped Helen Lynette Spencer on Little Rock Air Force Base, where he beat and kicked her as he tried to rape her in a secluded area. She broke loose and ran toward the barracks' parking lot, where he caught up with her and beat her with a pair of nunchucks.

He then stuffed her into the trunk of his car and left her there while he cleaned up. Several hours later, he drove down Graham Road, past Loop Road and stopped near a bridge in Lonoke County. Green told investigators he put her body in the front seat and raped her because her body was still warm.

He dragged Spencer out of his vehicle and put her in front of the car and ran over her several times, going back and forth. He then collected himself long enough to dump her body in Twin Prairie Bayou.

This is what the Rev. Johnny Jackson, interim pastor at Bethel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, calls an accident, and apparently Huckabee believes him.

"There is no doubt in my mind that he could kill again," warns Pulaski County Prosecutor Larry Jegley.

The crime started out in his jurisdiction and ended in Lonoke County, where Prosecutor Lona McCastlain has also spoken out against the clemency.

"Life means life," she said, referring to Green's sentence after he plead guilty to Spencer's kidnapping, rape and murder.

As he grants clemency to scores of violent criminals, Huckabee's motives are the subject of speculation: Why, people are asking, is he doing it? After studying the record for several weeks, all one can say is that his actions perhaps reflect a combination of arrogance and avarice and ignorance.

While his fellow governors keep electing him to top positions in their little club, he has alienated Arkansans of both parties. They're shocked at not only the amazing number of clemencies but also at the way he ignores the suffering of the victims' families, who are always the last to know when their loved one's killer is up for parole.

Bilenda Harris-Ritter, an attorney who now lives in California, is one of those people who worry all the time that Huckabee might free the man who killed their relatives. Harris-Ritter's parents were murdered in north Arkansas, and she has had to deal with heartless state bureaucrats as she fights to keep the killer locked up.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently named Harris-Ritter chairman of the Public Employees Board, which oversees collective-bargaining agreements among 7,000 employers and 2 million employees.

She is upset that our governor has not been more forthright about his clemencies.

"Huckabee is required by law to make certain notifications. When he does not, the pardon should be voidable," she told us.

She continued, "The people of the good state of Arkansas (and I really mean that) need to think seriously about impeachment."

When told that many people consider Huckabee our worst governor in recent memory, Harris-Ritter replied, "No argument from me, and I am a Republican!"

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