Is It the Beginning of the End For the Clintons?

Bill and Hill own the media, they own many political machines, they own much of the country on so many levels. Early in their presidency all the FBI files of congress critters were taken to the White House. They know everything the political elite did, they know where the bodies are buried. They’ve got foreign governments, dictators, despots and entire rogue countries at their beck and call. The CIA and justice department are filled with bureaucrats all hanging on until the Clintons come back in power and bless them with fine federal salaries.

The Media are at their beck and call. Witness Bill’s refusal to do an upcoming “Gentleman’s Quarterly” article if they talked bad about Hill.

Bill and Hill do NOT own us, the average Joes who carry this country on our backs whilst raising the soldiers and citizens of tomorrow. In fact, Bill and Hill really hate that they have no leverage over us.

It began with the folks in Iowa.

Hill and Bill and hopes they go away tomorrow

The Iowa caucus has never been known for predicting any president on a regular basis. Thus the results of that contest likely don’t mean much.

Except for Queen Hillary.

Folks, this woman has been working that state with all her heart and soul. She’s got lots of money, please don’t forget all that illegal cash she gets from the Chicoms.

If ever a campaign should have done better than third place it was Queen Hillary’s. As a comparison, Fred Thompson too came in third in Iowa and here’s a candidate who sleeps through all campaign stops and failed to get on the ballot in Delaware. Fred came in third and so did Hillary. Fred probably spent a couple of bucks on some coffee; Hillary, I’m betting, spent millions.

My contention is that Iowa is just the beginning.

Oh sure, it could be wishful thinking. I’d love to see the Clintons go away so bad because…well what the hell was their great contribution to the greater good of this country? Ignoring Osama Bin Laden until three thousand Americans died by his evil? Blow jobs in the oval office by young maidens who…well where the hell is Monica lately? Poor child hasn’t yet married and will be forever sullied by her liaison with the Royal He while Bills sails around the country campaigning to be the first First Gentleman. Selling nights in the Lincoln bedroom and X-rated Christmas tree decorations?

Let’s not forget the great pardon sales at term’s end and the taking of almost all of the White House furniture, which belongs to the people.

Not to mention the sweet personality of She Who Would Be Queen. Her charming giggle, her girlish stage-whisper should she be annoyed, the sexy pout of her lips that so intrigues us.

Folks, I think it’s going to happen. I really, really think Hillary’s going down. Not that I like the very liberal Barack HUSSEIN Obama but this guy will forever have a special place in my heart as the ONLY candidate who caught the queen on her own petard.

For someone in the Hillary campaign planted a question about Obama’s campaign in the many former Clinton administration officials within. Oh sure, the Clinton campaign denies it but what average guy knows who’s working on a campaign, much less waste one chance at a question about it? In fact, when the question was asked at some debate or another, Hillary cackled her precious laugh and stated she too wanted to know the answer. As the crowd giggled, Obama said, as I paraphrase, “I’m hoping to have YOU as an advisor on my campaign soon.”

Well it was just so lovely. Obama shut her down with the greatest comeback. Barack Obama, you see and liberal though he is, HAS a personality and a sense of humor.

Further, I damn well admire Oprah for coming out to help Obama. Yeah, Oprah’s the Queen of Daytime Female Sob but she pulled her funding for so-called American “ghetto youth” who wanted name-brand sneakers instead of laptaps. She took her money over to Africa where the need was greater and more appreciated. She took a stand when sexual abuse was going on in the schools she sponsored and yes it happens all the time in the leaderless African continent. Why shouldn’t she come out for the first black man running for President? I see not one thing wrong with Oprah pushing Obama and further, it sure is a sign of just what she thinks of Hillary.

What has the Democrat party done lately for the black people it loves to extort?

If nothing else, Americans don’t much like political dynasties although we will cautiously allow them. I daresay if Jeb Bush were throwing his hat in the ring we’d give him a thumbs down. America likes to shuffle the cards a bit and even if Hillary were the epitome of everything we wanted in the first female Who Would Be Queen, we’d still turn her down to wait a few more years for her turn.

Combine Hillary’s lovely personality with the up and coming Obama fellow and I dare to hope that it was not ordained by the almighty that HILLARY SHALL BE OUR PRESIDENT!

I'm just sayin'...

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