Recession and Hillary's Solutions

The Economy's Collapsing and the Democrats Come Out of the Woodwork

Delaware's Governor, Ruth Minner, affectionately and derisively called by The Wise I as Nanny Minner for her concern for our health that she should be doing Governor stuff and stop worrying to death about smokers, all of a sudden up and showed herself to the public and I could not believe my lying eyeballs.

Here's a Governor that hasn't been seen in over a year as she gallivants all over the earth no mind tiny Delaware which has things requiring gubernatorial attention.

The psychiatric institutions in Delaware are in such bad need of oversight. Semi-lucid patients are raped by the staff. Prisoners in this small state have inadequate health care, state employees are so corrupt and remain employed for having contributed to the right campaigns.

So what does Nanny Minner talk about in her recent debut that shocked the Delaware citizenry so much? But of course, she showed her face in public to ENDORSE HILLARY CLINTON!!!

Well that was a couple of weeks ago and the shock has dimmed. The other day yet another Delaware politico shows his face and the Delaware citizenry is shocked yet again.

For Thomas Carper, Delaware's "other" Senator besides loveable Joe Biden, comes out of the woodwork but no, he didn't endorse Hillary. But he did her bidding anyway.

Into my disbelieving ears I hear Senator Carper espouse some sort of incentive plan to boost our failing economy. His proposed "solution" was so shocking that I almost fell out of my chair.

But before Delaware's Senator Carper's surprising and totally outrageous solution to our pending "recession", some background.

Political cartoon about recession

I am not an economist although I did take two economic courses in college. Didn't do very good at it though.

But I have been watching the stock market and it's went down a couple of days but there's been no mighty crash. I've heard the laments about the mortgage market and alleged mortgage foreclosures but I've also read a dirty secret that quite a large percentage of those loan foreclosures are by people who were in the business of "flipping" houses.

Now flipping houses is something I know about because I oncit upon a time worked for a house flipper for about a year.

House flippers like to take a house that's run down and beat up but with some other great potential going for it. One such house my former employer flipped was a house that was in quite a state of disrepair.

"It's right across the street from a school," my attorney employer showed me. I couldn't get over the state of the house he wanted to buy, fix up and sell for a great profit, which is what "flipping" is. It was, as the fellow pointed out, across the street from a school and nice playground. All the surrounding houses were in a good state of repair and thus I learned the ingredients of a house with good "flip" potential.

Indeed my employer did purchase that Baltimore row home and he fixed it up to a nice state of repair. He sold it to a low-income family. The family made out in that they got a house they couldn't have afforded had it been brand new, my employer made a right nice profit, and all lived happily ever after.

My employer did take loans out on the homes but at that time there was no such thing as a graduated mortgage. Or if there was he didn't need it as he'd been in business quite a while and had good credit.

Flipping houses at that time was considered an unsavory business although I don't know why. It seemed to me that it was a capitalistic endeavor and how is that a bad thing?

At any rate, any average joe with some home repair talent can flip houses and it's a way for an ordinary guy to turn a profit for some sweat. Those with not so good credit can get graduated mortgages, allowing a beginning with low interest that increases over time, ostensibly along with one's income as might have been the plan, but flippers can conceivably repair and restore a house before the interest increases.

Given a slight stall in house purchases, however, and flippers can find themselves in a heap of trouble. They are already struggling to make payments on a second domicile. If they can't repair and turn around a flipped house before the interest increases or even at all...well they face foreclosure on the mortgage and the loss of their investment house.

This is not quite the same thing as one's own personal domicile although the boo-hooers sobbing about mortgage foreclosures don't want you to know this.

It's mortgage lenders that serve to benefit by government intervention into these mortgage foreclosures as they are the ones who stand to lose the money they lent to flippers who can't repay the loans. So they contributed to the candidate who will deceive the public and tout the cause that the feds come in and pay off these bad loans.

So what's this have to do with Hillary?

Well the flipping mortgage foreclosures by itself, not much. But don't be fooled. For She who will be our President dammit knows that, if all else fails, but of course, GIVE MONEY AWAY!

So create the impression that economic disaster is imminent, which it's not by any normal measurement, and hey, how about I give you some money to spend and you vote for me?

Which is essentially what is being espoused and promoted by the Clinton campaign in that talk about some kind of rebate to be given to little folks like you and I, particularly those who don't even pay any income taxes at all.

Which is what my Senator Tom Carper was proposing the day I heard him talk and I thought he'd lost his mind. First, they never say give money to those who DON'T PAY ANY FEDERAL INCOME TAXES. That being a solid Democrat, Hillary voting block. As Senator Carper phrased it, better to fool us idiots out here in la-la land, rebates would be given to those who pay FICA and MEDICARE taxes only from their paychecks.


Well this would include folks who PAY NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES because damn those Dems must think we are dumb. Every dollar most of us earn is taxed for FICA and Medicare. Federal and state taxes mostly are calculated on a graduated income scale. FICA taxes begin at the first penny.

This means, essentially, that Hillary, via her second Delaware voice, Democrat Senator Thomas Carper, is proposing to give HER voting block, folks who do not pay income taxes, a REBATE! Which means she wants to take dollars out of my pocket and give it to the poor, God Bless her.

It got even weirder when Senator Carper also proposed, I'm not making this up, that we stimulate the economy, heh, by giving money to the poor to pay their heating bills that they not freeze to death.

First, I haven't heard of any Delaware citizens freezing to death since I've lived in this state and that's been five years now. Second, tell me again exactly how giving money to the alleged "poor" to pay their heating bill is going to stimulate the economy.

Delaware has a fine and very active social service department. Should a family be unable to pay for heat, trust that there are welfare services to help. As there should be as few would stand by and allow people to freeze to death for lack of funds and hard times.

But to give them money somehow, some way, under the guise of "stimulating" the economy is nothing more than Hillary giving away money for votes.

Do not be fooled.

Finally, President Bush himself came out recently with a proposal himself to stimulate the economy and yes, he tried to fool me too.

Although it was clever as all get out. For Bush doesn't think there's any recession going on and I suspect, but have no proof, that the Republicans approached Bush and asked him to get out in front of that 8 ball and propose tax cuts and other things that really DO stimulate the economy.

Thereby putting the Democrats in the position, particularly Hillary and Obama, of voting AGAINST a tax cut, God love 'em. Much less that free heating oil for the poor...what a scam that was.

I heard ole Dingy Harry was fit to be tied because hey, it was part of the plan.

Drum up talk of a recession, put out talking points about mortgage foreclosures and folks freezing to death and give away money!


Whatever it takes, folks. Whatever it takes.

For SHE SHALL BE YOUR PRESIDENT! It's her title, dammit, she's worked for it, and she deserves it.

I'm just sayin'...

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