Whatever Happened to That Kid Who Could Spell "Potato" When Quayle Could Not? Hint-He Didn't Make It to Harvard

Catching up on this week's Pop Culture we find a fellow who got his finger stuck in his gas tank and a couple who made mad love on a roof to end up dead.

Some news on the Berlin polar bear cutie, Al Gore's daughter yaps about nothing, Prince William gossip about his girlfriend and my own comments about William and Harry's joke of an initerview.

And whatever happened to that kid who could spell "potato" when VP Dan Quayle could not? Think he ended up a genius at Harvard?


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cute horse same size as dog

Quote of the Day

"It was incredibly annoying. What can I say, the Internet is the land of the great sucker punch," laughs Jaleel. "It's just unfortunate that people can do that to you and kind of hide behind anonymous names." - Jaleel White on the Internet rumors that he died.
"I'm not that good at it. I find the odor noxious. But my wife is, like, boom, boom, bing, boom." - Ben Affleck on changing diapers
"Unattractive people are more obsessed with looks." - Rae Dawn Chong

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Ocean Gram allows you to send and receive messages in a bottle to and from all over the world.



A video tale of a dog's attempt to get a date with presidential dog Barney.

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Polar Bear Brings Attention and Money to Berlin Zoo

Knut is cute, the visitors to the Berlin Zoo love him, he brings in money.

From Zoo-Berlin:
Knut is the newest star of Berlin Zoo. The little polar bear was born on Dec. 5, 2006, the first polar bear to be born in Berlin Zoo in over 30 years.

The Berlin Polar Bear beloved by all

The Berlin Zoo web site also has Knut videos, Knut wallpaper, Knut pictures and much more.

Heh. You never know what will capture humans' fascination.

Kristin Gore Pens a Book

While she'll never sell as many books as mine own wise self has, we'll be sports and have a look-see into what sorts of tales Al Gore's daughter offers the reading public.

Although he has successfully removed himself from Washington, you yourself are occupying the West Wing, at least imaginatively. Your forthcoming novel, “Sammy’s House,’ is a political satire set in the White House. Is that a case of wishful thinking? Not at all.

I am very happy living on the opposite coast from D.C. Any writing teacher tells you to write what you know, and for better or for worse, Washington is a world I know well.

One amusing tidbit from this NY Times adoration piece on Gore is how afraid she was after the 2000 elections when folks stood outside of the VP residence and chanted for her and her family to "get out of Cheney's house".

Heh. I had a lot of friends doing that chanting and almost went down there myself.

Al Gore will go down forever as a tight-ass sore loser in the annals of American history.

Now he must save us from global warming.


An Idea for Local Republican Parties

Here in the swamps of Delaware the Republican party struggles to gain members in this blue state that has quite a bit of red in it.

I've attended a few GOP strategy sessions and silly me, I've always espoused the notion that in order to reach the public you must actually TALK to the public. So when I read this story about how one church got to meet members of the community and thus a chance to invite them to a church service, I got to thinking that this was a great idea.

One Cedar Park church is reaching out to the community by helping to take the pain out of paying at the pump.

Northview Community Church held a gas buydown Saturday at a local Chevron station. The church paid 30 cents per gallon off the price of gas. Church members also cleaned windshields.

Of course there's a cost to it but we assume that the endeavor embarked upon had a cost and this was understood. So the above church could have planned a free picnic for local residents or perhaps a street carnival. They were willing to spend some bucks to reach possible converts is what I'm saying here.

The notion of selling gas at .30 a gallon cheaper as well as washing windshields seems like a stroke of genius in terms of return for recruiting buck.

First, everyone buys gas. It doesn't matter what religion you are, your political affiliation, your marital status or whether or not you like anchovies. Everyone buys gas, or enough "everyones" to compose a sizeable percentage of a population.

Second, the use of a gas station in this matter is ideal in terms of reaching a local community as gas stations are generally located on major road routes. Folks driving along would see the hoopla and hence more would be attracted to the event.

So when the political party, which is willing to spend money by the way to reach uncommitted or unregistered voters, says that there's no options to effectively reach the general public, think again.

And yes, I'm going to tell the local elephants about this idea next meeting.

Prince William Back With Former Love?

Okay, I have a special interest in this story on several levels.

First, ever since I first saw pictures of Kate Middleton I've noted how much the woman looks like a young me.

You read that right and I'm not bragging. I mean Ms. Middleton is attractive enough but she's no rageing beauty. But I've got pics of me at her current age and damn I looked just like her!

Thus, heh, I'd like to see this pretty young woman marry the prince much as I too deserved a prince in my life instead of the four husbands I got.

Prince William with GirlfriendLONDON - Prince William and former girlfriend Kate Middleton have resumed their relationship, British newspapers reported Sunday.

The young couple, who announced in April they had split, attended a party at an army barracks together earlier this month, newspapers claimed.

Now about that interview with Matt Lauer. Damn it was awful.

I understand those boys likely agreed to be interviewed because of the tribute to their mother coming on this weekend in fact. The fact that her two sons came out from the shadows much like illegal aliens here in America is indicator that THIS is an event endorsed by the royal family. For so many charities try to capitalize on the memory of Princess Diana but the one with a physical endorsement by her own sons would naturally be considered more legitimate and would likely raise more money.

Evidently those two boys have learned how to talk on and on without saying a damn thing of significance much like royals and celebrities must do so as not to offend or reveal. I listened and listened and I heard not a single word that wasn't boilerplate nonsense.

Matt Lauer pretended like he was a big honcho asking serious questions but they never said a word that revealed...anything.

A SERIOUS question would have been directed to Prince "What do you think of the many rumors that Prince Charles is not your real father?"

Well sure I know that if ANY of the many journalists who interviewed the two princes, never mind how NBC hyped the interview as "exclusive", that the journalists daring to ask would have been shut down and sent away.

But even to the most innocuous of questions the two princes went on and on saying a bunch of words that when all put together, said essentially nothing.

Prince William especially disappointed me because hey, eloquent he's not. He does look like his mother, goodness, but frankly I thought he wasn't even all that handsome.

The point being that those boys are lending their image and endorsement to an event on behalf of their mother and while that's noble and good, those boys didn't tell us a thing so let us not be fooled.

Heh. Larry King Alive Grills Paris Hilton Unmercifully

Like the rest of this country who carry this country on our backs, I'm not all that interested in Paris Hilton. Although I do, ahem, do this Pop Culture thing once a week but even at that, how much can one write about this vapid young woman?

Hey, it's not us humble Bloggers out chasing this woman down. It's not Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham or Sean Hannity.

It's the Lamestream Media, dammit. THEY choose who's the big news deal on any given day and I'm going out on a limb here and will suggest that if a survey were to be taken of us mundane type of folk, we'd likely NOT choose Paris Hilton.

"But we only are giving our viewers what they want!" the Lamestream exclaims.

Bullshit. Forgive me my English. Ain't no way us "viewers" are living our lives riveted on the edges of our seats awaiting news of Paris Hilton. If we watch the crap we watch it because it's on the TV and sound and sight bytes pass by our ears and eyes.

Who the hell does NBC,ABC, CBS and yes, even Fox news, think they're kidding? I could have went an entire week without a single word about Paris Hilton and I'd still be the same person with the same lot in life.

She will be on for the hour," Bridget Leininger told Reuters. "We had (filmmaker) Michael Moore originally scheduled for that time."

News of King's exclusive comes the day after two major networks, NBC and ABC, both passed on Hilton interviews amid reports and subsequent denials that they were willing to pay for the first interview.

In addition, I heard, (because I did NOT watch) some of those hardball questions Larry King threw at Hilton and talk about your snort.

Larry asked Paris, I'm not making this up, what city she was named after, what hotel chain her family owned and the most infamous, did she ever use drugs.

To which, heh, Paris said with a sincerity only a total fake could emulate, that she had NEVER did drugs.

And yet a film clip of Paris obviously smoking a marijuana pipe was shown, a film clip that's evidently a public thing.

Not that I mind if Paris took a hit of the sweet weed and heck, I certainly don't mind if Paris lies to Larry King as that old fart deserves to be lied to, just so long as we know Paris is lying.

We are amused.

"Big Brother" Premieres on CBS Next Week

As a highly trained Blogger (imitating Rush Limbaugh), I receive many emails from various and sundry TV stations and PR folk. This is because I do reviews of reality shows and the emailers might like me to review theirs.

Heh. Well I only review shows that interest ME. And should yon reader ask just who the hell do I think I am I must respond that I am absolutely nobody and if a reader didn't like what I like than fine, move along.

I do intend to review this reality series so I decided to go ahead and publish CBS' blurb about the show.
BIG BROTHER 8 will premiere on the CBS Television Network on Thursday, July 5 (8:00–9:00 PM, ET/PT), kicking off a multi-platform summer that will include presentations of the series online, on the phone and, for the first time, on Showtime Networks. New and creative secret twists will play out during the summer broadcasts as BIG BROTHER 8 follows the relationships and conflicts of players who live together in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day. One by one, the houseguests will vote each other out of the house. At the end of three months, the last remaining houseguest will receive the grand prize.

Making Love on a Roof Could Lead to Death

Below is this news story in its entirety.

From AZ Central:
COLUMBIA, S.C. - Police on Wednesday were investigating how a naked couple fell 50 feet from the roof of a downtown office building to their deaths.

The bodies were found on the road by a passing cabdriver around 5 a.m. Wednesday.

Clothing was discovered on the roof, leading authorities to suspect the man and woman, in their early 20s, may have been having sex. Their identities were not released.

Hey, a cab driver finds two naked people dead in the street. Naked people just don't suddenly up and die in the middle of the street.

However, that bit about finding clothing on the roof ......

It really does seem that this pair were having sex and somehow fell to their death.

Dear Lord....what an awful way to die. This pair were only in their 20's!

I'm betting they were drunk or high on drugs. This is not something functioning people normally do.

Finger Stuck In Gas Tank

First I consider myself a tidy woman. But I've never ever noticed "gunk" around my fuel tank and certainly would never stick my finger inside to clean it all out.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) - A man felt the pain of the gas tank, and he wasn't even at a pump. Dwight Clark's dilemma occurred Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of a pharmacy when he apparently tried to clear some gunk from around the opening of the gas tank. His finger got stuck in his gas tank's opening.

"His finger went in past the knuckle and was stuck," Huntsville Fire & Rescue Capt. Nolen Locke said. "People had sprayed WD40 all over, but that didn't work."

They had to use a blowtorch to open this fellow's car panel and remove the fuel valve along with his finger. But it wasn't over yet! The man, with his finger still stuck in the fuel valve, had to be taken to the hospital where more work had to be done to remove THAT object from his finger.

You really gotta be anal to be cleaning out your fuel valve with your finger.

Whatever Happened to that Kid Who Bested Dan Quayle?

When the infamous "potato" event took place in 1992, I was one of the many who believed everything the Lamestream media published or broadcasted. I smirked along with the rest of the country when VP Dan Quayle told a smart alec school child that the word "potato" needed an "E" at the end.

Six years out of office with two failed presidential bids now behind him, ex Vice President Quayle still ranks as America’s favorite dumb politician because of what happened in Trenton on June 15, 1992.

Figueroa-kid who could spell potato when Quayle could notThe real story behind Quayle and the potato story is much different than us fools in la-la land were led to believe.

First, the young kid who was chastised by Quayle for spelling potato wrong at first politely added the letter "E" at the end. By the way, flash cards provided to Quayle by his staff had the word potato spelled wrong and Quayle, dazed by so many photo ops that day, simply repeated what the card said. Although certainly the VP should have known how to spell the word, I can understand how, at times, we can get put on auto-pilot. In fact, that whole
"spelling bee" was a totally staged event.

A reporter at a local yokel paper contacted the kid, William Figueroa, and the kid, full of himself and cocky, called the VP an "idiot". Figueroa received national acclaim and was even flown in to lead the pledge of allegiance at the Democratic National Convention.

The Lamestream had made a hero out of this kid by portraying him as a poor child picked on and abused by no less than the Vice-President of the United States.

So whatever happened to this paragon of this country's education system, Mr. William Figueroa?

He was located in 1997, a high school dropout, 17 years of age and already fathering a child-out of wedlock, natch. He worked in an auto dealership cleaning cars.


More Gossip/Speculation HERE


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