FreeRepublic Ping List Compilation

FreeRepublic Ping List Compilation

FreeRepublic is a Conservative web site that, in the site’s own language:
Free Republic is the premier online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web. We're working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption, and to champion causes which further conservatism in America. And we always have fun doing it. Hoo-yah!

“Ping” lists on FreeRepublic consists of “Freeper” subscribers who express an interest in a particular subject matter. One Freeper will set up a ping list on a subject and invite any other Freepers also interested in the subject to join his or her ping list. The ping list owner will keep track of all Freepers who ask to be “pinged” when an article/post of that subject matter is posted on FreeRepublic.

For example, there is a “Palin” ping list. This ping list owner will ping all Freepers who asked to be pinged when articles about Palin are posted on Freerepublic.

The ping list owner keeps a list of all who sign up for their preferred ping subject and in a matter of cut and paste can easily ping the working list of other Freepers interested in the subject who sign up on the ping list. It’s very simple to remove one’s self from a ping list; most ping list owners insert verbiage to the effect that a simple “freepmail” is all takes to be removed from the ping list.

Below a list of ping lists compiled voluntarily by ping list owners. This list is, by no means, exhaustive. It’s simple enough for me to add to this compilation so look for it to grow as knowledge of its existence goes on. I often posts my Blog offerings on FreeRepublic and hope to some way repay for the exposure by keeping this list for ease of use by existing Freepers and all new ones.

The contact provided is the Freeper name of the list owner. Clicking on the link will bring you to the list owner’s FreeRepublic profile page. It’s then simple matter to send the ping list owner a freepmail to request being added to the ping list of interest.

One MUST be a registered member of FreeRepublic to join a ping list. FreeRepublic does not, however, require registration for readers to peruse the boards so click the link below and check out this wonderful conservative site that, frankly, does not welcome liberals.
Any Freepers who wish to be added to the list, or for any corrections/additions, please Freepmail me at:
Pat Fish Freepmail

Please include a description of your ping list as you’d like it to be shown along with your Freepname URL.
FreeRepublic Web Site

Below: FreeRepublic ping lists:

Ping Category Freep owner link Freep Owner name
Animals/Pets Doggie ping list Joe 6-pack
Animals/Pets kitty LIST slingsandarrows
Business/economics Goldbug ping list Jet Jaguar
Cartoon/satire/whacky Pookie’s Toons Pookie18
Countries Ireland ping list taxchick
Current Issues illegal immigrant ping list hijinx
Current Issues the Obama administration Nachum
Current Issues Socialized Medicine Ping List gaila
Current Issues Climate Issues Ping List Steelyourfaith
Food/Drink Food/drink ping list taxchick
Food/Drink Weekly Cooking Thread ping list libertarian27
Hobbies/Leisure HDTV ping list Las Vegas Dave
Hobbies/Leisure Cigar Aficiando ping list martin_fierro
Humor Industrial Strength Humor martin_fierro
Media Media Schadenfreude ping list martin_fierro
military NAVAIR ping list magslinger
military Pray For Our American Heroes ping list Left That Other Site
military F-16 ping list Jet Jaguar
military Retired Military ping list Jet Jaguar
Misc Freep poll Ping list dynachrome
Misc UFO ping list quix/LasVegasDave
Misc NOT A PING LIST slingsandarrows
misc odd names ping list taxchick
Misc funny or odd typing errors ping list taxchick
Misc Dummie-FUnnies Ping List PJ-Comix
misc Flatulance ping list ErnBatavia
misc Viking Kitty Zot ping list darkwing104
Personal Seaman Anoreth ping list taxchick
Personal Just Amy List JustAmy
Personal Daily Reflections with Oswald Chambers Ping List Vision
Personal Morning Cup with Amy The Mayor
Political Personalities Nikki Haley ping list upchuck
Political Personalities Lindsay Graham upchuck
Political Personalities Jim DeMint upchuck
Political Personalities Palin ping list Onyx
Political Personalities The Obama Admin. List Nachum
Political Personalities Terri Dailies ping list wagglebee
Religion Catholic Discussion list Salvation
Religion Prayers for Jerusalem Ping List Left That Other Site
Religion Allelua ping list Salvation
Science/Science Fiction Gods Grave Glyp Ping List SunkenCiv
Science/Science Fiction Catastrophism ping list SunkenCiv
Science/Science Fiction String Theory SunkenCiv
Science/Science Fiction X-Planets SunkenCiv
Science/Science Fiction Zombie ping list RandallFlagg
Science/Science Fiction Genetic Geneology martin_fierro
Science/Science Fiction Sci-Fi ping list KevinDavis
Society Cinema Ping List MaggieF
Society Single Freeper ping list RandallFlagg
Society The "I'd Hit It" ping list Lazamataz
Society Moral Absolutes ping list wagglebee
Society Homosexual Agenda ping list wagglebee
State South Carolina Ping list upchuck
State Magnolia state ping list Islander7
State NM ping list Cedardave
State Minneapolis Steve’s Minnesota ping list Mplssteve
State Ohio Ping List Las Vegas Dave
State Ohio ping list Las Vegas Dave
State Cruzio-Santa Cruz County-ping list martin_fierro
State Pittsburgh ping list martin_fierro
State Silicon Valley ping list martin_fierro
State Michigan ping list grellis
State Oregon ping list Salvation
State Florida ping list JoeBrower
Techie Techie Ping List ShadowAce
Techie Apple Tech list Swordmaker
Techie Ipod ping list martin_fierro
Transportation Motorcycle Hooligans ping list martin_fierro
TV/radio/Movies TV series “V” ping list DollyCali
TV/radio/Movies Savage Nation Ping list dynachrome
TV/radio/Movies Glen Beck ping list Cripplecreek
TV/radio/Movies Cinema Ping List DollyCali/Perdogg
TV/radio/Movies Mark Levin Ping List Fudd Fan
TV/radio/Movies Rush Limbaugh Ping List ImissPresidentReagan
TV/radio/Movies Quinn and Rose Ping List Sneakers
TV/radio/Movies American Idol ping list Silent Jonny
TV/radio/Movies "Fringe" ping list Lucky9Teen

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