Dancing With the Stars-Five Left, Predictions for Top Five In Order

So let's get this out of the way and suffer any scorn associated with my stance. Chaz Bono is NOT a male and I am a bit sick of the pretense we all endure to be "polite". One can, for a weird perversion, have one's breasts cut off. One can take male hormones that make facial hair appear, damn I have facial hair without the male hormones. One can, however it works, be fitted with an appliance around one's genitalia that functions like male genitalia. All of this no more makes one a male than donning a monster costume makes one Godzilla.

Yet throughout this series we are all referring to Chastity Bono as "he" and SHE is NOT a HE. We are born what we are and if we don't like it we can surgically do things to our bodies to imitate the secondary sexual characteristics of the sex we wanted to be at birth. We can also have scales surgically affixed to our skin to better imitate Godzilla. Neither action makes us another sex or a monster from Japan, in that order.

Here's a pic I came across of Chastity when "HE" was a "SHE". The other person in the pic is Jennifer Anniston.

At any rate, good ole boy Chaz has been out of the competition for a couple of weeks now and he sure made a stink about it. Which is a real smile in that Chaz, be it male or female, was one of the worst dancers, EVER, on DWS!

There were seven left this past Halloween week and in honor of the holiday the Dancing With the Stars dances were even more costumed than ever and there was a spooky group dance featuring three contenders in Team Tango: Nancy, David, J.R., pictured below. Team Paso featured Ricki, Rob, Hope, which danced way better than their Tango competitors

As for their individual dance routines, three contenders came out on top, the most surprising of which was Rob Kardashian. Carrie Ann thought it his best dance so far, and this so close to the tragic news of his sister's pending divorce. I thought Rob did quite well with his Tango. Rob tied with perpetual leader J.R. Martinez.

Hope Solo performed well though the poor child can't seem to get sexy no matter how she tries. I thought earlier in the series that Hope would do way better than she has what with being an athlete and with the advantage of youth. As it is she's barely kept up with Nancy Grace, whose days on DWS are now limited. In fact, Nancy was one of the bottom two.

Nancy did not get the boot this past Halloween however, in that David Arquette, a contender who started so awkward but greatly improved, got the audience veto. David dances better than Nancy Grace but David is not very personable, and that's being nice. Nancy has just the cutest twins.

Ricki Lake continues to astound. This past week she had something called a "rib neuropathy" which is what we all get at times when we're winded. The whole thing added the required drama and pathos as we always have at least one injury with one brave dancer suffering the pain to entertain us. Ricki always looks
good when costumed, she dances quite well, she's lost a lot of weight. She's not going to win this thing, however.

J.R. Martinez is a lock to win this thing and I say good on him. First, he IS a very good dancer. Second, he's a veteran of the military forced forever to wear a damaged face from an explosion in the field. Third, he's got a pleasant personality. How on earth could he not win?

This past episode was not J.R.'s best performance but so what? We all have bad days now and again.

My order for the final five:

5-Nancy Grace

4-Rob Kardashian

3-Hope Solo

2-Ricki Lake

1-J.R. Martinez

Below the score grids for the night and to-date, sorted in order.

Below a video summary of all the dances for the performance round of DWS on 10/28/11.

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