"Happy Feet 2"-Great Music, Great Animation, Murky Moral


I've read several reviews of the movie Happy Feet 2 and I know right now that my review might be handicapped by not having seen the first movie.

I'd heard many good things about the first movie, however, and I was quite okay with joining my granddaughter for an afternoon at the movies. The Muppet movie being sold out helped in that granddaughter, given a choice, wanted, like every other 7-year-old type kid in America, to see the Muppets.

So we chose Happy Feet 2 and I was pleased. I'd heard good things about the first version of this movie.

The movie features some famous voices, including Robin Williams as Ramon, Pink as Mumble's wife Gloria, Elijah Wood as Mumble and Brad Pitt as Will the Krill.

This movie has great animation and song. Let's establish this right now. They might not be songs I'd be prone to choose on the radio but with the penguin choreography added and the 3-d effect, it was great music appropriate to the story line.

Now about that story line. I am so sorry but I have no idea just what was the point of this movie. It obviously was making some reference to the myth of global warming. NO WAIT! Global warming might, indeed, be occurring but it's not because of humankind. There've been ice ages before and thaws. Mankind does not have the power to control the weather on this planet else we'd never have rain during parades or hurricanes would be forever banished.

I get leery when a movie aiming towards a young audience like my granddaughter starts alluding to things that might not be true or reflect a viewpoint that is wrong or, at worst, does not reflect ALL sides of the matter. Human beings do make a showing in this movie but their part is small and they are not helpful.

Thus Mumble, his son Erik, and a bevy of sea elephants must help create an avalanche that will allow the penguin colony then stuck on a glacier that broke apart, allowing no escape or access to food.
The creatures of the planet are very creative in dealing with all the problems thrown at them. This part of the story line is done quite well and a young child could learn a few lessons in fortitude and creativity.

I'm not at all sure what is the story of the krill, two fellows wondering the seas after abandoning their school of millions for a chance to save the world. When the krill performed their under-the-ice dance is was quite beautiful . I've read various accounts that suggest that Bill and Will the krill are allusions to the loneliness of homosexuality. That analysis seems a little far-fetched but whatever the case, 7 year old granddaughter did not make that connection, I'm sure.

Childrens' movies do not need ponderous morals. They sure don't need to be filled with controversial issues or even an ideal ology, not even my own, frankly.

They need to be upbeat, maybe touch upon a moral of goodness and hard work, something generally considered upbeat and positive.

The characters in this animated feature are truly amazing. If nothing else the flying penguin is sure to amaze.

I recommend this movie heartily.

The IMDB link for this site gives more reviews.

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