Survivor South Pacific -Will It Be an Ozzy/Coach Showdown?


I've right along been stating how puzzled I am over this series, this being my first season watching the action. Oh I understand the premise of a bunch of strangers being together on an exclusive locale and the concept of voting one out week by week. "Big Brother" works this way only the contenders live in a house.

In the Survivor series, the contenders live out in some sort of wild, evidently, only it still isn't that clear to me if these people are fed or must they do EVERYTHING to survive on their own. In addition, I do not know this Russell Hantz so the appearance of his nephew, the religiously zealous Brandon, doesn't do a thing to me.

As for Coach and Ozzy, I do know that they are two of the most handsome men on the planet so right there I'm tuning in.
As of this writing there are seven contenders left. I do know an episode airs on the normal Wednesday night so I'm not at all clear how the series will get down to one winner on the upcoming vaunted Sunday night finale. According to the TV guide, "the final fived original Upolu tribe members are forced to turn on each other." That final five would include: Brandon, Coach, Rick, Sophie, Albert. It's not clear how they will be forced to turn on each other.
Meanwhile, on Redemption Island, Ozzy's got to be pulling his beautiful hair out by having to spend his solitude with Edna. Edna's a real dipwad and I'm surprised she made it this far.

Coach and Ozzy did make a vow to each other that they would each be in the final three, not clear how they're going to make that happen. Coach said they would decide on someone else to join them though no indication was given as to who would be that someone else.

So okay, here's my predictions….definitely there will be a showdown between Ozzy and Coach. Women all across the fruited plains demand and expect this. Sure, I understand that these sorts of shows are not scripted, that they are natural and pure. But if the producers can sway an audience-pleasing event to occur forgive me, but I believe the producers will make that happen.

I think Edna will be gone toot de sweet as she's not final five material. Right behind Edna will be Brandon, a bit of a flake and just one more Hollywood attempt to make Christians look bad, forgive my cynicism but you notice they never have Muslims in these things all busy raping women and making them marry their rapists? Beyond his weirdness, Brandon doesn't show much of any great promise, either looks or athletic prowess and a hazy relationship to some prior Hantz character.

I think Sophie will go next, then Albert. Rick will be one of the three to face the final challenge as I predict. Were it not for Coach and Ozzy, Rick would show an appeal as a winner of this thing.

Who will win out of Coach and Ozzy?

I'm going with Coach for no other reason that he never ended up on Redemption Island, at least as of this writing and Ozzy's been forced to play his game by challenging other loser-burgers.
Let's tune in Sunday night and see how it goes.

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