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So It's been a rollicking week just past on the political scene. So many lies; so little time.

Although to be fair Obamer gave the national tell-as-many-lies -in-a- little -over-an-hour-contest a real run for the money. Assuming there is such a contest and, if not, forget about it cause nobody will ever beat the State of the Union Speech of 2012. This lie that lasted an hour and fifteen minutes will be difficult to beat.  Obama lied at the beginning of the SOTU speech, all through the middle, and ended it all with a lie. There's no lying on the planet greater than that, folks, it's as good as it gets.

But I must smile and ponder that wars are made in all sorts of manners, that peoples are conquered by more than the bullet. We can wage a war against a citizenry by the mere act of lying, of declaring, on penalty of mockery and derision, that the sky is a brilliant shade of yellow, that cats aren't superior beings, that up is, yes it is, actually down.

Say it enough and it becomes the truth. From then forward, say anything, pay a bunch of once-respected vehicles to say these new truths as well, and soon the war is won, the people believe anything as said by the ruling class and so they shall rule. Get a Newsweek, for example, never mind it's been sold for a dollar, oncit this periodical was well-respected, let's just keep up that lie. Same thing with Katie Couric . You want to get rid of a particularly dangerous person out there spouting a different truth than the ruling class, get some sort of fluffy newsmaker, make like he, or she in this case, is a deep-thinker able to roust the demons amongst us. Got lots of these, Dan Rather, once supposed impartial journalists who caused us to lose Vietnam with lies, no reason they can't win the war against the America that was. It will go down in fire to the smirks and grins of those who intend to ascend to positions of power as is their right for the mistreatment they received.

As for conquering the peoples going forward, as the old-timers and dangerous rebels are silenced by lies turned into truths, damn, just make everything they say and everything they feel...politically incorrect.

The simpletons who think a marriage should be between a man and a woman, they'll soon be rolling over, feet in the air, bellies exposed, as they beg for forgiveness for the error their ways and the stupidity of nature, indeed, GOD, Himself. Soon enough we shall be able to marry our pets as we all do love our dogs and soon, we will have many wives, or at least as the Koran should allow.

We will be looked at as if two-headed should we discuss such as work, balancing budgets, living within the norms of common sense. We will worship the single mother, hoping to rid the world of fathers all together as they only get in the way. A woman with a baby to care for, so much easier to control.

Have you no shame, disparaging of single motherhood, complaining that males somehow bring something to the equation save problems for those of us who want to rule? Ignore that man behind the curtain who controls the people in his oil-rich country via an oppressive religion. We shall shut up we who see this as it's not politically correct to mock someone's "religion". The fact that the word religion can be applied to most anything with no "true" definition of the word gets lost in the politically correct meaning given to the words by those in authority.

Obama's speech was in keeping with this grand plan for the lackluster to take over the planet, this method against the very survival of the fittest law of nature but hey, there's people busy in the business of turning lies to truths and Obamer did himself proud.

Pray that that SOTU speech of 2012 was his LAST SOTU speech we should have to endure. I'm old enough to remember that there really is such a thing as lies. Hell I'm old enough to remember when the so-called journalists of yore actually caught and reported on the lies, sigh.

From the American Spectator
Mitt Romney's plastic and philosophically vapid campaign secured an easy victory in Florida on Tuesday night. Sunshine state GOP voters swallowed his "electability" argument whole, according to the exit polls. It appears that country club Republicans have succeeded again in duping the GOP electorate into crowning a "centrist" Republican. Never mind that "centrist" Republicans rarely win the center. They usually lose the center while sapping the spirit of the party's conservative base. Out of Bob Dole's and John McCain's tattered Big Tent steps another "reformed" RINO, Mitt Romney, who will receive, should he win the nomination, a similar thumping from...

I haven't quite gotten the grasp of the notion that primaries should only be held in a couple of states out of fifty and that this is somehow okay.  Of course the Media, those who help turn lies into truths, say that Mittens shall be the Republican nominee and us peons have nothing to say.

But politics does cost money, I was born at night, just not LAST night, so I know this.  Mittens has the money and he can continue to buy the states as he did Florida should the sillies like Newt and Paul and Santorum continue their stupid challenge.

As for me, I'm a Newt supporter though, again, born at night, not LAST night, I know Newt has baggage.  I also know Newt once captured congress for the GOP that hadn't been done till then for over fifty years.  I know he took on Bill Clinton and won.  The media will tell such as my granddaughter that the Republicans shut down the gubmint that year and the world went nuts.  Heh.  Only the media went nuts, as they were instructed to do.  A few folks were disappointed that the Smithsonian was closed the day of their visit but beyond that no one much noticed the gubmint was closed.  If they couldn't change the truth back in the day, for sure nothing's going to stop changing the historical detail of it, come on, that's a piece of cake for our current crop of plagiarizing historians of today.  I know Newt scared the hell out of the libs in the day, that they launched a massive but absurd ethics attack against him, damn I'm surprised that the conservatives of today don't all look at Newt as someone the libs hated so much during his term as Speaker, and apply the law of averages....if the libs don't, or didn't , like him or her, they've got something to offer.

Mittens has NO record of ever doing any such monumental conservative action and by me, I'm going with the one with such a record, never mind that they've both acted like liberals themselves sometimes, or most times, of their lives.

Here's all I'm NOT count Newt out.  Morning Joe Scarborough, whose hatred for Newt is visceral, able to be felt over the very broadcasting air waves, said it correctly, although not with the admiration that I will bestow....Newt Gingrich and cock roaches will be the only things that will survive a nuclear holocaust and will survive barely scratched.

Do not count Newt out.  Lord the man's already had his entire campaign staff quit on him and let's not forget, not that the media will let your forget, that Newt's wife loves Tiffanys.  Yet here he is, second on the run for GOP nominee, winner of a primary in the very conservative south, unofficial tea party nominee.

When Newt springs up again from the rubble of media ashes and the spit of the establishment GOP, I will link  this column to the world and say, I TOLE YOU SO!

Funny Writings
Imagine that.
Your Gubmint in Action

Just Tell Me What That Thing Is on Hillary's Head

It looks like some kind of tea strainer

Making Liars Into Heroes
As part of the strategy of turning lies into truths, the liars must occasionally be rewarded for their lies.  If they didn't do this, very ostentatiously, the people willing to lie with no prizes will dry up.  The good liars will continue to lie so long as it advances their agenda.  Sometimes to advance their agenda, those springing high on the lies have to others also lie for them.  It's why the media lies for the liberals; most of the entertainers are liberal, the entertainers provide the shows that, eh, entertain, the entertainers give their monies to the liberal politicians so thus....tada....the liberal politicians run the media. 
John Murtha was one of the most brazen liars on the planet and while I'll allow that the politicos lie, it's what they do, those being lied to will be the deceived if not smart enough to discern the lies, some lies, at least for now, are unforgiveable.
To accuse our soldiers of murder when every day they are out trying to tame a civilization, jumping out of exploded vehicles, teaching young ones to play soccer, protecting fledging foreign politicos and keeping the bombs and bullets out of the North American continent, that's just not right.
But the liars are to be given glory from time to time that a future liar will not back off from the required lie for fear of a future truth emerging even after our deaths.
Can't have that.
My apologies to the children of John Murtha, if it helps any, my father was also a liar.  But my father never lied about brave soldiers cold-bloodedly killing innocent civilians as I think even my father wouldn't go that far.  So I hate to besmirch the memory of your father but you had to know he was lying that our soldiers at Haditha murdered innocent Iraqis when the truth was that the innocent Iraqi family of question included the ones who'd set off the explosion that killed their buddy.
The Democrats were trying to downplay the importance of winning the Iraq war so Murtha, who made a career out of bringing home pork aplenty to his district, was requested, as payment for all that loot over the years perhaps, had to go on national TV and lie.
And now they want to name a ship after John Murtha? This is so more liars can be recruited for the future.

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus plans to honor the late Congressman John Murtha by giving his name to the Navy's new LPD (Transport Dock Ship), to be launched in 2013.

In doing so, Sec. Mabus is breaking the Navy's tradition of naming its San Antonio-class amphibious transports after American cities. He is also honoring a man who:
•1) was one of the most corrupt members of the U.S. Congress, and
•2) called our Marines murderers who killed Iraqi women and children "in cold blood."

We believe that such a man does not deserve to be honored by the U.S. Navy. If you agree, please help us petition Secretary Mabus to reconsider this outrageous decision....


Ending With a Couple Political Laughs

Bad News About Grandpa

An elderly man had a massive heart attack and the family drove him to the emergency room. After a while the ER doctor appeared wearing a long face.

"I'm afraid Grandpa is brain-dead, but his heart is still beating."

"Oh Dear God," cried his wife, "we've never had a liberal in the family before."

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