-Bachelor Ben Begins to Hone In On His Future Wife. Or Does He Even Have a Clue?

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Skinny Dipping and Hurtful Timing

They fly fished, rode horses and played baseball. Some rode in helicopters or jumped on bungees. Many have been sent home. There are nine left.

They are:

Casey S
Kacie B (safe from the group date)
Nicki (safe from her date)

The ladies all want to be Ben's choice and I can't for the life of me understand why.  NO WAIT!  I'm thinking the contenders are all warned by producers to always act as if the Bachelor(ette) is the greatest thing since microwave popcorn or go home now.

In the most recent episode as of this writing, Ben did two very strange things though one, I'd argue, was very scripted. Ben also showed up on The Chew on 1/31/12 and he is a most boring fellow.

Now about that skinny dipping scene...the one with model Courtney. Courtney is this year's collectively hated female in the ranks; they have one every season, one contender that everybody but the actual Bachelor(ette) sees is a despicable sort. This drums up collective drama so needed to keep the viewers in anguish over the televised scripted scenes that they should believe is real.

Some of it might be real, probably most of it is real on some smaller scale. But I do not believe for one second that Ben and Courtney had sex in their skinny dipping scene for one very obvious reason. THE CAMERA!

Come on, some one was filming that scene. This means there was a human being with a camera getting a video of those two naked people. Who goes skinny dipping in front of a camera to be televised across the fruited plains unless it's part of a script? And who on earth would have sex right after having the guy filming their naked romp, even if the camera was turned off? I'm talking normal people here.

I can hear it now...a producer comes up to Ben "Ben, we want you to do a skinny dipping scene with Courtney. We'll blur out the x rated body parts and all that but we want to accomplish two things here. We want to keep up the characterization of Courtney as the evil woman and we want the audience to be guessing if you two went all the way. It's just a little bit of acting, we have to do this to keep up viewer interest."

So that's one strange thing but it's understandable. The other strange thing makes no sense. For Ben had gone out on a one on one date with Jennifer just the prior week. He gave her a rose on the date, indicating he liked her and wanted to keep her around. On THIS episode, Ben does not give Jennifer a rose during the rose ceremony.

This makes no sense at all. He'd had very little  interaction with her during that episode so it's not like Jennifer did anything that would offend Ben. If he liked her enough not to send her home on the one on one date, why did he wait until the rose ceremony to publicly humiliate her?

On another note, the next season's Bachelorette is Emily from Brad's season. What's intriguing about this choice is that Bachelorette's are normally chosen from the pool of the rejected as opposed as the woman chosen by the Bachelor then rejected HIM. Of course in the history of The Bachelor Brad Womack really was the biggest loser of them all. Emily is a strange choice but I'm thinking she was some kind of audience favorite. She did have really big boobs.

Ben showed up on The Chew recently and was so boring I can barely remember a word he said. He was teased a bit about his skinny dipping scene so there's some more publicity. Some lady who might not have yet tuned into The Bachelor series for whatever reason (and mostly females watch The Chew) might have thought the notion of a skinny dipping scene to be intriguing and will tune in to see more naughty goings-on.

The Bachelors and Bachelorettes do often try to go on to some kind of fame and fortune. Jake tried Dancing With the Stars. Ben could think of himself as a handsome dude with a happening hairstyle soon to be copied by all cool gents across the fruited plains. But you really have to have some sort of personality and as for Ben?….not happening.

I don't see Ben showing much preference for any particular contender except perhaps Courtney. But that might be part of the script as well.

Kacie B is a contender to watch out for but for now Ben's charisma fails to blind.

The Bachelor can be seen on ABC, Monday nights, at 8 pm.

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