-Golden Globes and People's Choice 2012 Whacky Fashion Awards

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Fashion Awards for Golden Globe and People's Choice 2012-Real and Tongue-In-Cheek

I don't think I've ever seen a bunch of nothing-burgers so smug with their nothing burger selves than the attendees at the 2012 Golden Globe and People's Choice awards.

Well cure they entertain, and there's talent in entertaining.  Some are better than others and awards might be due.

But that's it, folks, that's all there is to it.  Dear Lord to hear these people gush you'd think they'd found a cure for cancer and solved world hunger with their silly little acting stuff they do.

How they dress is part of it and on that note I present my fashion awards.  As for talent, go elsewhere for that as most are just so-so.

Before scrolling, note the dress above, worn by Jennifer Lawrence.  By me this is a dress my 8 year old granddaughter would cut out for her paper dolls.

Scroll down and enjoy.

Most likely to cause a real chill Backless Dress Award

Julianne Hough-Wow, another inch and we have a butt crack
 Most Like a Dress I Could Crochet

Jennifer Morrison -It has a charm but give me a skein of white sports yarn and I'd have it done in a week.

Seriously, Best Dress of Both Golden Globes and People's Choice

Amanda Peet-Has off the should chic and sophisticated yet innocent charm
Sexiest Shoes

Kaley Cuoco -Goes well with the dress.  In my day we had an x-rated name for this sort of footwear.

Best Mother/Daughter Pair Where Mother Looks Way Better
Kelly Osbourne presents herself as some sort of fashion critic on "E" but by me she looks awful in that dress and her hair needs a curling iron.  Sharon Osbourne, on the other hand, wears a pretty frock that suits her perfectly along with perfect hair and make-up.

Most All Around Best Looking Male
Leonardo DiCaprio-Just looking like a nice looking dude.
Oddest Looking Dress
Charlize Theron-Is it a wedding dress?  A prom dress? A costume for dance class?
Inquiring minds want to know.

NO WAIT!  Here's an Even Odder Looking Dress

Lucy Hale-Come on, if not the weird cut-out on top, what the hell's that thing hanging down?

 Most Sophisticated from Both Nights
Tia Mowry-Has it all, form, flair, style.  Just a terrific look.

 Pretty Women Doing Her Best to Look Plain Jane
Julianne Margulies-A Very Attractive Female Wearing Ugly Hair and a Plain Jane Dress...What was she thinking?
Plus Size Woman Looking Great
Octavia Spencer-Absolutely Perfect Dress, Stunning, She rivals the thin and gorgeous, see Julianne Margulies above.

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