Top Chef Texas- Making Evil Food and Low Calorie Food...Or Are They One and the Same?

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Making Healthy Choices

Top Chef Texas is down to five contenders and, by me, not necessarily the best five. Be that as it may, the finalists are, as of this writing on 1/30/12:

Grayson Schmitz-NY,28,catering
Paul Qui-Austin,31,exec chef
Edward Lee-Louisville,39,exec chef
Sarah Gruenberg-Chicago, 30,exec chef
Lindsay Autry-29, Palm Beach,exec chef

Oddly, Healthy Choice is a major sponsor of this series. Consider, this is a show about food and the cooks that cook them. Some would say that such as healthy choices should not be on such a series.

Top Chef Texas does do an interesting take on getting their sponsor out there in front of the viewers, most of whom are probably checking in to learn how the masters cook delicious food, which in general is not a way to reduce calories.

On the episode aired 1/18/12, the guest was Cherize Theron. . Theron was hyping a new movie of hers titled "Snow White and the Huntsman" and the way the contenders oohed and aahed over Theron you'd have thought she was a cross between the Pope and Mother Theresa.

The contenders always, out of politeness and no doubt prompted by an off-screen producer, demonstrate great joy over either the guest celebrity chef and/or the guest currently hyping a project, be it a movie or a book. I don't think there's all that love out there for Cherize Theron in the culinary world but that's just me.

The challenge was to prepare what was called a "gothic" meal, a take on the hyped movie. The entrees, however, were interesting.

Sarah prepared a lamb heart, which the judges called delicious. Dear Lord, a lamb's heart? I wouldn't even take a bite out of such a thing. Chris used some weird nitrogen technique to make something he called poison apple and cherry pie.

Paul's entrée of Foie Gras with bacon won that challenge.

Beverly was eliminated for over-cooked halibut on what she called her "Snow White" meal.

On the episode aired 1/26/12 we had the great Healthy Choice elimination challenge. The contenders, then six in total, were paired in three teams of three each. The teams created a quickfire entrée for the challenge which had the teamed contenders prepping the ingredients provided for each team and after properly prepped, make a dish with the time remaining.
 Later, the elimination challenge had the contenders each taking the dish they'd prepared on the quickfire challenge and making a healthier version of the dish for what was called a "Healthy Choice Block Party". Interesting way to do this.
The heavier version of the dish was made and the contenders were charged with making a lighter but equally good-tasting version of the meal. Though Chris won the quickfire challenge along with his partner Grayson, Chris lost the elimination challenge and was sent home. No wonder, dear Lord he made chicken salad with tofu. I figure the minute you add tofu to anything you might as well go into my kitchen cabinet and get my makeup sponges to put into the dish.
The Healthy Choice people would probably disagree I must suppose. Paul won the elimination challenge and $15,000.
Paul looks like the guy to stop here so keep a close eye on him in upcoming episodes.
Meanwhile, tune in, Bravo network, Thursday nights, at 10 pm.

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