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Midgets and Homosexuals

I'm not surprised it's come to this.

Because while this competitive reality series has its dedicated and die-hard fans, since Survivor's premiere there've been a plethora of this type of reality show which involved a scenario that has the contenders voting off their opponents until only one is left.

They all have some sort of unique basis. In this case the contenders are all expected to live on some remote island or locale and survive without any of the necessities of life.

This very basic requirement would suggest that the contenders all must be youngish, hale and healthy. Oh there's always a few "older" types, like Coach in Survivor South Pacific. But these are exceptional 40-ish and 50-ish year olds, the sort of folk who have kept themselves in exceptionally good shape well younger than their biological age would indicate.

So far as I know, and my experience with this show is limited, but so far as I know there's never been a handicapped Survivor.

Not that being a midget is necessarily a handicap in this competitive reality series and for sure being a homosexual provides no obstacle to finding your own fish or the other frou-frou needed to, eh...survive.

But as part of the competition, as part of keeping from being voted off, well I daresay that being a homosexual, especially of the male variety, might get such a fellow voted off very quickly.

It might not be politically correct to say so thus I try to say it softly. The limp-wristed male is not likely to be perceived as the strength required to run through mazes, catch fish with bare hands, cut coconuts open with slashing swords….that sort of thing.

In this year's version of Survivor...Survivor One World, contender Colton Cumbie is gay and he so stated at the very first episode of this contest. Further, how shall I type this softly? Further, Colton appears to be effeminate in behavior and manner so let's not pretend we can't mention what our eyes and ears see, not to mention that the show's producers and the contender himself obviously want the TV viewing audience to know this.

Contender Leif Manson is a midget and I say this cause I got eyeballs. I suppose he could be very short, or he might be a dwarf as there might be some distinction between a dwarf and a midget, but whatever the case, he's kind of got some physical traits that might be construed as a lack of strength.

In the premiere episode, nobody had to be voted out because one of the contenders, a crew beginning with 18, nine female, nine male, hurt her wrist and had to go home due to the medical ailment. For this season, there are two tribes, one all female, one all male. The females are named the Salani while the males are known as the Manono.

This all same sex separate tribes is interesting as once again I must softly whisper, females are generally, as a rule, smaller and weaker than the males of our species.

I don't suppose that given the talents needed to win this series that the muscular and larger have any great advantage. Indeed quite a bit of the winning talent comes from brains and not brawn. In that context the females definitely have an advantage.

And so we're off on to a big adventure called Survivor One World. There are as of this writing 17 contenders left and we're tracking it all.

Already the females are helping Colton. This should be interesting.

Below what the Survivor web site calls a "secret scene" from the series.

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