Top Chef Texas=Down to Final Four. Predictions and Snark

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So I did a little research on the Top Chef Texas contenders and their tallies to the day of this writing.

On 11/16/11-Paul was on the winning team. On 11/30/11 Paul won the elimination challenge. On 1/5/12, Paul won the elimination challenge. On 1/18/12, Paul won the elimination challenge. On 1/26/12, Paul won the elimination challenge and $15,000. On 2/12/12 and 2/19/12, Paul won the elimination challenge.

Of the final four on Top Chef Texas: Lindsay, Beverly, Sarah and Paul, Paul has won four of the last five elimination challenges. How can he not walk away with the title?

Beverly is a strange duck in that she had already been eliminated but due to a new element called The Last Chance Kitchen, Beverly won a challenge against another eliminated contender-Grayson.

Beverly is a good cook but as Sarah, a contender greatly in need of a personality transplant, complained constantly that Beverly is too slow.

I don't see Sarah even remotely winning this thing as she has no impressive record and further, I'm surprised she made it this far. Lindsay does come up with fine culinary creations but she's more a contender for "Top Chef All Stars" or some such.

I predict Paul wins handily, Beverly comes in second, Lindsay third but could be second, and Sarah a distant fourth.

We've had Snow White and Evil Queens and even Peewee Herman this season.  It will be fun to see who finally takes the prize.

As I understand it the final four will be heading to British Columbia, Thursday, on Bravo, 2/16/12, to begin the finals.

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