Ice Age-Continental Drift-Pro Forma Perhaps, but Still a Delight for Children and Weary Parents

I've gotten quite comfortable with the characters in the Ice Age series. I've seen at least one before at the movie theater and just this past weekend I watched the very first one on HBO.

The ongoing theme of this movie series is about the animals of prehistoric times, the events that shape their survival and existence, all translated into animation and given voice b y famed celebrities of today.

I seriously do not think doing a voice for a cartoon character is any big talent and I'm not convinced I care very much that Jennifer Lopez is a speaker. They could have complete unknowns doing the voices is what I'm saying here but for some reasons, the bigwigs in Hollywood think we need precious celebs to be the voice of the characters we watch.

In a bow to the devotion of producers to known voices, I will mention that famed voices in this movie would include Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez and dear Lord forgive us, that awful, awful Joy Behar. Speaking of Joy Behar, anybody thinks that new talk show of hers is going to succeed I got a bridge to sell….cheap.

Woman is the dumbest female on the planet, for real. Even during the Ice Age she's the dumbest around.

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This is an entertaining movie for sure. These types of movies need a plot involving a known prehistoric event….in this movie's case it's the continental drift, the actual breaking apart of huge land masses to become separate land masses known as continents.

There is needed some sort of conflict for the animals, many of them animals now extinct, as in the Mastodons which are the main characters of the movie. In this movie the characters are separated from their loved ones by a huge gape in a land mass. As one huge block of land floats away, the vow is made to get back the loved ones, some way, some how.

Which calls in the character of a "pirate" who uses large chunks of land broken off from the main land as "ships" and, of course, there is a fight to gain control of this "ship" and rid the world of such as nasty pirates.

Over the span of this series, included in the gang of animals trying to survive the planet's change of the era now includes a saber tooth tiger and his mate, the sloth, of course, and the mastodon family.

One of the cuter, and more clever features of this series is the character of Scratch. I think Scratch is a prehistoric squirrel as he has a bushy tail and seems obsessed with his beloved acorn.

At the beginning and end of these movies we have Scratch struggling to save his acorn under the worst of possible circumstances. At one point in the middle of this movie we had Scratch going to a sort of acorn Nirvana filled with acorns only it wasn't quite what it seemed.

I think those Scratch vignettes are quite clever and kids do get what's going on in the Scratch story.

This is a good movie for both kids, parents and especially, as in my case, for grandparents.

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