Two Good Things, and It's a Stretch, About the Re-Election of President Obama

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So we have a new President who was our old President and let me state right now, big and clear, that I respect the will of the people.

The stock market plunges and no one should be surprised at this. Anybody who ever succeeded in achieving a comfortable financial life is now the target but hey, the people have spoken. And the people want free cell phones and food stamps, the hell with working.

There are two good things to have come from the re-election of President Obama. It's small comfort but let's look at the bright side.

First, I really fretted over the notion of this country essentially "firing" America's first African-American President. Sure he deserved it. But golly gee, now that there's nothing we can do about it, I get some comfort that at least the race nuts won't be able to beat us up for the next four years our ugly racist selves who wouldn't even give the hard-working Barack Obama a second chance, that he was just a token not to be tolerated beyond one term.

Second, and this is the big one, it's time for the Tea Party to rise on its own, completely removed from what is the current Republican party.

Lessee…..Dole, George H.W. Bush ("Read my lips, no new taxes"), George Dubya Bush (a two termer for sure but his failure to defend himself or his policies caused Conservatives great pain), John McCain and now, Mitt Romney.

I say the GOP Blue Bloods have had their chance. Let's now throw them over, have an overt revolution for the yappy media to snark on.

I've outlined my ideas for the Tea Party rise from the ashes and I know, I know, I can hear y'all yelping now. "Separating from the Republican party will decimate our power."

And with Dole, McCain, et al, it's been astoundingly successful? It will take a while and for a bit the Tea Party will probably not win many national elections. Never forget that it was the GOP Blue Blood establishment that shoved the permanently tanned Charlie Crist at us (who is now a Democrat and Obama supporter as we always knew) as the Tea Party clamored for Marco Rubio. There are other examples but do not, under any circumstances, allow the Blue Bloods to tell us we know not what we're doing.

Here's a sneak peek at my outline for a Tea Party ascendency.

….Spend some time in reflection about Obama voters. Seriously. Do NOT knee-jerk them as stupid and dumb. Let's ponder what they want, their mindset. If they want free cell-phones, free stuff, hey, let's get the Koch Brothers to under-write some sort of giveaway campaign come next big election and hell bell's, let's give them free stuff. This cell phone thing with a free 120 minutes is way less expensive than the millions spent to advertise a Mitt Romney, advertisements ignored by many voters all busy with their free cell phones. We've got to think outside the box here.

….Let's take a close look at some of the active "leaders" of the Republican/Conservative party. Let's start culling them down. I've got a list of some of them who need to go, more on this later. For now, we are going to need the Rush Limbaugh's, the Mark Levin's, even the Huckabees who started the Chick Filet movement.

….Let's base the new Tea Party ascendency on all that we have in modern technology. Twitter, Facebook, Ipads, Bloggers. Once we get those we want to follow via Twitter or other means, may we never have to look at Charles Krauthammer's ugly face again telling us stupid stuff.

….We need to take it slow. I follow below with a list of GOP alleged spokesnoids, let's methodically pick them off.

….The Tea Party will have to methodically review its platform. Using Twitter, Bloggers, Facebook, we need to have a national discussion about our stands. I'll begin with saying that abortion is an issue we need to remove from the table. If nothing else, it needs to be a local issue, not something a presidential candidate should even be discussing.

Oh I know there will be howls from the Evangelicals and such but we've got to be practical. It's not a winning issue for Conservatives, at least on a national basis.

Okay, there's more ideas floating around in my head but for now, please, let's rid the world of those horrible GOP pundits who are always, always, always….wrong.

The list includes, but it not limited to:

Dick Morris-here's the guy who predicted a Condi/Hillary race in 2008 and a 315 electoral vote this past Tuesday. Why does this man collect a paycheck for constantly being wrong? How is giving a paycheck to one so totally not doing the job any different than giving Food Stamps to millionaire lottery winners?

George Will-here's a man so over-the-hill he makes me ill. He predicted an even bigger electoral vote victory than Dick Morris. George, your time has come and gone. Go away.

Charles Krauthammer-I'm sick of this man who hasn't had an original idea since Richard Nixon was President.

Peggy Noonan-please. This woman makes me ill.

Ann Coulter-put a fork in her, she's done. I used to admire Coulter and would emulate her writing style from time to time. But her craziness over Chris Christie was really off-putting. And didn't the Fat Man prove how horrible he is with his Obama slobberfest?

Bill Kristol-for the right price Kristol will stupidly repeat any Democratic talking point if they get it in in time for the next Sunday talk show

Let me end this short list with absolute WORST of them all: Karl Rove!

Rove is the guy who advised Dubya to not defend himself against the shrill hysteria of the liberals as regards Hurricane Katrina, no weapons of mass destruction. He's also the guy who works against so many of our local Tea Party candidates such as mine own state's nomination of Christine O'Donnell. Rove failed miserably this past election so please, let's throw him and his whiteboard out.

I will be blogging more in the future on my outlined suggestions for a new Tea Party. For now, come on, turn off that TV whenever the producers choose to feature Rove, Morris or the others lecture us, losers that they are.

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