A Second Look at "The Chew"-A Successful and Jolly Daytime Show Not Too Full of Itself

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I'd written a review on ABC's The Chew when it was sort of new. At the time I compared it to its rival daytime show-The View, even remarking on the poetry of the shows' names.

At the time I considered The Chew a sort of artsy-fartsy daytime show for wommins without much to do during the day. Actually I only watch The Chew on DVR as its normal air time falls during my Rush/nap time.

I've come to really enjoy this show though I'd offer something that annoys me about each of the hosts of that show. And yet, somehow it all comes together and is clever and at times, hilarious.

I can think of two hilarious segments on The Chew that had me laughing so hard my eyes poured tears of joy and my stomach roiled. "Clinton's Craft Corner" is one hilarious segment. It features host Clinton Kelley, who might be better known for his part on "What Not to Wear" on TLC. Kelley seems to be quite the talented fellow, not only able to smartly dress females, but also a capable cook and a crafter of some renown.

When he gets co-hosts, Carla, Daphne, Symon and Mario to join in the crafting things sometimes get out of hand. It's a laugh to have the unartful Symon to form smooth corners or to get Daphne to cut perfect strips. The frustration of Clinton as he tries to deal with his co-hosts run amok under his crafting tutelage.

Another incident that had me laughing was an assertion that putting stuffing inside of turkey is fine so long as the thermometer reads 180 degrees or some such. At which point Michael Symon shouts that to raise the turkey temp so high would be to nuke it and dry it out like cardboard. "Don't pay any attention to the FDA," Symon shouted. At which Mario stops Michael mid-rant and warns audience to please, do NOT ignore the FDA as Chef Symon says and by now I'm hooting, goodness, the nerve to demean a precious gumint agency on television, I bet both Mario and Michael's ear pieces were blowing out their ear drums.

Well maybe you hadda be there.

I've come to appreciate the cooking skills on the show, the theme of the shows, the participation at times of the audience. And the recipes demonstrated are available on The Chew web site!

So here's a hat tip from a viewer with a new appreciation of the cleverness, humor and serious cooking offered by this show.

Oh, and on a recent show the ladies of The View did visit the set of The Chew.

Again, maybe you hadda be there.

The Chew airs on ABC weekdays at 1pm.

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