Top Chef Seattle Begins in the Space Needle-Some Prognostication on Contenders/Snark.

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So Top Chef has began the competitive reality show practice of late of bringing back old contenders to compete with the new contenders. C.J. Jacobsen, Josie Smith-Malave, and Stefan Richter are prior season Top Chef winners and are now contending to win this season 10 of Top Chef.

Also, similar to the technique used in the most recent series of The Next Food Network Star, the "judges" are heads of teams formed to compete against each other in terms of culinary skills.

Leading the teams are Emeril Lagasse, Hugh Acheson, and, of course, Tom Colicchio.

As of this writing I found the Thanksgiving show of Top Chef Seattle to be one of the more intriguing show I've watched on a Top Chef episode, ever.

Not that the Top Chefs prepared a few baked yams, a nice turkey, a bowl of mashed, some biscuits and a container of cranberry sauce.

Oh no. For the Thanksgiving meal, directed by either Emeril or Tom, depending on team assignment, came up with such Thanksgiving treats as sweet potato ravioli with pecans, bread stuffing with chorizo and cayenne, courtesy Emeril's Mom, carrot soup with turkey meatballs, and white chocolate bread pudding with pecans.

In fact these dishes didn't seem so out there like so many Top Chef dishes are. I might try that white chocolate bread pudding, it did look heavenly.

And so they're off, this time cooking in Seattle in the great state of Washington.

We'll be watching, scoring, commenting and snarking so come back to this Blog for Top Chef Seattle updates.

Top Chef Seatle airs on Bravo TV on Wednesday nights at 10 pm.

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