Reading Cursive;Bachelor Sean Update; Inauguration Fashion Intrigue


Can Kids Today Read Cursive?

Actually the horror of a generation unable to write in cursive dawned on me the weekend I spent with my granddaughter.

I'd painted her a picture of a guardian angel helping two small children across the rickety bridge.

Envisioning the day when Kaitlyn would gaze appreciatively upon my work, I wrote a paragraph or two in back of the painting.

Upon my visit, I turned it over to remind Kaitlyn it was there, that she should read it once in a while. It was just some grandmother type stuff but point being, I wrote it in cursive. Kaitlyn told me she'd read it but that she had a hard time because they don't do much cursive in school!

Well hey, nobody uses a keyboard like me. I know we're in an Internet world. I learned to write cursive in Catholic school.

It might be coming a lost art so allow me to share what might be the last of the breed.


ABC's Bachelor Sean Besieged by Crazy, Desperate Women!

So it's the same old same old as concerns the bachelorette beauties going after this season's ABC's "The Bachelor".
There's always some chick only in it for the fame.


There really isn't all that much fame given to one of a bevy of beauties seeking the hand of some stranger. Yet every year there's always one contender that the others point to as being as an opportunist, as only being in it for love.

The National Enquirer reports that another contender has psychological issues.

We're keeping an eye on The Bachelor this season to see if good-looking but boring Sean meets his soul mate. So far, no predictions.



Seriously I thought the entire inauguration festivities were done quite well. I also thought that Michelle looked gorgeous in her new hair do and her outfit was great.

Then I come upon this pic of a Star Trek pointy ear type wearing Michelle's EXACT OUTFIT!!!

Dear Lord, how embarrassing is this?

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