The REAL Governor Chris Christie, Some Garden Smiles.

The secret behind NJ's Chris Christie

I got to laugh.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has fooled the world, has fooled many Tea Party types, has fooled even Ann Coulter.

I got to laugh.

Chris Christie yon ladies and gems, is a Democratic, left-winged liberal.

Here's how it works-I know this cause they did it in Merryland all the time- the unions get out of hand, almost to the point where they demand a lifetime of pay for no work. The Democratic party is best buddies with the unions that fill their campaign coffers.

They get somebody to call themselves anything but a Democratic left-wing liberal. In Merryland it was Republican Bob Ehrlich, some might remember.

They get this guy elected, he puts on a big show and if he plays it right, he moves on to bigger and better things.

Of course this anti-union guy has to put the unions in their place and if he does it right he might get Obama himself to join him for great photo-ops.

Christie has a plan. In 2016 he will lose 100 pounds, he will then go on Dave Letterman and other talk shows to wow the crowd. He will moan how hard it was, how he had to exercise, how he wanted to live to see his grandchildren.

He will be a "moderate" viewed as just the right guy to solve the nation's problems. By the time Obama's term is up it will require someone to beat down the greedy unions. Christie will bring in the human interest element with his weight loss, maybe some mild disease like Paula Deen got to bring her great fame and fortune...Diabetes Type II.

Don't doubt me.


I took this picture out of my bedroom window. Look at the area within the white box. There's about six or seven big buds sticking up waiting for the bloom! I'm psyched!


I saw this feeder at the hardware store where I was searching….new bird feeders!

The loop at the top screws around and is attached to an arched metal flap. Once unscrewed, the feeder can be filled, and the flap replaced. The feeder then hangs by the metal screw, see the picture.

In the middle is a round hole and two smaller birds can fit inside at the same time. There is an opening to access the seed.

This feeder is beloved by the chickadees and titmouses! They took to it right away.

What they do, a chickadee flies into the middle hole, grabs a seed at the opening then continues through the hole to fly back to the tree on the other side.

These birds are notorious for flying to a feeder and grabbing a seed to flit away to the safety of a tree quickly.

Goldfinches, on the other hand, will sit at a swinging hanging feeder all day, chirping and discussing bird issues.

Best of all, it appears to be squirrel-proof. On that matter we will need more time to ascertain. Squirrel-rodents will someday take over the world. Unless my dog gets to all of them first.

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