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Catching Up On Raging Competitive Reality Shows

I am keeping up with "Amazing Race" and "Survivor" but for now let's talk competitive dancing and singing.

The biggest singing contest of them all, "American Idol" is down to four contenders. Janelle Arthur was eliminated this past Thursday.
Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb

After much thinking and pondering, I have chosen Angie Miller as the likely winner.

Make no mistake, Candice Glover has a great voice. Kree Harrison also has a magnificent voice, a voice, indeed, better than my choice, Angie Harrison. Amber Holcomb will come in fourth I predict with Candice beating her out for third place. Second and first place will go to Kree Harrison and Amber Miller, in that order.

Angie Miller is absolutely gorgeous and she plays a mean piano. Kree Harrison is a better singer but the American public is fickle.

Angie has the edge. She will be the next American Idol.

Finally, please get Nicki Minaj outta there. She's a real distraction, and not a good one.

"Dancing With the Stars" is having a delightful and quite successful run this spring of 2013.

Among my fave celebrity dancers are Sean Lowe, Kellie Pickler, Jacoby Jones and Zendaya.

Most seasons I'd declare profoundly that Jacoby Jones will run away with this thing.

This year there is young and nubile Disney star Zendaya.

She's a factor.
Clockwise, Zendaya, Pickler, Sean Lowe, Jacoby Jones

Beyond those two, no one else a chance to win the mirror ball trophy. Remember you heard it here first.

Finally, can somebody shut up Bruno and his R-rated commentary? My 9-year granddaughter loves Dancing With the Stars but Bruno has to show no class with his slimy comments. This show airs from 8p-9p, prime time family viewing. The FTC needs to shut Bruno the hell up.

I am watching NBC's "The Voice" but so far it's not all that compelling.

I do like new judges Shakira and Usher. Dear Lord I despised Cee-Lo and Christine with the long last name. This group of judges seem to be more intelligent than Cee-Lo and Aguilara, both of whom only wanted to promote themselves.

I will be catching up soon so hang in there.

Ending With a Smile

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