Book Review-"A Rose For Her Grave" by Ann Rule. He Had Rotten Luck, Having Lost Two Wives In Bizarre Accidents.


"A Rose For Her Grave" by Ann Rule. He Had Rotten Luck, Having Lost Two Wives In Bizarre Accidents.

My goodness but Randy Roth was quite the charmer.

He'd managed to convince two single mothers that he was their savior. Cynthis Loucks and Janis Miranda believed him and they married their hero.

Both were dead within a year of their marriage to Randy Roth, both in bizarre accidents.

Cynthia Roth drowned in a lake while surrounded by hundreds of beach frolickers.

Janis Roth climbed a rock with well-defined and used pathways yet managed to fall off the top of it to her brutal death.

Not only did Randy Roth have bad luck with wives, his home had been broken into twice, both times he lost many thousands of dollars from the thievery.

He said he was a Vietnam Vet. He said he was a Karate black belt. He was a charming and calculating killer.

"When Ben would start to worry about it," Marta says, "I'd look at him and say, 'Honey, Randy is part of our family, and he knows that brittany is underage. He knows that's illegal. There's no way that Randy would do anything against the law.' I ACTUALLY said that."
Above is how he fooled even those closest to him.

Randy Roth said a lot of things that weren't true.
Randy Roth and his son.

But you can only kill so many wives before the law people get suspicious.

So Ann Rule details the story of Randy Roth, the prosecution, the victims, the innocents left behind, motherless and heart-broken.

This book had five bonus stories besides the Randy Roth account of murder and trial.

These additional stories are short, to-the-point and intriguing, a pleasant cache of true crime short stories, just the ticket to catch a read over the lunch break.

Rule is, as always, excellent in her betrayal of all the parties to her true crime story. Her narrative is conversational but with technical and legal issues dealt with.

It is, in short and as always, a very good read.

Ending With a Smile

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