Comcast and Gun Control, Welfare Recipients at "Work"

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Epitome of laziness
Now, don't tell me that welfare recipients aren't innovative!  No reason to stand on your feet waiting to get your government welfare check; just put your flip-flops next in line and go back and sit on your ass and play games on your iPhone.  What a great country!

Comcast Joins Those Who Are Our Masters And Will Take Away Our Guns

Comcast is owned,lock, stock and barrel, by the Democrats/Obama. First, they needed FCC permission, or Labor Dept., permission to buy NBC.

Then they fire Jay Leno, who dares to mock Obama so you can't do that.

And here's my article on the nastiness of Comcast. They run that business like Chicago style politicos..

Comcast and the Bot-You Got To Read This. Delaware Political Insight/Snark Against the Local Politicos

So NOW we have Comcast, on command by their masters in the White House, demanding that advertisements by guns must be pulled

Comcast is not to be trusted.

Ending With a Smile


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