Despicable Me 2-Gru Saves the World, Falls in Love

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Despicable Me 2-Gru's Baaaaack!  It's Just a Great and Funny Story.

The story of Gru, the former supervillain turned loving Dad is a sweet one, quite a good plot for small children.

Gru-whose former mission in the first version of "Despicable Me" was all things evil- became an adoptive father of three adorable animated daughters . In "Despicable Me 2" Gru is in the jam-making business.

We have of course the many minions that Gru supervises and that help watch the children. Add to the cast is Lucy Wilde, an agent of the Anti-Villain League and who would become a source of romantic attraction for Gru.

Follows was a plot that was, so it was okay. A former villain long believed to be dead, somehow managed to steal a secret Arctic Laboratory -Gru himself managed to steal the freaking moon in Despicable Me 1- and Gru identifies the perp as a former villain long believed dead.

The super villain is known as El Macho and it is his son involved in all the nefarious plots to destroy the world.

AVL agent Lucy Wilde, meanwhile, grows on Gru and viewers watch as Gru struggles with inexperience in romance and what appears to be a wrong direction in his former area of expertise which would be villainy.

El Macho's teenage son takes a shine to Gru's oldest daughter and with all the plot lines established the movie goes off into a whirlwind of a father overseeing his daughter's first romance, a father diving into romance for the first time, a father and former villain struggling to catch current villains that don't exist according to the anti-villain league.

I'd give this movie a B+.

There were some fart jokes.

I don't especially like fart jokes but they were few and quick, a bow to the childish audience the producers no doubt believed would appeal to children.

It's a funny movie and very entertaining.

We had to choose between going to see some kind of "Monster" movie or this one. Kaitlyn chose this one and she didn't regret it.

Gru's voice was Steve Carell and Kristin Wiig was Lucy.

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