Chapter 11-The Common Sense Implemented Based On, eh, Our Common Sense

Chapter 11-The Common Sense Implemented Based On, eh, Our Common Sense
It was on the fourth day of the national blackout that American lives, so recently gone through a major upheaval, began to fall back into place.
No, it wasn’t that the electricity was restored on that day. Total electrical restoration came on the seventh day and we also, on that day and per the scriptures, rested.
It was more that sane voices could be heard across the EBS, that there was a sense of purpose, a determination, a collective intuit that at least now, no matter how disorganized we are, we are slowly putting it all back together will begin.
First thing early that Thursday morning a Clarion Call employee could be heard via the EBS system. The broadcast began by warning us that there would be something called a “national discussion” within the hour, to recruit all the CB’ers and media tents to prepare, that we citizens should be ready for some talk and a plan to get things working again.
The voice we heard over the EBS was, to our collective surprise across the fruited plains, the voice of Joe Dabney.
If yon readers have even ever heard of Joe Dabney, at the very least he is known as the CEO of Clarion Call. What he had to say over the EBS that fateful day shocked the nation to its core.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, citizens of the United States, NON-citizens of the United States should you not be registered but are hearing this….let me tell you who I am and how this is going to work.
‘I am the CEO of Clarion Call, the organization that is speaking to you now. When the electric went down Clarion Call, as is our design and as was the intent, Clarion Call’s backup generators kicked in immediately. While this is pretty much the same situation as most big corporations, one of the bigger differences between Clarion Call and, say, an Amazon site, is that we kept doing what we do at Clarion Call, even with the power out, and well hey, we got to this point, now didn’t we?”
It turned out, as Dabney went on to explain, that the employees at Clarion Call were all called in to work. The next two days Clarion Call used their database to find Americans who could fix that godawful EBS and shut up Mickey Majors. They also spent many hours calling and contacting people registered in the CC database as experts on electricity or power generators. CC employees were also used to contact the military and as best as possible, to locate the country’s leadership and find out where the hell they all scattered.
It wasn’t easy, as Dabney summarized for the CB’s and media tents and over the EBS. America was suffering a nationwide power outage and it wasn’t as if a phone call or quick email would notify all power plant experts to quick, contact Clarion Call. For almost a full day cell phone service worked pretty much nationwide. Cell service deteriorated as the blackout went on for reasons having something to do with cell towers and signals generated by electricity and there was always that lack of gasoline to fuel the generators.
At any rate, via a pony express CB system , enough folks with electrical and engineering experience were contacted and put to work and as Dabney went on to explain, the work of restoring electricity was underway and goodness we all could hear that the EBS was now working.
Then Dabney made a most unusual announcement, a proclamation that probably changed the course of our future history.
The CEO of Clarion Call informed a listening nation that the company had absolutely no intention of taking over the government or engaging in any bureaucratic activities. Dabney announced that Clarion Call will advance the money to pay the people recruited to restore electricity and fix the EBS. He said he would bill the government for Clarion Call’s services, whatever government might be in power after all this was done, he expanded. For now Clarion Call was committed to restoring not only the electricity, but a new order in the country. The pieces, so Dabney explained, would fall into place however they fell into place.
With the EBS then restored, Clarion Call found many political pundits to lead the discussions about where the country should go. Mark Levin ranted that an entire new government should be formed, that the desertion of the political leaders should be considered an abandonment of law and order by the political class. Rush Limbaugh, a little less bombastic than Levin but still very Conservative politically, too urged the establishment of a new order for America.
Clarion Call found some liberal commentators to air their arguments and goodness, Chris Matthews said that no one even knows if President Obama is alive and we shouldn’t be talking about a new world order when our very President is missing.
All of the rants and speeches are documented and linked to for consumer review. I can speak to the mood of the country as I deduced because, frankly, pretty much nobody cared where Obama was or any of the Senators and Representatives for that matter. They weren’t there when needed and Americans of all colors and nationalities wanted to get on with our lives, not go searching for a Political Class that didn’t do the job for which they were elected then left us all high and dry when needed.
At some point we did find the President and all the loser-burgers of the Political Class but by then we didn’t want them.
Which is how I ended up a person of some influence because Americans who could manipulate words prettily enough to convince an aimless public to embrace a methodology were in great demand.
It was only because of my bird watching hobby that impelled me to present my argument. That and my disgust at how low the country had fallen due to the Political Class pushed me to the fore. I modestly assert that I had some influence over the subsequent turn of events that now has the so-called Country Class ruling themselves.
It’s called government by Common Sense but truth is it’s much like the notion of common law, another concept that the Ruling Class expelled from their oppressive rule over us all.
Yes I love the birds and watch them avidly. When Clarion Call advertised for Bloggers to present arguments as to how the country should go forward, I applied. This was all after the electricity was restored, of course, and life began to once again rumble like it should.
A living organism’s main goal in life is to live. It’s not rocket science. Given the chance and/or choice, endangered organisms struggle to live, even under the most overwhelming of odds. It’s an instinct shared in common with every protozoa, every worm, every bird, every mammal and every human.
We all share the goal in life of trying to live.
This concept is the basis of common law and wow, isn’t it about time someone sat down and wrote it down? The follow-up is, of course, that all humankind legislation would first strive to the result of maintaining life, at the worst, legislation should never endanger life.
Again, it’s not rocket science.
Then things begin to get a bit nuanced and this is where Bloggers, ordinary Americans with many opinions and nothing else to do but post them, became a big part of the new order of things. For we no longer needed pretty words or nice slogans, we didn’t need bad laws termed “affordable” or experiments in Communism cutesied up by assuring us we were leaving no child behind. When the debates began to rage the country was sporadically regaining its power grid, most Americans having gone at the least seven days with no power and for no discernible reason. And let’s not forget that the Ruling Class was kaput…gone! Poof, nowhere to be found. We were, as a country, not in any mood for games or lies. We knew that America once had a working power grid and every year life got better for most of us.
Once we were tethered to a bulky desk phone and most Americans born by the time of the national blackout had cell phones and the thought of not having such devices was infathominable. Remotes controlled our TV’s, the Internet was well established. Life got better for America through the years. Having it suddenly yanked away was a wake-up call, boy is that an understatement.
You don’t really need to believe in a God to believe that after that bit about staying alive, one of our most impulsive instincts is, but of course, to reproduce and raise the young.
Because the Ruling Class and the Political Class and the Stupid Class in America got to arguing so much about God and when He could be mentioned that I figured, the hell with it.
Robins don’t believe in God, way I figure. Yet a robin is as dedicated a parent bird as any living thing on the planet and the robins themselves, opportunists as are most birds, didn’t get one physiological benefit by suffering and sacrificing to raise the young. Often they died their own selves in the attempt to raise those young ones to maturity, that they too may live and go on to reproduce and raise the species.
Yeah I know it’s only a backyard but go with my experience as a former Backyard Wildlife Steward, trained by the former National Wildlife Federation, backyards are dangerous to birds as the most remote of jungles are to humans. A snake will devour a nest of baby birds in seconds, baby birds incubated by a patient mother, baby birds fed worm-by-worm by busy bird parents, baby birds that have their fecal sacks removed by those same busy birds parents, just like that, a black snake can deduct all that often heroic effort of a bird pair to raise the next avian generation.
Cats are a mortal enemies to incubating birds, yes dogs too, even humans. Birds must incubate, feed and clean their nests and broods in the hottest and most unbearable of weather. They must sacrifice their own meals to feed the babies with endless-open beaks. The young must be raised as quickly as possible, they must fledge, they must learn the song of the species, they must spread their wings and fly.
Suppose the robins just said….the hell with it? We’re not raising any babies, go on, all that work in 98degree heat? What if we didn’t build a nest, incubate the eggs, feed the ever-open baby bird beaks, cleanse the nest, protect from predators, what would we suffer if we decided not to do any of this?
Absolutely nothing at all would happen to that robin pair, nothing at all. They’d live happy robin lives, they’d likely eat plenty of fat worms, they’d nap in the hottest times of that day…it would be a fine life.
And yet they do it. Every bird seeks a mate, reproduces however the methodology, builds a nest, establishes a territory, incubates the eggs, feeds the newly hatched, cleans the nest, teaches them the species’ song and finally cajoles them out of the nest to the real life of a bird.
Birds have no guile. Cats have no guile and yet there’s always stories of mother cats rescuing their kittens from burning buildings despite singing themselves. Dogs have no guile but they raise their puppies with devotion.
Human beings have guile. It could be argued that human beings reproduce for selfish reasons, that they do not love their young, that they want other rewards beyond the joy of parenthood. Humans are capable of such calculation, so goes the theory, they have a conscience to guide them. Humans beings can be evil. Dogs cannot be evil. Though some feline lovers would disagree, cats cannot be evil.
It’s common law, as I argue, in that it is unique to all living things. We all want to live, we all want to reproduce and raise the young. “All” being used as a broad generic in this instance, please indulge.
Common law is that we all want to live and all involved with that. Which includes our food supply, our personal territories, raising and protecting the young. The entirety of all living creatures strive for these things and the recognition of this consensus as the basis for legislated law is the concept of common law.
Which brings us to common sense, the basis of common law and the despised enemy of the Ruling Class. Cause folks too often let their common sense take over those life activities even if not desired by the Ruling Class.
Gun control is a good example. For many years every time there was a horrific shooting the Ruling Class got all hoo-hah about gun control. It’s not that the Ruling Class cared much about controlling guns. It’s that adding more gun control upon the populace gives them more reasons to make laws as this is what they do. The Ruling Class doesn’t even believe that taking guns away from innocent people won’t stop murders, goodness our common sense had us seeing cities such as Detroit, New York and Baltimore have the most stringent of gun controls and those cities are hotbeds of crime.
The Ruling Class had ways of over-riding our common sense, showing pictures of little children shot by some deranged nut or another, oh, and don’t the Ruling Class love to mock us morons by calling us nasty names, insensitive…that sort of thing?
The country did muddle along with pretty much no laws at all for a couple of weeks but in due course the constitution as amended was totally restored, the Declaration of Independence was found and changed to include America’s Declaration of Independence from the Ruling Class!
Clarion Call managed to get enough software experts to create a dynamic voting system over the Internet, including fingerprint technology to avoid fraud.
Not one member of the Ruling Class dared to call us vote-suppressers. If you were a citizen and registered your thumbprint for verification, you could vote.
Common sense ruled and this was the best way to assure that everyone who SHOULD have a voice, DID have a voice. Didn’t need to leave the house, didn’t need to drive to a voting poll.
Laws got passed and life got back to normal.
Oh, and we found the Ruling Class.

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