"Practice to Deceive" BY Ann Rule-Murder and Crazy as Only Rule Can Write

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Ann Rule hits another home run with this book about the murder of Russel Douglas, father of two children, murdered suddenly and for no apparent reason.

It's a crime worthy of Rule with multiple characters, twists, turns, suspense and culprit descriptions that hit the bullseye.

Peggy Sue Stackhouse, boy what a nut case this woman is. Men adored her. Men married her, men shared their wealth with her, men murdered for her.

The reason for Douglas' death is so superficial, so totally unnecessary, as to flabberghast.

Peggy Stackhouse was a friend of Brenna Douglas, wife of Russel. Brenna was renting a house from Stackhouse. Brenna wanted to buy the house; Peggy Stackhouse wanted to sell it. But Brenna would need some money to make the sale. Russel Douglas had a big life insurance policy to guarantee his life.

So Peggy, with a little help from her boyfriend-du-jour, Jim Huden, ambushed Russel Stackhouse by leading him to an isolated locale and murdering the man in cold blood.

It's the sort of True Crime story that intrigues.

It's the sort of True Crime story that should only be written by the mistress of the genre-Ann Rule.

Get this book and settle down for a good early winter read.

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