"Freebirds"….A Sort of Turkey of an Animated Movie

"Freebirds"….A Sort of Turkey of an Animated Movie

I will not go into a big hoo-hah about this kind of sad little movie that came out during Thanksgiving week.

Alas, soon the DVD will be out so a review might be useful.

At my age and with 10 year old granddaughter, trips to the movies are grandmother/granddaughter things….popcorn, trip to dollar store,play McDonalds. It's easy on me both physically and financially so the greatness of the movie is but one factor in the fun.

So Freebirds was a movie that somebody could sit and watch and enjoy for a little over an hour.

It was a tale, but of course, about turkeys. And the turkeys were going to change things around here by golly.

Could there be any other plot line?

The plot line involved a time machine, a trip back to the time of the pilgrims, turkey schemes to thwart the Indians and the settlers from their upcoming turkey dinner feast.

Two turkeys become fast friends from the bitter foes they'd been. There was a love interest which was cute.

That's the ticket…..the movie was cute.

Buy the DVD when it hits the bargain bin at Walmart.

1. Owen Wilson
Voice of Reggie
2. Woody Harrelson
Voice of Jake
3. Amy Poehler
Voice of Jenny

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Drivel: Lost

Once again, the team I belong to at work is being rearranged. Our team was just told today and we don't have all the answers yet, so I won't talk about it here yet. I only mention it because some folks I work with are on the Drivel distribution and I don't want to leave them totally in the dark. Changes are coming! And no, I don't know yet where I'm landing, so technically I'm lost at work, but it hasn't become real quite yet.

What is very real is my diabetes. I'm still trying to judge the balance of food (still too much but not as much as before), exercise (still not enough and man, it's hard to get motivated), medication (working out quite well, actually - today 97 when I got up and 92before dinner, for those who are familiar with blood glucose) and lifestyle (do you know how many things interfere with a meal? My word!

Once the doctor said "don't miss a meal" I'm suddenly finding lots of stuff getting in the way). Overall, though, I think it's doing well and I've now had two lows which I felt (in the 60s) so I'm hopeful that I won't pass out while typing or in a meeting.

I've lost the big fears I first had. Research and conversations with others who have or care for someone who has diabetes has helped immensely. I've had two sessions with the endocrinologist and I like him a lot. I am trying to get a referral to a nutritionist, but I have to go back to my primary doctor for that and I'll be changing him soon. I figure since he's about to get lost I should wait and get the referral from my new primary care physician.

One thing I thought we were going to lose and didn't is the settlement about being rear-ended. Two and a half months it took them to decide to pay for the repair of my car. But they did, finally, and so it's been fixed. The Camry again looks new. I have to take it back to the shop in thirty days so they can put the protective coating over it. We got that from the dealership for the whole car and now that the back bumper has been replaced it's not coated. Replacing that is included
in the repair but the new paint needs to set awhile first. Yay for justice prevailing!

But I must say, of all of us here the most lost is Hunter. The changes in the house are dramatic and while he can't see very well, he can see enough to know when something's different. He just got used to the new steps and floor in the garage when Poof! I started parking the car in there. Whatever that big blurry thing was, Hunter didn't like it.

The first few days were tough, as he'd try to scurry outside to get away from the Camry . . . and that's when we had that brief little rain. Just enough to make some dark spots on the pavement, my lost dog was suddenly unsure about the concrete outside. With the Camry chasing him out, he rushed across the door threshold into the backyard only to come to a screeching halt as he realized the ground had changed, too. What were all those dark spots?

He tried to go back in the garage but caught a glimpse of the car, lurking in there. He froze, half in and half out of the garage. Poor dog.

He's over that now, but Saturday we took him to the groomer and coming
back into the house Gosh! now the driveway is DIFFERENT. He doesn't
know what to do or where to go because everything keeps changing.

Sort of like work.

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