The Delaware legislation is back in session and already it's "Children of Alcoholics" week and marijuana board appointees re-delineated. Join me as The Wise I begins to swim in the murk of the Delaware House and Senate. Much more.

Schools, Bulletproof Glass and Locks on Doors

The Delaware legislature is back in session and I've got some ideas for new laws. More on this later.
For now, bear with me and groan in silence as I learn how to read the Delaware state web site and understand how these things go. With more courage and confidence, at a future date I shall be going to Dover my own self, perhaps Blog as they legislate.

First bill up for analysis had the 9-12 Patriots all atwitter.

HB27 requires all new schools and those undergoing major renovation (which will ultimately mean installing a new lock or some such) to have bulletproof glass, locks on classrooms and a panic alarm.

Who comes up with these ideas? I mean, sure it sounds good. But somebody somewhere in legislative hall has a brother-in-law in the locksmith business and a son-in-law making bulletproof glass. I just don't think these guys sit around and in mid of night sit up and snap their fingers: "Just what we need!" he or she shouts, "panic buttons, locks on doors and bulletproof glass!"

And I do know that this is how laws are made…this fellow has an interest here, that gal has input there, this guy wants to get re-elected. Which is why it is the job of The Wise I to sit and analyze their wild ideas on behalf of, you know, THE PEOPLE PAYING FOR THEIR WILD IDEAS!

This bill has been turned over to the education committee or some such. I must assume they discuss the merits and what-not. As for The Wise I, I want more details. I want to know how bullet proof glass (where?) is going to save lives. I want to know what kind of locks on doors.
I'm not ready for laws that will cost me more money; laws enacted simply cause it makes us feel good.
Lavelle Scaring Delaware Supreme Court Members

I have a grudge against Republican State Senator Greg Lavelle ever since he allowed himself to be sweet-talked into a vote that allowed my precious granddaughter to be educated by the likes of the federal gubmint via Common Core.

Lavelle got a "Rising Star" award from MSNBC, right next to Al Sharpton.

Seems that Delaware Chief Justice Leo Strine called incarceration rates in Delaware equal to that of North Korea. Lavelle did some grandstanding on the floor of the state Senate, maybe trying to improve his image.

Lavelle demanded an apology by Strine for remarks he made during an MLK dinner.
Tough guy, Lavelle, but the Common Core people has no problem twisting his arm.
Medical Marijuana, An Update

Instead of nine Delaware will have seven.

The list of folks to be appointed on this Medical Marijuana Act Oversight Committee below:
(a) The Medical Marijuana Act Oversight Committee is established to evaluate and make recommendations regarding the implementation of this chapter.
(1) The Oversight Committee shall consist of 7 members who possess the qualifications and are appointed as follows:
a. One member, appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.
b. One member, appointed by the Speaker of the House.
c. The Secretary of the Department, or the Secretary’s designee.
d. One medical professional, licensed in Delaware, with experience in medical marijuana issues, appointed by the Governor.
e. One representative of a registered compassion center, appointed by the Governor.
f. One representative of a registered safety compliance facility, appointed by the Governor.
g. One member who shall be a cardholder as defined in § 4902A of this title, appointed by the Governor.

I have no idea what this Committee is going to do but you can believe it's more wining and dining of
important people on the taxpayer dime. Note how most are appointed by the Governor.
Representative Ruth Briggs-King Big Legislation up for vote

I like to root for Ruth and so far as I can see, this proposed legislation will prevents paramedics from being sued for taking an action when permission is not able to be obtained.

An example would be cutting the trachea, for example, to enable a distressed patient to breathe. This amendment to Chapter 98, Title 16 of the Delaware code would prevent a lawsuit in the event permission for an emergency tracheotomy is not obtained in advance.

The lawyers hate when you take away their revenue like that Ruthie.

Section 1. Amend Chapter 98, Title 16 of Delaware Code by making deletions as shown by strikethrough and insertions as shown by underline as follows:
(2) No paramedic shall be subject to civil liability, based solely upon failure to obtain consent in rendering emergency medical services to any individual, regardless of age, where the person is unable to give consent for any reason, and where there is no other person reasonably available who is legally authorized to give or refuse to give consent, if the paramedic has acted in good faith, without knowledge of facts negating consent, and without any act or omission constituting willful and wanton or grossly negligent conduct.
Section 2. This Act shall be known as “Jaclyn’s Law”.
I wonder why it's called Jaclyn's Law. Could someone from Ruth's entourage call or email me with further details?
Rich Collins and the Liquor License for the 12 Seat restaurant

Again, I don't understand why there would be seating restrictions for a liquor license except it seems a little silly for a smaller eatery.

They were interviewing newly elected Representative Rich Collins on WGMD all day about this. Collins' assertion that a restaurant cannot possible be thriving if it only seats 12 people. I must assume restaurants seating such a small few were currently unable to obtain a liquor license.

Lookit, there was a reason for this restriction. Collins is right. A restaurant with so few seats, it's not worth the bother. Give me a dollar for an eatery seating twelve people or less, even in tiny Delaware, and you might get five bucks about.

Somebody's got a brother-in-law with a hole-in-the wall joint is how I see this bill's origin.

I welcome further input from the guys who voted for this thing.
Feb. 2-8 "Children of Alcoholics" Week


I mean is this something you really want to celebrate?
My Laws To Propose

Since those legislators are so addicted to laws, I got a few to suggest:

-make grandchildren kiss their grandparents every day, hug them too
-make Delaware drivers go around cars in front turning left
-do not allow anyone from New Jersey to move to Delaware
-nobody should have to put up with tree-fearing, dog-hating neighbors
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