"I Am Malala" by Malala Yousafzai-a look into governance in the wilds of the world

Begin reading this book by Malala Yousafzai and co-written by Christina Lamb and you'll keep reading on and on. And during the read you will ponder how on earth people can live in a nut job place like Pakistan.

Malala refers to those who govern on a local level, telling readers about "tribal elders" and crazy radio personnel on up to the Taliban.


Well hey, get rid of a local constabulary and boom, you control the local populace.


Seems to me I detect an effort to handicap, if not eliminate entirely, our own local police force, and we'd pretty much have unchecked violence too.

Which might be the plan.

I knew that Pakistan was an odd place before I began this book, in that it's a little sliver of land, compared to neighbor India, populated mostly by Muslims while India is mostly Hindu.

To add to my own nail-biting fear, especially after reading this book, THESE PEOPLE HAVE NUCLEAR BOMBS!

I understand they have nukes because neighbor India has nukes and I wonder why even bother trying to stop Iran from getting nukes, we ought to be working on getting them away from Pakistan.

I mean, this is a country governed by their army for God's sakes, with corruption and extreme terrorism part of parcel of their way of life.

I tried to imagine calling a council of "tribal elders" to make a community decision such as where to build schools, etc.

Some might say we have such as tribal elders in the form of the Sussex county council and I think of George Cole wearing a turban with a hairy beard, ruling without bother of election.

Then the Taliban comes in, a bunch of thugs and thieves that every society has, and with no police force to stop them, boom, they take over the community and they get to be legal criminals.

I was shocked that these people have to build their own schools, that they allow themselves to be ruled by criminals, that they have no sense of freedom to live as they want.

Soon, I believe, allowing certain groups to decimate all that stands for law and order-such as eliminating an effective police force-we too will be sneaking off to school and allowing the criminals to control us.

Malala did a service to the world by allowing us a peek into what these goofballs consider good governance.


This book should be a mandatory read in schools, if the jerks at Common Core don't take over our educational system.

American children need to know what they have now and what life could be like with no law and order, endless corruption, a populace that doesn't fight back and a religion hijacked and used to control the people.

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